I Just Quit Eve Again

Thanks for reminding me why I hated this game. As a new player, who can barely figure out the UI, I’ve been PKed in hi-sec more times than I can count. “Hmm, today I’d like to do some mining!” I thought. Nope, apparently people had other ideas for that.

I can’t continue to lose money as a noob for just trying to learn the game. I can’t keep buying ships, spending hours refitting them, and then sail off to do something only to be pked at a star gate, or a mining cluster, or anywhere else. It’s not fair, it’s not fun, and it’s not progressive gameplay for a new or returning inexperienced player.

Good luck EVE, sorry you and I couldn’t come to terms with each other.

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In three years of playing I’ve never once been killed in hisec, even when I was trying out mining. I always found gankers fascinating and would chat with them during our cat’n’mouse games. It makes me wonder what it is that you are doing that finds you being repeatedly victimized.

edit: Quick check of OP’s post history reveals at least two of their characters were created back in 2015, one of which spent about 7 months in Brave Newbies. OP is most likely allowing themselves to be a victim by assuming the goodwill of others and letting their guard down.


In EVE we have a saying: Harden the ■■■■ up.

That is how you learn the game. You literally can’t learn the game without getting blown up. Repeatedly.

Die. Die again. Die better.

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Also don’t play alone. Biggest mistake people do. However, if you do want to play alone, then the above poster is absolutely right.

Last (and only death) I see is from 2 years ago. I don’t see anything from over the last 2 years; you posting from another character or does this mean you can only count to 1?

Troll detector starting to get some readings.


If other people on the forums do not want to agree that those experiences happen to them as well, then clearly those experiences did not happen to you either. Everyone else logged into this game and immediately found friends, why couldn’t you?




On the posting character I only see one KILL on zkill and zero deaths.
That kill was YOU assisting in killing a venture while in a Reaper with two other people in Hek.

So… troll harder ktnx?

GG. See you next week.


A list of things you could some or all of.

  • Set CODE to negative 10 standing so they pop out on local
  • Move to a system that is not a major pipe and has few occupants.
  • prefer belts that are not between gates, so that d-scan is more informative.
  • leave your local window seperate from other chats so you can always see it
  • leave your d-scan open
  • keep an eye on local whilst you mine and check d-scan when new entrants arrive for typical gank ships (destroyers). initiate warp when d-scan says bad things, rather than when overview says you are locked.
  • fly a procurer
  • compress ore and fly it in something safeish, or get it couriered so you can mine whilst it moves itself to market.

things that are known not to work

  • complain on forums

I would ask if I could have your stuff, but it’s probably :poop: anyway. Can you link us to the thread you made when you quit the first time? This one is sub par.

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People get killed in Hisec?

I can barely find a fight.

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Then you don’t know what you’re doing.

Massive forum troll failure.

Just so you know, at the end of the month they are adding a whole lot of content that you may like.

If you want some help contact me in game.

Kills don’t have to necessarily end up on killboards and he could also use a different character for posting… Damn, thinking must be hard for dumb people like yourself…

0/10 too obvious

The serious question: what does “pked” mean?

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Judging from the context, I’d guess something along the lines of “pvp killed”.

pked means pancaked. Its the act of repeatedly slapping someone with a pancake to extract tears.