Is it worth it to come back?

I played Eve 38mo ago (3 years) and am starting to get the itch to come back (I saw a notification for the new DLC Invasion on Youtube). However, after browsing the forums/reddit, it seems that Eve is full of problems. My biggest concern, since this is Eve, and I figure I need at least a year to play to get back into it, is it worth it to start it up again with a lot of people hating on the game or leaving the game? The community seems to almost be less professional and nerdy than it used to be, and I don’t want to fly around for 4 hours looking for people to PvP with but not be able to find anyone since there’s fewer people playing nowadays.

Maybe I’m completely wrong as well and the game is alive as usual, but just seems CCP and Eve are in a darker place atm and, from the community response, seem to only be digging themselves into a deeper hole.

I logged into my Alpha account yesterday and realized I’d have to re-learn the entire system since everything did not seem familiar to me, which actually makes me want to play more. I don’t really mind all the new stuff, I do wish they would be less hand-holding, but I understand why they are doing that.


I think that’s accurate. IMO the drive to a happy safe theme-park has gone on for way too long and it’s really killed a lot of the soul. Plus add borked economy and get a lot of bitterness…well more than normal anyways.

Welcome back! Can I have your (old) stuff?

(it’s still the best game out there though…sadly)


People always like to complain about problems on reddit and the forum, don’t let that hold you back. :wink:
(Sure, some complaints are valid, but overall the game seems to be in a great state imo.)

And getting into the game should take less time than the first time you started playing. After all, I assume you have some basic knowledge and (a) character(s) with some skills now to start with!

If you’re interested in giving EVE another try and ‘don’t want to fly around for 4 hours looking for PvP’, there are some corporations in null sec space that are open for people with little experience, and as a result, attract all kinds of PvP content that comes flying towards you! At least, that’s my experience in Brave Newbies.


in what way have ccp made eve online a happy theme park?


CCP has lost (or never had, except for the original designers, long gone now) their concept of ‘what makes EVE interesting?’ and ‘why would a player choose to play EVE rather than the competition?’. Until they regain that focus, CCP will continue to flail about with misguided efforts they later remove from the game (because nobody actually wanted them), events that everybody dislikes (because they don’t understand what motivates players to play) and drifting away from EVE’s PvP focus into “Farmville in Spaaaaace!” because they don’t understand what makes players more willing to take risks than simply accumulate more wealth against ‘the day that EVE becomes fun again’.

Thus, ‘is it worth it to come back’ all depends on why you like EVE to begin with. If ‘Farmville in Space’ appeals to you, then EVE is worth coming back to. If seeking out a good corp and socializing with the people in it while semi-AFKing some game grind is interesting, then EVE is a good place (assuming you can find that corp).

If you are looking for space adventure, engaging content, and the occasional pulse-quickening PVP encounter… well then no, EVE isn’t really worth coming back to. Because CCP has forgotten what it takes to make those things happen.

(Hint: It isn’t ridiculously one-sided encounters against people who are null-farming 8 accounts so they can supercharge their main. And it isn’t content where the grind, the minimum requirements to complete, and the risk equal 5x as much as the crappy rewards.)

However, Alpha is a thing now, and it’s one of the few good things (despite the ‘sub-forevah!’ haters) that CCP has accomplished in the last 5 years. Although sadly they pretty much muffed the implementation and so it’s only a portion of the benefit it could be.

As Alpha, you can experience almost half of what EVE has to offer in the way of ‘things to get you interested in playing’. Alpha for a few months, re-learn the systems, poke around some things you haven’t done recently, join a decent corp. Then you will be able to answer your own question.

  • near risk free farming in null sec under massive, near untouchable super umbrellas
  • near risk free farming in Abyss space
  • pocketing humongous sums from broker fees that should be going out of the economy and not remain
  • safe and fatigue free traveling across the cluster
  • safer JB positions because of Keepstar grids
  • allowing the continued existence of botting-like-behavior-enabling tools like NEAR2
  • You cannot even kill a carrier reliably with a few BLOPs anymore because carriers melt the BS.

I’d say it’s always worth coming back. Whether it’s worth staying depends entirely on how you personally find the game now.


ugh, how hard do you want to make it then?

To be fair abyss farmers are not farming isk - just lik tag farming. This is wealth redistribution as isk from this is not created from thin air - it comes from trading what you get in loot. You could even say it is isk sink considering broker fees etc.


All that and more was what eve was. …actually when more people were playing it…so…guess it wasn’t so hard it was not doable…

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By nerfing non-consensual pvp and making theme park game play like abyss space.

Hard enough that skill and preparation are rewarded over being dumb and lazy.

And hard enough that people have a reason to reach out to eachother for help.


I want these stupid structures to go away. ISK needs to leave EVE, not stay in a few people’s hands.
Abyss space was supposed to be a ship sink, not another ISK faucet.
Traveling in the past via JBs required planning and not just yoloing around.
NEAR2 is a plague! It removes the need for people to pay attention on EVE. Instead they just need to listen to a ping.
JBs could be camped in the past, in order to intercept people moving around. This is now hardly possible.

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It’s not. Some changes look interesting at a glance and turn out the same boring pattern. Fly somewhere kill ships for no reason get some skins etc. but no meaning, no story depth.
And of course, null sec getting all the freebies. High sec being boring as hell and no rewards. Low sec no love.

I just don’t get why they never invested in some story writers to add something unexpected to the universe. why are there no random space station npc guests asking the player to smuggle a crate of X to a specific stations, somehere on the way you get randomly pulled out of warp into a pocket where you defend the X against people who want something. If you get podded by them your pod ends up in a Gurista strong hold where you have to hack to escape if you win you interrogate the Gurista ambush leader and realize there is something fishy about the shady guy who gave you X. and so on.

Bottom line: subscribe. do a month or two, realize why you left in the first place and unsubscribe again…

Reminds me, I wanted to unsub my 6 accounts two months ago. Sid Meier copyright. Just another skill complete.

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Generally what everyone has already said but for me, it’s spending the majority of effort in creating primarily solo PvE content that is more suited for X4 than a MMO…I get that they needed to do that to some degree but I’d put forth that they when whole-hog instead.

Invasion of the triangles anyone?

It’s not about making it harder, it’s about giving us more toys to play with in the sandbox and letting us make our own fun.


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It’s worth trying. You will see for yourself.
I would say that it’s worth to come back. Also it’s worth to start from scratch as a brand new player to EVE. It’s all individual obviously. But hey, you can do this for free as an Alpha.

I agree that reading through this forum or reddit isn’t very encouraging most of the time and hence I don’t read it much. It’s an internet forum after all. Nothing surprising.

Short Answer NOPE


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Honestly, if this is the takeaway you have, it’s not worth it for you to come back.

Game game is actually doing alright. If you’re talking about high level nullsec power bloc type of conflicts, sure, it’s a little stagnant. But the fact is that most players won’t ever have to deal with that on their day-to-day individual gameplay.

So you haven’t played for 3 years, but somehow feel qualified to make this claim based on a couple of forum posts and threads on r/eve? Yikes. With this attitude, you’re probably better off not coming back.


no. period.

in no time, you will no longer log in ou you will go out for 6h finding nothing to kill.


Abyssal space is not isk faucet. Considering how much is lost inside it one could even state it is isk sink.

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