Second time being blown up by much better ships

I tried mining and exploring anomalies of all kinds so far.

Mining seems the best IMO because I can do it semi-AFK.

Combat anomalies and such are just boring and repetitive but they are not boring enough that you can watch youtube or Netflix on another screen.

The first time I got killed, I looked for more expensive ore in low-sec with a venture. I was looking to go to an ore anomaly but got killed when I tried to mine at a belt. I admit I was not too smart and looked at the ship that warped to me and what kind of class it is etc. which gave it plenty time to approach and lock the warping.

So I went back to mining in highsec until I could buy and outfit a procurer.

But ■■■■ me is it boring so I went to low sec again.

Only 4 people in local chat, nobody at the portal.
I went to the first ore anomaly but it was empty.
I go to the second anomaly and it is empty too.
Upon which two players warp in after me. I immediately press warp but they lock the warp.
Two premade cruisers just absolutely pulverize my procurer and my drones do not even tingle their shields.

Days of work are gone in the first minute I do anything other than AFK farm in high-sec.

Now I’m sure the elitists will come crawling “it is fair” “it was your decision to go there”

and yes it does apply but then I realized why nobody new plays this game.

Learning the game is no problem. It is big and there are many different systems but people are willing to learn and do so with ease but the knowledge is not much of a difference. What makes the difference is having money and a ton of learned skills with your character.

the rules are fair but the older players just have a million times better hand which makes it unfair.

New players can not do anything because they are in a game that values game time 1000 times more than any other game. It is like a neandertal thrown into a group of gun owners. The neandertal has to go through a ton of progress before he can build a gun to challenge the other.

So that leaves months of doing stuff in high sec or having a corporation where you can hide in the shadow of their big ships.

neither are appealing to people

And I’m gonna be honest. I’m not looking forward to mine ■■■■ again with a worse ship to buy a procurer again, knowing that even the procurer is absolute garbage compared to everybody else and It only allows me to mine more in high-sec but with a faster rate.

So that will be probably it for me with eve online. Interesting design but incredible toxic for new players. there is no skill or personal development associated with success in this game, just years of time investment and masochism in grinding the same content over and over.

It boggles my mind that the best way to play this game would be to create an account, queue all kinds of skills, and return in half a year to be a multitude of times better than other people.

Or, learn how to play the game as you are skilling… This is not a game you can just jump into and play like any other MMO… it takes real time, to train into ships properly… There are groups whose main focus is to go after miners, because they can. This is a PVP game after all. Plenty of new people join the game. the problem is, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU go towards mining? Why? So you can watch netflix and be safe barely playing a game?

Thats not how EVE works and any kind of semi afk is discouraged. We want people to actually PLAY the game, not log in and go watch netflix or hub or anything else…

and I’m a PVE’er… I don’t do PVP, so no im not one of the


that will come in after me.

the other stuff is just too boring to not be able to do it afk.

like doing 3 anomalies or missions and they repeat already.

Combat is pressing two buttons, waiting for the enemy to die, press two buttons, and repeat.

It is like a really bad strategy game where you can only command one unit.

And all the activities are the same. I know they are exploration, salvaging, combat, mining and so on but all I do is:

warp there
press two buttons

and mining gives good and consistent money. The combat stuff feels more tedious and rewards less.

Imagine designing a game around a time investment, making money and so on and then people naturally do the most optimal thing. But they should not do that because they have to do the thing that is slightly more fun allegedly but takes them longer to progress.

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Eve was already 12 years old when I was pooped out in space in a rookie ship. I mean, people had already written books about the history of Eve by the time I started playing. But I still managed to survive and thrive. Want to know why? Well… doesn’t matter, because I’m going to tell you anyway. It’s up to you whether or not you want to listen.

For one, Eve might not have any matchmaking, but it does has several BRILLIANT design decisions that prevent vets from trouncing all over newbros before they can find their footing. For example, the way ships are balanced mean that more expensive and skill intensive isn’t always better. And the exponential increase in skill training times per level means that newbros can catch most of the way up to vets in a fraction of the time. And this time is reduced even further if you know what you want to do, and what you want to fly, because it means that you’ll be able to focus your skill training on a handful of ships. I mean, getting perfect skills for all ships will take decades. But, you can make a good stealth bomber pilot with like 3 or 4 months of training. Anyway, I could go on (and have in previous posts), but I don’t think it’s necessary. You either believe me or you don’t when I tell you that the game is designed to accommodate players of different ages.

Second, there are things that you can do in order to help yourself out. First, of course, is having a good attitude. You are indeed at a disadvantage, but I promise you that the challenges you face are not insurmountable. Thus, the real question is whether or not you want to put in the effort, and whether or not you can keep getting back up, no matter what. Finding your footing will not be easy, but things worth doing rarely are.

Besides that, you should implement risk management strategies (such as not flying what you can’t afford to lose), treat every loss as a learning experience and opportunity for growth, and try to learn everything that you can from vets (watch videos, read articles, join a corp). I mean, you can learn from yolo-ing in to things if you want. And that is certainly an exciting way to learn. But you should practice practice risk management when doing so, and be fully prepared to lose ships in the process.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. And if you’re going to quit, can I have your stuff?


Eve is a prison simulator. It is easier if you join a gang.


The problem with the procurer is that it’s slow and bulky. Enemy ships can target you pretty easily. If you want to mine outside of high sec, and you want to do it solo, look into the expedition frigates- specifically the prospect. It has better yield/ore hold than a Venture, plus- it is small and has a cloak. Those “expensive” ships will have trouble locking you up, as long as you’re paying attention and warp away at the first sign of danger (make sure you use d-scan).

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I had the same problem. That is why I a had a cigarette relation with eve. I was always quitting it for few months and restarting it after a while. It is a really interesting game.
What I have done ( I have very little experience):
Mine with a venture and t1 fitting.
If you go low sec then prefer 0.3 or 0.2 to 0.4 where gankers usually are.
Use strategic overlay and zoom out so you can see an area around 50kms.
Always orbit around the asteroid you mine.
On the overview you must always have selected a station to dock.
Have your mouse pointer over the dock button.
Have a lot of luck !!!

Also ice harvesting is very profitable and you can find it in hs, where you have concord protection (still not invulnerable to gankers).

But the most important thing to do is to find a player corp with people that you are going to have fun with and help you in the game. That changes the whole aspect of the game.

I wish that I have helped you. Have fun !!!

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lesson learned, don’t go to lowsec cause it is camped by veteran players to farm noobs. and the whole “you can use a better ship outfitted for lowsec” is ■■■■■■■■. There is not anything that would have stopped them from killing me. There is not a single ship I can afford, let alone have the skills to survive them.

and even if you have a ship that can withstand an attack how is that ever more profitable than just afk mining veldspar or scordite? The ore market is ■■■■■■, the most common ore sells for the most per m3.

and on top it is all boring as hell. I thought ffxiv has bad gameplay but it is nothing compared to eve. Liteally everything is the same. warp in, press a button, warp out. And you have to do it a million time to buy the big ships. And of course it has to be that slow and boring cause otherwise you would have the money to buy ships before learning the skills.

It is all designed to make money for ccp. It is a direct pay to win game. Buy in game money and buy exp points.

i highly doubt that. Maybe if you are 20km away from where they are away but not if you run into them elsewhere or directly where you get out. But if i was 20 km away I could have warped away with procure too.

all fine but does not work if you run into them at the warp exit or elsewhere

That is not the lesson that you should have learned.

In fact, at this point, you’re probably better off asking questions than jumping to conclusions.

  • Use intel tools such as Eve gatecamp check in order to avoid trouble.
  • PvP avoidance is a useful skill for both PvE and PvP (don’t take the fight on your enemy’s terms, try to dictate the terms of engage, or avoid fighting), and for both vets and newbros alike. I mean, do you think that I don’t have to worry about gatecamps, blobs, or hunters just because I’m a vet?
  • It is possible to run gatecamps, but I’m not going to do a full write up on it, because it’s probably a waste of time. I mean, it doesn’t seem to me like you’re here to learn. Looks more to me like you’re here to complain.

Of course, if I pegged you wrong, and you actually want to know more, feel free to ask.

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ah so your point does not change the fact that no ship would have helped me that I can afford. the only thing that helps is to go to systems with zero players

because vets absolutely dominate the game? just as i said?

and it is always funny to see vets react to flaws in the game especially when they are so far up their ass that they cant even comprehend what a new player has to go through.

and these are real flaws no matter how much you like them they exist and most other people don’t like them.

but it is too hard for people to admit it that are in for the sunken cost fallacy or their social group pulls them along.

I played lol and wow classic/vanilla for thousands of hours. Lol has shitty matchmaking, games are never fair. Wows’ death runs are a horrent design and the game would not lose anything from removing them.

just like eve is extremely toxic to new players and the only way to play it is tagging along with a bigger faction because otherwise you get eaten up by vets.

at least other games have a cap on how much better another players can be

OUCH makes it’s students fly meta fit, t1 frigates. And before they graduate, they have to do around a 30 jump run through lowsec and nullsec, where they have to worry about warp interdiction bubbles on top of the other threats.

Anyway, I’m done. I’ve got better things to do than argue with a horse that doesn’t want to drink.


and at least other games like wow put some system in place to discourage pvp in beginning areas because every npc will attack the opposing faction on sight. This means you can make your way to opponent low level players but you have to put a lot of effort in to avoid guards or you will be killed which means more time wasted. And then it might be fun to slaughter a few low level noobs but you don’t gain anything really from it. Eve on the other hand encourages ■■■■■■■ over noobs for a bit of money. I mean my procurer had nothing on it.

I don’t think Eve is the right game for you. Here are a few suggestions. Unfortunately, Eve monopolizes my free time. So, I don’t know enough about any other MMO (mmo-type games) to be able to recommend any others.

cant admit the truth, huh?

as somebody who played warfame when it was in alpha and what it is now it is not worth getting into. you can play it for maybe two weeks and then you have seen everything other than ridiculous grinds.

destiny 2 is pretty good at the moment. Pest gunplay you can get in any game.

tbh elite dangerous just seems like a better eve in every way. modern technology. better fighting and i bet they have systems to prevent vets from farming noobs.


just found this thread. Is it worth me commenting at this point? Or is mind made up etc?

i mean I’m made up that I wont play it anymore but you are free to give reasons why my conclusions are not right or try

not so much saying why your conclusions are wrong. More offering some advice which it sounds like you will no longer need

Its unfortunate that the corp you have joined hasnt done a better job of helping and providing you with information. Much of this could have been avoided if you had been prepared a bit better for low sec.

Good luck with wherever you end up


Every vet in Eve was once a noob. I can remember starting out and deciding I wanted to fly to the edge of the galaxy to see what was there. One of the gates I warped to and boom I was back in station with no ship.

Each of us had those times where we were completely surprised, overwhelmed, out of our element etc. The difference between myself/many “vets” and you is how we handled that moment.

Instead of coming on the forums to whine about my loss, how some older player nuked me, how unfair and crappy the game was, I said “wow how did he do that to me? I want to learn how to do that”.

That was how I first learned about smart bombs and that lesson in loss lead to learning about a weapon that brought me several thousands of kills and a lot of loot along the way. (Along with salty eve mails to power the engines).

In any case the problem is your attitude not the game. You don’t want to learn you want things handed to you in bunny land. There are plenty of ways to avoid death in your mining ship in low sec or null but it doesn’t matter because you already shut yourself off from possibilities from the get go.