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Is Eve worth coming back to? Seems like the game might be in some trouble. I’ve been on hiatus for almost 3 years, just wondering what the atmosphere is like. I haven’t been following along with any news or updates and cursory scan through this forum doesn’t bode well.

So with EVE there’s always lots of drama. Various current kerfuffles are about real issues with the game but overall are mostly about players expectations of what kind of value CCP should be providing for the money players send (or don’t send) in.


  • There have been some significant changes to citadels, mining, industry, the marketplace, PvE grinds, ISK farming, and Triglavian/Abyssal/Pochven stuff while you’ve been gone.
  • Player numbers appear to be roughly at or a bit below where they were during the Blackout ‘experiment’ of 2019.
  • EVE has gotten more expensive to play.

You’ll need to google the various changed areas to catch up on them.

The summary is - if you enjoyed EVE before, most of what you enjoyed is probably, maybe, still here. CCP has been making a lot of (frequently unpopular) changes and so there’s noticeable uproar in the forums because that’s what forumites do.

Best thing to do is try it out as Alpha clone for a bit, maybe start a new account with one of those “1 million free SP” referral links from your existing account to check the new AIR NPE and re-familiarize. Then decide for yourself if it’s worth another spin.


Hey, thanks for the response! Yeah, I always saw Eve as a virtual space drama where we’re all the actors, that’s cool lol. Guess I have some homework to do. I primarily spent most of my time in null sec, sounds like things are pretty much the same. I appreciate your input.

Mate take you money somewhere else, there is plenty out there to spend it on. Eve is a real cluster on the pricing.

I can 't speak from the perspective of a veteran, but as a new player EVE Online still holds my interest after four months. Give it a try for a month and if you like where it is now, stick around.

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That’s what keeps me around, besides the sci-fi and lore. I find myself waiting for the next patch just to read the funny and desperate posts followed by inevitable sneers, jeers and craziness. Sorry, maybe I have too much time on my hands
Then there’s the CSM election, that promises at least some sparks. The forum is almost as entertaining as the game.

Depends on what your expectations are. Try it and see, only you can answer that question.

Now is a good time to be coming back CCP announced stuff finally coming in a few months.

To sum things up–the population has taken a huge hit for a number of reasons. Targets are harder to find. High-sec has been swiss-cheesed due to 1-sided Trig mechanics. And, moral is at an all time low…oh, the game is $5 more expensive per account as well.

Looks like CCP is going to do stuff about FW, if it’s your thing maybe stick around.

Expect DAD game and lots of drama.

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