As a new player I don't see this game having sustainability

It’s straight up the most boring thing I’ve ever played. HUGE risk for very little reward. I’m either a mining slave or just food for older multi-boxing accounts. No thanks.

I’ve yet to have a positive experience in playing for over a month now, so I’ve decided to uninstall. Wish you all the best.

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It baffles me when people come onto the forum for their very first post in order to say ‘this game is no fun I am done’ instead of using that same forum to ask for guidance or suggestions. It is, after all, an MMO - the community is part of the game. Why ignore it?


Only the ignorant think mining is profitable or worthwhile. In the vast majority of contexts, resource harvesting in EVE is not worthwhile compared to readily available alternatives (in terms of necessary skill levels and ISK/ship investment). Resource harvesting might be worthwhile in other MMOs (“harvest for profit”), but not generally in EVE. (Oh yes, there are exceptions and they can be profitable - though moreso in saving money via consumption than generating revenue via resale.) There are other activities in EVE that are funner and more profitable that are low-skill friendly. A day-one EVE player can make a hundred million ISK or so in a few hours without any “seed ISK/assets/skill injectors” from another player. All he needs is the knowledge to know how.

Your frustration is indicative of your ignorance, not that EVE is broken. or unfriendly to newbies. You are welcome to ask for advice and we’d be happy to teach you - MMOs are all about community. We are here for you.

No. The game is bad and it clearly isn’t going to last.

This is spot on.

If you were being exploited by other players it was always within your ability to leave them behind.

The huge risk for little reward thing is also demonstrably false. Most players conduct their gameplay in very close to zero risk, and not only in high sec. there are many tools available to make yourself safe, and in most cases, particularly in high sec, you don’t even need to actively make yourself safe; only not present yourself as a particularly appealing target.

It seems to me like you’ve been playing with the wrong people who were more interested in exploring you than working with you. You can fix that.

Either that or you’ve absorbed all the ganking paranoia from these forums. Those people aren’t helping you, either.

You know it’s more than 17 years old, right?
How many games are older than that and still online?

I can think of a few, but only a few.

This is actually the fun part for some of us, although you have overstated the risk and understated the reward. It doesn’t matter that this game is space themed, it could be “Animal Crossing With Chainsaws” ™, it’s about pitting your wits against everybody else’s wits.

Think about every game that’s held your hand, where success is measured in XP, or level ups, or aquiring the blingy axe of smitting. Eve is not that.

A month of playing Eve is nothing, you haven’t scratched the surface. Take a break, think about playing the players rather than the pixels, you might find your place in Eve yet.

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I’m gonna pass. 10% retention rate for a reason. Best of luck to you… but there are better things on the horizon and I’m done waiting for this garbage to become fun.

“I can’t figure out how to play the game on my own, therefore, instead of integrating myself into the community so they can empower me with knowledge and resources and fleetmates, I will ragequit” – Pimpsy (basically)


You’re the one who failed here mate, and Eve won’t notice you’re gone. Not sure what you thought you were going to achieve here, other than to embarrass yourself by failing at a game and being either too stubborn or too ashamed to accept responsibility and do better.


My post is simply to say I’m disappointed and I’m done. Best of luck but I feel like the majority of new players quit this abomination and for good reason.

What you feel/think doesn’t carry an awful lot of weight at the moment. Have fun in some other game though. Maybe something easier.


Most players sub to EVE to pew-pew in space ships, not to park at belts mining ore all day long. That’s neither fun nor profitable. If you’re doing that, bitching about it, AND are not willing to learn from others on how to simultaneously enjoy the game and make profit at the same time, it’s entirely your fault.

Enjoy picking rocks and herbs in World of Warcraft :pick: :herb:


You are either a troll, or decidedly lacking in knowledge about MMO retention rates. Either way, you are clearly unwilling to actually engage with the community, so EVE is better off without you. Good luck finding a better fit for your interests and risk profile.


People are also a product of nurture and looking at his corp it’s one of those crappy ones that could so easily have been in SiCO: full of troll alts and terribles, injecting newbies with fake facts, carebear lies and super lazy terrible play styles that lead to nothing but disgust and quitting (like mining).

The corp created its own alliance and then disbanded it a day later so you already know it’s running on clown brains.

To the OP: leave your corp and find a better one that isn’t ■■■■ or actually stay solo for a while as being solo is better than being in a crap corp. Your EVE experience will change massively.


You do know you are saying this about a 17 year old game

Hell baby that were born on release day soon can vote.

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Not sure if troll or seriously saying that a 17 year old game will not last. Either way?



Okay, summoning time…


Which of you will do the honours of locking this for ranting?

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I thought that I was fairly succinct.