Is EVE worth it in 2022? Asking other players opinions for possible return

What has happened to EVE? The game is far from what it used to be. Honestly I feel this every time I look at EVE now. I want so badly to pay for a sub and fly in New Eden again but things like this Doctor Who event. The change in forums. The complete change of PLEX and the removal of aurum make me miss the days of Captains Quarters and before. Hell at this point I miss the days way back in 2010 and before. So with all this in mind… what would you say? Is it worth playing? I’m truly torn and on the fence. Dr. Who and the massive step away from Lore central to the game is a huge blow to me. This new website truthfully sucks and at this point the old character creator with back stories and careers would make me smile. I would also love a return to DUST over crossover events… hell release compelling gameplay. They have the world for it. With this I close in honor of The State.

Long Live the State!

I suppose it would depend on what you used to do in New Eden and do you still have an interest in doing that again , or possibly experimenting with a different playstyle .

No one can really answer that for you , I can say I only returned about 18 months ago after forgetting about Eve for about 7 years and I still found I could pursue my interests pretty much the same as ever . Quite a lot has changed obviously but in some way it’s still pretty much the same game it’s always been .


You have an active posting history and you were looking for a corp a year ago, doesn’t really translate to “what has changed in the past decade?”.

Either way, on the off chance you’re not trolling: if you’re not a krab and you weren’t part of the endless fields of supers then you’ll do fine.

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It’s worth playing… as far as I’m concerned. Of course I don’t have as many memories of the ‘old’ time as you do.

It’s only temporary and easy to ignore. If CCP got a little more money out of the deal, why not?

Sometimes we have to say goodbye to the past, doesn’t mean that the present isn’t worth living. If we don’t adapt we wither and die.

Long Live the Emperor!

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You literally just copied this from the other post you made.

Fit up, fly out and find out.

Isn’t my scarf stylish?


Yes. It gives you a certain je-ne-sais-quoi, like the pilots of old… they had the right stuff. :smiley:

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Yeahhh I posted a year ago thinking about getting back into it then had a sudden death in the family and life quickly took the reigns and I never really got to dip my toes in fully. Just with seeing all the changes I was 100% look for what others have thought of the changes to the game since 2016/2017 as the last time I sat down and played and even then it wasn’t much time due to work. Then in 2018 I was over seas for work with no way to play.

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Very stylish. I’ll look into it. Yes I copied my other post to try and see more people’s opinions.

Totally worth man.

Come back now, buy PLEX, inject skills and get that little nice tushy into a super GIANT MEGA SIZE CAPITAL SHIPO!

But don’t hang up now, if you are a pacifist, we have nice packages of chill mining operations, fully away of keyboard.

Just do it! What a time to play EVE man!

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Chill mining operations, indeed! Just watched a Youtube vid about a battling Rorqual… VERY CHILL !

Seriously the other 99% of the game went on - you didn’t have to be anywhere near this.

Yeah this place sucks. Plenty of arguably better flavors of internet cancer in Facebook groups, r/Eve, etc.

Nah, PLEX is more accessible now, you can buy it in way smaller chunks.

Me too!!! The player ecosystem was better. Not enough plankton these days. Lowsec is extremely overfished and that was where I was back in the good ol’ days.

You had me and then you lost me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I can’t speak for other newcomers to EVE Online but that event got me to join this game. What made me stay, and subbed, were two things:

  • there’s a lot of things to do in this sandbox.
  • the community was very helpful to me.

I think there should be more crossover events like Doctor WHO. It will pull in players who never heard of the game but like myself could like it.

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