You did it, CCP! Players are coming back

I’ve never seen so many:

It’s been a while since we’ve seen PlayerNametheir last post was XX years ago.

They are coming back!

New Eden is healing!

I don’t know WHO or what you did, but good job!


Oh The WHOrror

Yeah coming back to tell CCP how cringe their idea of a Doctor Who crossover is.


you are mistaken, someone said car crash, we came, we saw, we left.

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I reactivated Omega on all of my accounts (over 30 characters) that I have not played since the stupid Pochven disaster.

I’m very much enjoying this event. It is one of the greatest eve events (been playing 12 years) and the Doctor Who references are hilarious. But of course I’m a Whovian from way back when the original series aired.

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! And Eve finally got some of my money again too. Have already found Dalek parts, a sonic screwdriver and the DIary of River Song / Melody Malone.

To have two of my favorite things cross over really is an eerie coincidence.



Great for you, I think its to grindy and lackluster to enjoy after 3 sites I got 1 BP for the event site.

There will be no worse idea in EVE evar.

So you resub 30 accounts for an event lasting only a few weeks?

Oh and are pretty much exactly the same script as every other event…


It’s the great migration all over again but in reverse.

I might be coming back. I left because of what they did to mining and now i see they changed some things in production now too.

I might try it out, we’ll see. I just have a bad feeling its even worse now …

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Pochven was not a disaster, it allow high sec player to do something, rather then mining all day long


I might be in the minority but I think the crossovers are a good idea. I am a Doctor Who fan and It got me to join as a new player.

I plan on staying subbed for as long as the game keeps me engaged.

I think I only scratched the surface of what I learned so far.


Prove it by sending me isk in game.

1 billion isk is a fair amount.


I like you. You got nerve.

I said I was a Doctor Who fan, not a ̶A̶l̶k̶o̶ ̶D̶a̶n̶u̶j̶a̶ Aiko Danuja fan. :laughing:

I also don’t have 1 billion ISK.

EDIT: I apologize for mangling the spelling of your name. I’m as bad at using the keyboard as I am at space combat. Yes, it’s that bad.



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Yes that’s an ‘L’ not an ‘i’.

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Tell me about it. Even in voice comms, I’ll say “my toon eye-oh” and people still call me “low”.

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On the other hand if you get into a fleet fight where the enemy FC knows how to spell your name and for some reason would call you primary you would most likely be protected at least for some time.

FC: eye-o is primary
Linemembers: We no see no eyeoh.
FC: The guy right there called EYE OH
Linemembers produce confused noises
FC: Shoot him NAOW!!!
Linemember: I only see a guy called LOW, is that what you mean?
FC: No I said EYE OH can’t you guys hear… or read?!
Linemembers grumble

:sweat_smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :slight_smile: