Other new players

I’m curious as to what other new players think about the game once they realize the mining fleet of 20 they are in is actually 4 people using alts…when you realize almost everything you do involves veterans attempting to kill you as unfairly as possible.

I’ve been having fun but at the same time it feels like anyone just playing one account is always going to have a fraction of the income these (to me) cheaters have. It’s just about spending more money to make more money.

These CODE people make alts and troll with them because how fast and easy it is to refer yourself…

Then there’s the mobile phone game style cash shop. 50% a Battleship 4.99 buy now! All in all I want to keep playing but these are the reason I may quit and was hoping to understand other new player thoughts because I’ve heard what veterans have to say about it and I dishonest (you can’t pay to learn how to fly, you don’t win eve it doesn’t matter) but to me just starting off it’s a huge problem for me that I can click a purchase button and start injecting millions of SP and banking billions of ISK as I look at my days long queue and 10m a hour mining I make atm.

don’t behave like a naive adept of complot theory. Many players don’t cheat

Join a corp, get some friends, get aims/advices/objectives/enemies

Find what is fun for you. Why are you focusing on “income” and “spending money to get money”???

Grab a magnate and do some explo

Grab a t1 frig and go do some pvp in FW

Grab a venture and go ninja mine gas in wormholes

HTFU. Or leave eve for a usual classical mmo with an epic quest where you will find some npcs who will ask you to kill 10 wolves and congratulate you as being the savior of the world



I didn’t spend a penny for the first two years. I have been playing solo for three years total and I can make 200mil+ per hour if I want. If you are new, you are complaining too early. Spend time skilling up and learning. If you start getting impatient, you’re definitely going to feel the way you feel, but if you stop thinking you need to have everything right now, you’ll get better at making plenty of isk by yourself over time.


100% agree with Rixa

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I’ll repeat I was hoping for replies from other new players as you guys are just repeating the same things veterans who have already justified allowing multiboxing and the In game cash shop.

Bad faith rhetorical questions like “why do you want ISK” can just be responded with “Why does CCP sell it” I obviously want and need ISK for new ships fittings and the ability to replace them. Progression. I want to progress into the game and trying to justify the grind when people can spend $200 to skip all of it.

Don’t forget any of us has been a new player. For all of us there were times we thought 50m ISK is much money.

What you need is a safer spot to play and chill. Keep away form busy corners like Jita and Amarr and the highway inbetween, where Code is waiting everywhere, and try to find nice places in New Eden where you can do what you want.
But if you want to learn, a corp is the best option. But there are also free/open new player fleets where you might find some friends and fellwow new players.

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You can’t buy ships directly through the cash shop, don’t know where you got this from.

Players don’t fight fair. Learning how to deal with that is part of getting good at the game.

Multiboxing isn’t cheating. It’s not against the EULA, you can do so without having to spend more money on the game, and if steam user system specs are any indication, the majority of Eve users have hardware that can do it. The only place where we might get into a grey area is when people start multiboxing lots of accounts, as that’s something that players with less powerful computers and slower internet speeds can’t do.

Anyway, multiboxing does offer several advantages, but you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. You can still make good money as a solo player, and at the end of the day, the single biggest determining factor to fight outcomes is still player skill. It’s not about how much money you spend, or how much isk grinding you do. If that were the case, carebears would be the kings of New Eden instead of food for wolves.

Also, you might want to check out this corp. They might be something that you would like.

Now you’re just whining. Everyone was new once. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, and just get better at the game. I don’t multi-box. I am a pure solo player. I can make a billion isk in a day if I want…even more if I feel like it. Wanna know how? I got better at the game over time.

You want an “I win” button, and you’re not going to get one. You want isk? Make some. Not making enough? Get better at making it. Getting killed? Get better at not getting killed. Stop talking about fairness…the game is what YOU make it. If you’re not progressing, that’s YOUR fault.

Get out of the forum, put away your wallet, and go get better at the game. Money doesn’t buy player skill. If you fall into the trap of buying isk and other items, it’s going to take you A LOT longer to actually get good at making it yourself.

“Days long queue”?? Try MONTHS long. My current skill queue is almost 6 months right now. And your 10mil an hour is enough to build a procurer within week or two…which is also how long it takes to skill into an Orca. Go do that, too. You’ll instantly make more.

Or if you’re an Alpha, go build a fighter and do security missions for 100mil an hour after you skill up and progress through the levels like everyone else did.

Or go do any number of the possible multitude of things that constitute actual progress…all of which will make you more isk, faster.

Spend the time. Do the work. Forget about everyone else but YOU…and YOUR game.


You want equality, and there is no such thing. Even if the server was wiped out right now, and every single player had to start over from zero, veteran players would still be light years ahead of new players due to their experience. Stop worrying about how much ISK you can make or what everyone else is doing and just enjoy the game…

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so maybe if everybody here answers the same things and say you are wrong, it is because they are right and you are wrong, no?

If you post here just to get someone to strengthen your opinion, you don’t need to post on a forum, just to look at yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself

HTFU or leave eve.

PS: i will give you an advice, even if you don’t deserve it, imo: with a t1 explo ship you can easily earn 50M in one hour. Which is sufficient to allow you to fit some pvp ships and get fun. How to earn 50M/h? i won’t tell you: read, search on net, talk with other explos, join a corp to get advice or do your own mistakes. New eden is there and it is a large universe. Undock and fly unsafe.

The grind is learning about the game, not sitting in bigger ships. Working toward something is what keeps the game interesting, and people who buy their way into equipment / situations they aren’t ready for generally have a bad time and quit. I don’t expect you to realise this now, as I didn’t realise it when I first started playing. The first time I didn’t have to do anything to get ISK was the time I almost quit, because once you have enough ISK to have anything you want the game is just “floating in space with ISK” and there’s nothing more driving you.

Apologies for being an older player, I hope you get some of the replies you want.


As. new player I honestly am only playing because of COVID 19. I joined a mining fleet as it was they were telling the newbies to do. It was cool at first because of the buff and all the ships.

and then… like you said I realized it was like 5 AFK people with alts.

Now it seems everytime I am like…" ■■■■ it let me just go do this to see if it is fun"… I end up getting blown up and losing all progress I have made in the past 1-2 days.

I cancelled my Omega. I have been playing less and less because the game is just complete ■■■■ to be honest. And yes… the cash shop is ■■■■■■■■. I have almost spend " only 5 dollars" on plex to turn into ISK to replace the ships i lost. But luckily I am not a retard and stopped myself. SO I understand the psychology.

But yeah this game is bad

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What things did you try?

Nah… I am not replying to this ■■■■■■■■ again so you can tell me to go research more than I did for my finals in college.

good riddance
you have not tried anythg, have not tried to improve
“this game is bad”? lol.

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I mean did you pass your finals?

That’s weak…the game isn’t bad, YOU are. You played for like 5 minutes compared to the real players here, and you never bothered to even try to get better. Your first instinct after you failed the first thing you tried, was to throw money at it. That’s not skill. That’s lazy.

And this is you running away from a conversation because deep down, you know your kneejerked words are from a place of frustration, so you take out your own ineptitude on EVE.

A few mouse clicks and some light reading is more work than what you had to do for college finals? What was your major…couch potato studies?

See ya…don’t let the hangar door hit your ass on the way out.

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Yes bitch

Think you need to calm down about pixels. You don’t seem very much like you passed them. Maybe your ships getting all blown up isn’t the priority here? Maybe it’s a symptom of a deeper issue?

ok i think you brought very good arguments on the table, and you showed what a good person you are. Keep on whining while you did mistakes, you have misconceptions, complot theory, etc. Don’t try to learn and improve.
good riddance