What happened to Eve?

I left Eve about 3 years ago. It had been getting harder and harder to find a reason to log in. Gameplay had become stagnant to me and the whole incursions then drifters and wormholes feeling like unfinished under utilized projects just felt like CCP lost its way. The game became about the infamous Fozzie sov and who could field the most caps and F1 Monkeys. I dont mind being an F1 monkey except for when some little Napoleon thinks his internet spaceships is so important that i should drop everything to station spin for 2 hours or sit on a titan waiting for the other side to make some move.

I just found it harder and harder to log in. After a decade of playing EVE blowing up space ships and ratting just wasnt cutting it anymore and the new content being offered was ridiculous. Hard/impossible =/= more fun. I didnt want something gravy, i just wanted CCP to think outside the sandbox. The sand was getting mighty musty and the box was feeling tiny.

So i left and for nearly 3 years i did not even consider playing eve again. But i did meet many people who were former players and we discussed days when Eve was awesome and devs listened to players and it was owned by people who cared about the game not how many numbers they could fit on the profit line. I digress but its ironic. These investors always buy companies that are doing well, decide they have these great ideas to make the company even more profit and then run it into the ground and sell the hulk for scrap metal and move on to the next victim.

Back to Eve. I obviously came back and was very disappointed in how little had changed in 3 years. Well besides actual players quit playing and the game has like 3000 people with 100 accounts each. There have been some improvements sure but its still the same boring sandbox with the same boring sand i left. Did you know all the same alliances are basically in the same places they are just more bloated now? Yep. Also hi sec is pretty much dead and no one does anything like run missions or …STOCK JITA. Serious what happen to Jita? Jita today looks like my regional null market hub 6-10 years ago.

People troll about it, but for the first time since i started playing Eve it actually feels like it is dying. I mean i know its dying, At its peak, 50k plus players online. When i left around 35-40k peak now it cant muster 30k logins.

But the quality and craftsmanship isnt there anymore. Obviously the once mighty CCP, the gaming company i actually stood on a pedestal and bragged all over the internet about has turned into those same crappy companies i use to lecture about how they need to be more like CCP and less like a wallet leech. What use to be the greatest game developer of all time with the best dev team of all time seems to have become a crew that answers to bean counters and takes short cuts and overlooks quality.

Eve feels clunky and buggy and under developed. The “new” launcher constantly gives me errors when i try to connect, I get disconnected a lot. The UI is horribly non responsive sometimes taking 2 or 3 seconds to respond to commands and thats if it feels like responding. I have to click on commands multiple times to get it to do things half the time.

I came back because of the moon mining changes but honestly Eve just doesnt impress me much these days. It feels stagnant already and i havent even finished my first month back. CCP has always depended on players to create their own content. While that is a cool idea in theory, CCP needed to guide us far better because we now are pretty a big blue donut with 3 flavors and we already broke Serenity with our content creation.

CCP needs to refocus on quality and getting out of the sandbox. I dont like the look or feel of Elite Dangerous at all but you know what it has? SPACE. Eve has thousands of systems, ED has the entire galaxy. Space games need to have areas that players can feel like they can go hide in a corner away from the internet spaceship bullies and do their own thing. Eve needs to get out of the sandbox and start making Eve about Space rather than blue donuts, krabbing, station spinning, and playing the obvious in game casino called hypernet.

But who cares…honestly? The vision of New Eden left with the founders. Now Eve is an ATM for a group of investors. Quick! buy some plex they almost have enough for their 4th vacation home!


Nothing is stopping you from being the change you want to see.

Want Jita stocked? You can do it.

If moon mining is dull then… iono, what did you expect from mining? It’s always been dull.

I don’t know what you’re talking about when you “Space” because EVE already has way too many systems that all go unused.

Sounds like a lot of, “I don’t like it, but I want someone else to make the changes for me!” If you have any actual ideas or concrete concepts, maybe there can be some discussion. But if it’s just gonna be ranting and vague feelings, there’s nothing worthwhile here.


That sure was a big wall of text when all you had to do was say you want safe spaces in EVE…


Three years of tears built up hey?

That was a lot.


[quote=“Scoots_Choco, post:2, topic:224797”]
Want Jita stocked? You can do it.
[/quote] Yeah i can put 10 alts in every blue donut, and 10 in every empire faction to run missions and then another 20 in PI and 100 as industry alts that way i can stock 2% of the Jita market.

I didnt say moon mining was dull. So you obviously missed the entire point.

You obviously have never played actual space games when space feels unexplored and new like when wormholes werent used as a shortcut everywhere. You say unused but can rat a pipe system in the arse end of nowhere and watch as someone pops in local every 10-15 minutes or a nice pocket system that has 14 structures and 25 people rolling havens in carriers or sanctums in supers. Your hacking a can and you have to wonder if someone is going to jump in and nab that other relic site you scanned down while you hack this one.

There is no such thing as an unused system in Eve. People transiting across a system from gate to gate is using it. Im talking about actual space. I know many players want everyone crowded together so they have more targets. But their should be things that draw us together like Jita, or events or wars. What CCP does is stick a bunch of ants in a tiny bottle put a little cube of sugar in it and cap the bottle and see if we fight over the sugar or share it.

[quote=“Scoots_Choco, post:2, topic:224797”]
“I don’t like it, but I want someone else to make the changes for me!”
[/quote] I mean i dont exactly have the ability to make changes to the game code do i? But if CCP wants to make me creative director, ill be more than happy to give a go. But i warn you, im going to really screw up your blue donut and your pretty little sandbox.

I do, quite a few actually. While old CCP had at least a tiny chance of listening to my ideas, im pretty sure new CCP only listens to bean counters.

[quote=“Scoots_Choco, post:2, topic:224797”]
But if it’s just gonna be ranting and vague feelings, there’s nothing worthwhile here.
[/quote] I dont think you understand the definition of “ranting”. Also last i checked, forums is where people are suppose to voice their opinions… you know like your reply which seems to contain absolutely nothing of value and isnt even a good attempt at trolling. Keep trying though, you will get there.

Low effort trolls like yourself keep whining.
Since it has been regularly hitting 30k peaks.
And everything you talk about is still possible.

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This right here sums up your entire post. This is not the spirit of EVE. It never has been and it never will be…

The last thing we need is 15 million star systems where someone can bot in perfect safety in some unknown, uncharted system where they will never get caught…


im a space bully


yes, yes you are… so is james and everyone else associated with CODE.
(i’m just agreeing with what you said)

Send me all your money.

fat chance… i’ll send you 1 isk when covid-19 is eradicated.

dont be a poor

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The worst in this game are the fanbois that deny every stated negative fact about this game because said facts do not fit into their agenda…

The OP is right in every aspect he stated and you taunting him will change nothing about that…

All you do is proving him right…

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Could you explain just who these “fanboys” are? Because most of the people arguing against farmer trash like you have plenty of grievances against CCP and changes we would like to see, we just think that your version of EVE would be even worse than what we have now.


Yeah especially the ones that “hate the game” but still stick around to troll the forums and station spin. Being toxic to the dwindling player base is the only thing they got left.

Botting is going to happen regardless if we have 100 systems or 100 million systems. This is also a bittervet copout for " I dont have a good rebuttal so im going to just toss up one of the bittervet troll talking points and hope i applied it right"

If you bother to look at the monthly economic reports, you can easily see that all of the ratting and mining is done in that big blue donut. Are you telling me that goons is nothing but 30k bots mining and ratting delve? Bots have an insignificant impact on Eve’s economy. Its a weak argument at best.

By the way i never said add 15 million systems. Stop being so dramatic.

Wow, bitter much? In order for Eve to survive it has to appeal to more people not a bunch of toxic bittervets who want an “Eve Classic” You know the drill, “adapt or die”. Well…Eve better start adapting to the market because it is currently dying. The whole hardcore pvp sandbox just isnt enough to grab and hold people no matter how many free skill points you give them and Eve has a huge learning curve anyway that can be very brutal if you dont learn it fast enough.

Its time for Eve to adapt or die. We know its going to die because the wrong people are in charge and the only people who are really left now are hardcore bittervets dreaming of yesteryear when they got to whine about POS bashing instead of Fozzie sov. And that combination makes an environment that just cant compete with games that are currently trending.

I mean look at the red dot fuss? We are crying over red dots, but game is dying but " OMG CCP PLZ MAKE RED DOTS GO AWAY MKAY!!! PLZ!" Yep lets leave it up to the bittervets to steer the game in a good direction. No thank you. Need some fresh perspective from outside the sandbox from people who arent bitter diehards.

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Yet here you are


Oh good come back Garth.

Ffs grow up

That’s just wrong. If a game is built on a specific model, and it try to move the model it’s built on, it will likely fail : it won’t take people from the model it tries to become, but it will lose people that liked the previous model.

So what you want, actually, is for Eve to simply die. There is no way around it.

So I rephrase your sentence :

Yeah, people complain about things that can be changed.
I know, it’s a difficult concept. One day you’ll learn to grasp it. Maybe when you are 10 yo.


This part I can agree with.

Seems to me they’ve been thrashing around for quite awhile now trying to find a way to progress. Still feels like they’re in search mode.

Gotta say this statement hits pretty hard.