EVE worth coming back to?

How miserable is this game at the current meta?

I had a 2 year break now and I miss blowing up expensive ships solo in cheap fits, although I would have to sub since Alpha clones are useless at best for solo playing. How is low sec doing? Still some good players out there or only ctrl-clickers that need at leat 10 ships to kill 1 cheap fit ?
How are Alliances and Corps doing? Who is kicking whose ass and who has the best Ship reimbursement programs these days (peace time of course) ?

Help me out here, I’ll give the one that gives me the best answer 3 billion isk as I got plenty laying around, unless that amount isn’t worth crap anymore (given how expensive plexes appear to be).

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You need 500 PLEX per month. So you’re looking at 1.5b ISKs per month and per account.

PS: I don’t want your ISKs. Who knows where you’ve got them from.

Errrr…Depends who you ask about state of the game.But it’s pretty much blobfest,cynodrops,Force auxiliary spam.Geting a good fight outnumbered and outgunned has become a harder and harder issue over the years if you just want to kill people in cheap ships or cheapish ships without needing to put much effort probably join a goon squad like miniluv or space violence you don’t have to attempt the 24 hours tidi fests for strategic ■■■■■■■■ whatever.


Bye! …

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That depends entirely on whether you want to play EVE Online, or World of Warcraft with spaceships.
The EVE Online part has been going downhill for the past 5 years, while they transition to WoW with spaceships. They even introduced instanced pve dungeons now and you have plenty morons like that Sinjin guy that can’t even comprehend the difference between a question and a statement.

Give it another 3-4 years and EVE will be just like World of Warcraft + spaceships. Including the illiterate playerbase.

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Meek capsuleers dragging their dusty and tired spaceships across the cold and unwelcoming void, despairing over the smallest obstacle on the way to inevitable and lamentable clone death.

Some became so callous, so disheartened, that they stopped caring about anything and are CONCORD-suiciding themselves en masse, like some death cult, their only joy being the suffering of themselves and others.

Welcome back to hell.


Seeing what suicide gankers pull out of freighter wrecks makes me wish I’d be suffering like them, too.

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Ah yes, I remember your name. Come back and see for yourself is the only way you will be able to know for certain if you like it. If you don’t like what you were doing try something else, eh? You have not much to lose. Come back and check things out.
I know I’m not miserable, despite changes that just have to be adapted to. It will all end sometime, whether that’s the servers being shut down or the individual deciding to shut their own EvE down for themselves. Come back and see if you can still find fun for yourself.

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Yess !!! Good news at last :+1:

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First of all thanks for the replies guys, really, it means a lot to me because based on the answers here I pretty much learned that this game got even worse. Dungeons ? lol, really ? I would love to see people click “Enter Instance - Fight Gurista HQ”, people joining up in fancy ships, just to get eradicated by fellow “dungeon mates” aka .CODE alts, their crap looted, oh man, was that a joke? I can so not see this ever work… Unless there are Concord ships that blow up team shooters in there, if that is the case, this game can’t get any worse than Fallout 4 has become when compared to the originals.
I miss you guys, that would be the only reason to come back. I also miss ransoming relic hunters in my cloaky AC-hound, but knowing CCP I would not be surprised if ACs could not be mounted anymore on hounds, the way the game headed when I still played.
And also, this forum layout sucks.

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no. /thread

On a misery scale of 10, with 10 being the most miserable, I would have to rate the current meta at a solid 4.
Alpha clones are indeed useless and in my opinion if the F2P was actually designed to get new people interested in the game a chance to check it out alpha accounts should expire after 30 days if they don’t upgrade, anything else is pure grade-A bullshite.
Low Sec is, was and will always be the 'taint meat of the cosmos. Just like my 'taint meat, it always seems to be the spot ticks like to ctrl-latch onto. Indeed, how many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? Just one but it really has to want to change, low-sec never will.
Unfortunately I have less than zero insight into corps/alliance activities, I am kept in a small cell and forced to die and come back too frequently to keep up with all the hoopla or CSM election garbage, Iknow little and care even less.
The bright spot of my EVE year so far was the news that Putin had blocked all the Russians from the game, the dark spot was when they came back. Shouldn’t there be a separate server for communists where they can bot and bot and bot and bot to their hearts content? Oh, that would never work, socialists need capitalists the same way high-sec gankers need industrialists.
…Come out to the coast, have a few laughs…


Sure, I’ll bite. I could use a couple billion ISK right about now.

There’s some good players here and there, but most of what I see are people who either grossly outnumber their opponent, or they just attack stuff that can’t shoot back or can barely shoot back.

Actually a lot has been going on.

There was some enormous war over the entire eastern side of the map that just finished. “The Russians” (alliances and coalitions such as DRF, DCU, Drone Phoenix Federation, Legion of xXDeathXx, Shadow of xXDeathXx, etc) lost. Triumvirate was fighting Legion of xXDeathXx and had essentially lost, but came back from the brink with help from others who were attacking the Russians. Some entity called the Holy Rental Empire came “out of nowhere” (actually I think they came from wormholes?) and attacked the Russians, and were also instrumental in defeating them along with whoever else. The entire thing has been concluded for no more than a couple of weeks. Check out the eastern side of the map here - it’s completely different, no Russians to be found:

Also see: http://sov.space

This article was just posted: http://newedenreport.com/2018/06/06/interview-capqu-co-ceo-of-skill-urself-on-bringing-down-the-drone-region-federation/

Goon-allied SIGs, The Initiative, etc. also attacked Guardians of the Galaxy and whoever else up there in Pure Blind and Fade for months. I think they’ve kinda-sorta pulled back for now (recent development), but apparently were extremely annoying to deal with, or even worse than extremely annoying.

Pandemic Legion attacked Providence and took complete control over it for a few months, evicting CVA and whoever else. They were after stations which were going to be converted by CCP into special unique stations. However, within the last few weeks Legacy (Test and whoever) attacked into Providence and evicted PL. I think Test got the stations PL was after, and CVA et al has moved back in.

I think any major alliance (Goons, Test, etc) is gonna have a good SRP.


Thing is…this has been done before. Many times. Roll stomp provi for giggles, see what shakes for fun, and they are back again. Shall we do this next year? Sure…

It’s like…spending a night in a hotel with your other half at this point,. You are checking out the next day so you get extra freaky since not caring about cleanup the next day.

Stir up action in provi, Leave when done to go back to your nice house kind of thing. It’s okay if messy, you aren’t cleaning the sheets the next day. Do the same on next years vacation from the house. TBH provi power shifts almost cliche at this point.

Rest, op you may have to bite the bullet and try yourself. I am doing that at the moment. Not 100% sure of a long term play though.

It’s little things. Like…after the grand sweeping tiericide then metacide…eve is still SSDD. Maybe a name change…still the same preferred meta gear though. Comps and fits…SSDD. For all I lost in terms of likes…I am not seeing the bene’s here.

Dev time and money better used elsewhere all those years ago is what I am thinking on my return. As I left midstage metacide and I have not been going oh no, I must redo all fits. Many are the same and work fine as when I left years ago.

In my experience…
Log in, scan wormholes, warp around null/wh space to find some activity.
2 hours later… Nothing found, log off.


I always hear people say things like “In such-and-such place, you can literally go through 40 systems and see no one.” Personally, I don’t see it. There’s no place I go that someone isn’t there. Heck, the other night I tried to kill some off-power tower in an abandoned wormhole, and after an hour of shooting it, BOOM, in flies two random dudes (not associated with the dead corp who owned the tower) and killed me.

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This is another thing that really needs to be changed…
Why should someone spend 1hour to shoot somebody’s offline/defenseless tower.

Iv done it myself too, same time thinking… do the dev’s even play the game?
Why they implement so many boring, time consuming activities in this game.

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Maybe he means nobody to PvP with, there are people in low sec, null sec, just they are elusive more and more as they learn. Or some are so dangerous they will hotdrop you, so quick search on zkill brings up just that: dangerous - dont pick up fights.


Not worth to come back … nothing is changed … players feedback are not been taken in consideration , ccp and all other dev dont want to grow larger , they stick to their stupid plans to add some patch with some new items and expect server will fill with milions of people , making all players, regarding the pvp sistem, the same with same skill points is NOT an priority to the eve sistem … the raw truth is that the server is filled with bots and multi screen char that make impossible the natural grow of the life in eve (as the dev wold like to be)


… thats all wats to say here (excuse mi English its not mi primary language)