I'm qutting

I’ve finally had it with this game. One of the biggest problems with having an ‘everything is PvP’ game is that it draws in the antisocial types who take pleasure in shitting all over people who just want to make space bucks and fly cool ships. I just lost another DST yesterday to a supercarrier and with it went a load of planetary cargo that was going to fund additional production. And you know what? I’m sick of it. I’m sick of having to struggle just because some asshole thinks gate camping is cool and funny. Constantly fighting for survival is tiring when you’re an industrialist and have such a limited ability to fight back. It’s not fun. It’s taking the fun away from my play experience. Don’t tell me to harden up, either, because I didn’t pay a subscription fee just to get pushed around by some antisocial dickheads.

EVE is a shiny veneer over a toxic cesspit in which the developers are happily splashing. If CCP really wants to know why they’re having financial troubles, they need to go back and look at the utterly broken mechanics of the game that allow predatory players to go completely unpunished when they target players who aren’t rich enough to hire mercenaries, that let suicide gankers decimate highsec miners without fear of retribution, and let players with rock-bottom sec status continue to wreak havoc without being touched.

I signed up to play EVE because I wanted to fly cool ships and craft things and do other stuff. But if I’m not allowed to do that, what’s the point? I am cancelling both my accounts forthwith and biomassing my characters. CCP needs to take a good hard look at their broken-ass game and start making things more friendly for industrial players, or their financial troubles will only worsen to the point where they’re going to have to shut down the servers and turn off the lights.

No, you can’t have my stuff.



Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


In just over 1 month im resigning too Ellecon -

i will have all my skills to level 5 (not all skills in game) and then im folding, due to real life expense, ccp charging in USD, the gate camps, im just tired of it, would rather spend my money on an EDC (youtube it)

Good luck

I feel for you

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That might be true. However, given the apparent correlation between internet anonymity and trolling, it might not be. The “perpetrators” are not necessarily a specific “type”. More likely they are just normal people who do it because they can?

No, you didn’t. Yet, others would say you have simply failed by not avoiding them? That is not judgmental, and I feel your pain. You may well be doing what is the most correct thing, for you, by leaving.

Do you have a reference for that please? I have not been able to find commentary on their 2017 financial results and their 2016 results were the best they have ever had. So, I would be interested on what you base this on.


Perfectly legitimate. I am unwaged myself and not prepared to do the grinding to PLEX the game, so my paying real money is always a consideration. However, dollar for dollar (in any currency) vs time playable vs youtube alternatives (either monetary based or stolen copyright based), I still think EvE is potentially more cost-effective.

I don’t get that. So what? You pay via paypal and it tells you upfront what the cost is in A$. Everyone else in Europe is likely charged in euros, whether they still retain their currency or not. (Shrug). However, like the OP, you just have to do what is right for you.


LOL @ OP. Thanks, I needed a good laugh before bed…


If you lost that DST to a super, then you were either in low or null sec, and by virtue of simply being there you accepted the risks inherent in operating in those areas…


Me too.

Seems to have worked out just fine.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Regardless of his reasons for leaving, the OP does touch on many valid points about EVE. You can agree to disagree, but declining player numbers don’t lie. Active Omegas being replaced with free Alphas and bots is not healthy for EVE long-term.

OP, instead of biomassing I might suggest you take a break for a few months. Use the opportunity to train up some skills and reflect.


[sigh] Except, no-one can agree on whether player numbers are or are not declining; at least from what I have seen on numerous other forum posts on this topic. Please, let us not start that discussion again.

Similarly with alpha accounts; CCP tweaked those to make them better because too many were converting to omega. Go figure. You would have to lobby CCP to ask for data as to whether their intent by doing this has worked or not before you can state “it is not healthy”.

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Obligatory “Sorry to hear that. Can I have your stuff?”

I’ll also say that I’m not anti-social but I’d have shot you too. I mean, who wouldn’t shoot down a DST? It’s simply unreasonable to expect anybody in this game, or any other, to give you a free pass.


When you have to introduce features like SKINs, skill extractors and injectors, free (vs. 30-day trial) accounts and then expanded free accounts - it doesn’t bode well. Especially when you fire 100+ employees and completely dismantle your community efforts.

While player numbers may be (currently) stable, many of these are now non-paying Alpha accounts. And the reason they expanded Alphas was because they weren’t converting to Omega. Expanding the Alpha SP pool and adding daily Alpha injectors is an attempt to get Alphas to stick around long enough to convert to Omega.


I hate to see you go. Perhaps you can spend some time to cool off, reflect, and reconsider.

Everybody who’s done anything in Eve has died to gate camps. You have to understand that they exist, and you have to assume one is on the other side if you are jumping into lowsex, nullsex, or some choke near Jita. So you absolutely have to spend the time to either scout, find some other route, or simply don’t go into lowsex or nullsex.

You have to understand that gate camps are the lowest common denominator as far as ‘pirates’ or ‘gankers’ or ‘griefers’ or ‘PvPers’ or whatever term you want to use. There is zero creativity or challenge involved whatsoever. So it’s gonna attract the lowest common denominator, and by definition that outnumbers everything else. The point being, you have to assume and expect gate camps, accept it, and deal with it in whatever way you choose to deal with it. You also have to accept losses as a cost of doing business, and factor it into your business model.

Feel free to message me in-game if you reconsider.


[I can relate to that. So, how about you, bigboy ?]

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Why does Apple continue to introduce new ipihone features despite making an obscene amount of money? Because doing nothing isn’t an option. You can’t read anything into either.


For me, it’s always been ‘feast or famine.’ Naturally, I prefer ‘feast.’ However, if you must know, I’m currently enduring ‘famine’ :(:angry: I hope to have the situation turned around and rectified sooner rather than later.

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I think she’s trying to equate stagnate subscription numbers with financial loss. I’m not sure. I can’t read her mind.

High-sex: The creepy guy hanging around Jita local: “Hey kid, want some candy?”
Low-sex: Roving gangs that gang-rape you (ransom) then kill you. Or kill you and then rape you.
Null-sec: Drink the kool-aid. You wake up halfway across New Eden.




A cool off is better. Although sometimes a game can be so bad that a player just chooses to never come back to it ever again. For example, I have decided to not come back to Overwatch due to the following reasons [pardon for the slight straying of the topic].

  1. Ban policies that are easily exploitable. There is nothing stopping someone from falsely reporting you and Blizzard seems to allow a computer to do the autobanning that can easily be manipulated with enough players working in unison to exploit it.

  2. Toxic players calling for Blizzard to ban players who don’t “follow the meta” or refuse to switch heroes despite having so much experience with them. God help me if I go into competitive mode with Hanzo (back when he had scattershot) or if I picked Symmetra.

  3. Loot Boxes. Of course, they are just cosmetic items but the amount of money people throw at loot boxes is mind boggling. Overwatch also came at a time when the topic of loot boxes stirred up debate on online gambling which included Eve Online when World War Bee started. Then came EA Games with Battlefront II. Good god, what a mess that was.

Until Blizzard gets their ■■■■ together I’m not going back to Overwatch.

Anyways, my point here is that there will be times where players legitimately can’t handle certain games because it’s just not for them. I prefer Eve Online because it’s unique in its own way. It’s one of a kind. If I got frustrated with it I would just take a break and come back to Eve later on.