What happened to Eve?

2003 dude, Eve is 17. In human time it represent a massive jail sentence, in dog time it’s a whole life, and in video game time it’s jurassic park… the first players installed it on Windows 98 SE or win 2000

And your daughter only comes back home to wash their clothes :confused:

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You should try to do some troubleshooting. Those symptoms aren’t par for the course. I assume it’s a fresh copy of Eve, so you might want to start by checking your hardware and internet connection.

Now, I am not saying that I don’t have complaints, but there were bitter vets complaining about the state of the game when I first started playing, and from what I’ve gathered from older players, people have literally been complaining since the beginning. I honestly don’t think the problem is one of declining craftmanship, I think it’s that we tend to look back with rose colored glasses.

Oh, and here’s a quote that literally took me less than 30 seconds to find. I am not kidding. I went to the old forums, general discussion, last page, and found this in the first post of a thread with complaining in the title.

What the hell goes on in a dev brain?? Why don´t they just fix existing bugs before they implement new stupid features and experimental balancing?
If they don´t change to version 1077 I´ll delete my account. I´ve paid just for one month.
…and I thought EVE´s a great game
-Koloth 04 July 2003

And yeah, I too disagree about adding more space. I mean, I can see how that would appeal to some players, but a vast and empty universe makes more sense in other games than it does in Eve. Creating more room in Eve will just give people even less reason to fight.

If you don’t like being an F1 monkey, stop being one. Join a small a small gang PvP group. Join a wormhole corporation. Maybe, try your hand a solo PvP. I know Eve isn’t always very good at helping people find content that they enjoy, but it is a sandbox that supports a wide range of playstyles. Maybe try finding one that appeals to you?

And finally, I don’t think that this is the case at all. Naturally, businesses are in the business of making money, but I don’t think that the vision has been drastically compromised in order to make money, or that Eve’s monetization methods are anti-consumer and exploitative. Now, this does not mean that I don’t have my complaints, because I do, but Eve is far from a lazy cash grab.

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Ok let me rephrase…

You quit Eve three years ago with extreme rage and wanted it to die with your departure…

3 years after, you come to have a look and adding to your frustration, you realize Eve survived your departure…

Ok, thanks for the rant, come back in three years…


Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Many bloc level FC’s understand that making line members wait annoys them, and lessens their desire to X up for future CTA’s. Thus, they try to minimize the waiting. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible, as sometimes the fleet’s role is to do things like preventing/delaying enemy movement or to prevent/discourage a fleet from joining in the main battle. It can suck as line member, but sometimes doing stuff like sitting around on a gate for a fleet that never shows is of tactical importance.

Also, FC’s generally aren’t waiting for the other side to make a move, they’re doing all sorts of stuff. They are doing stuff like communicating with scouts and spies, coordinating between other coalition members and capital forces that are on standby, sometimes trying to explain things to young FC’s in order to help them learn, and sometimes even do their own scouting.

Unfortunately, omnipresent spies mean that most FC’s talk on closed comms and don’t tell their line members ship about what’s going on. Fortunately, some will explain some of what happened after the fact.

Also, if you think Eve is bad, you should try the real life military. The USMC’s unofficial motto might as well be “hurry up and wait.” IDK, perhaps that’s why I have more of a tolerance for it. I know that there is a lot going on behind the scenes, and the wait is peanuts compared to real life.

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Yep…i said that i ‘hate the game’…multiple times now…not

Alternative facts are still lies even if stated multiple times by multiple individuals…

Appeal to popularity ?


That eve needs more people in order to survive is wrong in your eyes?

This is…interesting…

So the maybe 5k pure pvp players that the game will have shortly because of the continued pvp favor are enough for themselve?



May i call this stupid arrogance?

Nah i just call it stupid…

In order to be arrogant you have to be at least some kind of smart…

If a model does not work anymore change the model and not simply make it worse…

=> strawman.

I did not claim it does not need more person. I claimed it does not need to appeal to more persons.

Complete wrong accusation regarding the subtext…

Yeah that’s you.

I understand that even the word ‘subtext’ is a problem for you.

That’s the problem of your kind in this game from the beginning… :slight_smile:

If 5000 people joined and they were all Karens, would EvE be a success?

If 5000 mainstreamers would join eve would be way better than now…ccp just has to create the possibility…

Mainstream is NOT the devil…

No you don’t understand anything.

Proof : You quoted me and made it says something different than what it means.

Which is the definition of out-of-context quote.

5000 Karens are not the mainstream.

They are the mainstream’s mum.

Do you agree that 5000 Karens would be good for EvE y/n?


The problem was that you didn’t understood what YOU were posting…but again…i understand your confusion…it’s you that posted it… :slight_smile:

It’s possible… just possible… that the butthurt oldsters who don’t like the game any more need to go do something else and stop trolling these forums. Same with faceplace… if you no longer like it, GO AWAY. It’s OK to not come here and whine. Really.

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So CCP should cater to the lowest common denominator? No thanks…