Dr Who? What in the hell?

Will someone please explain to me what in nine hells does Dr Who whateverthehell has to do with Eve? I’m an 11 year player and this bonkers. Just look at the chick with the bow tie and EVE ships, I mean seriously, who thought this up?

Can we have a hello kitty or better yet, power ranger content? Ugh.

As I said in a previous post, fire the content director / team if this is the best they came up with.

Need ideas? How about a Triglavian event where you introduce trig rigs, implants?

If the goal of events is to attract / leech new players / fans from other shows / universes you will fail. As I think you know. You wont see a new player get into EVE and start doing whatever event. EVE is a game with a very steep learning curve initially. That’s your barrier to entry. Complex economics, complex fitting and mechanics, navigation, etc. You think a new player to EVE will be able to go scanning, do PVE, when he/she has no idea how to use the overview, weapons, skills etc?

You think some 11 year old will be begging their parents for an Omega account and pester them for their credit card for new skins like they do in Fortnite? They wont.

Eve has a great amount of in game content which can be so developed to keep people here and get new ones playing, its an absolute shame CCP had to resort so something as cheesy and irrelevant as Dr Whoever.


First off, what’s Fortnight?

Only mature players who’s well versed in Whovian are the real EvE players.

about time CCP recognizes this self evident fact and did a well deserved crossover.

All joking aside. I think CCP is aiming for an older demographic that already have credit cards. Personally I think this crossover is crap. Then again, I can’t think of a single time that any franchise that did a crossover event pulled it off well. It just turns into a cringy event. Pretty much like this.

But if you’re tossing in the towel, can I have your stuffz?


Both BBC and CCP need humming beings to play AND PAY. Computers don’t run run for free.

Only problem there is, most of that demographic already have jobs, families, friends, LIVES and don’t want to spend their limited leisure time working for free in a game.

And is the primary reason for new player churn being so high.
I’m pretty sure this event will bring in a reasonable amount of new account creation - Just as I’m sure most won’t last more than a week or so.
Eve Online just isn’t new player friendly which keeps new player retention low.
Add to this a bunch of “new players” coming to the game for an event that is so far removed from the reality of the game - I’d love to see the new player retention numbers for this event.

  1. Logged in a second time (after completing NPE)
  2. Logged in daily for 7 days
  3. Lasted 30+ days.

Sigh. I’m buying the damn scarf. Its just too much fun. The amount of crying is delicious.

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Maybe this will be next! How exciting!!!


Insane or ingenious? I was going to miss it, but thanks to all the passionate naysaying and trolling I am now keenly interested in the EVE WHO event. Like the doctor, CCP knows how to bait the bad and better the battles that need to be fought against hate and harassment in the universe or the multiverse of spacetime.

Reason is not automatic, just ask the Doctor; those who deny it cannot be conquered by it [but they can be enslaved by and manipulated by their own amygdala].

I have only recently been doing the WHO thing in Low Sec. Fear not Low Sec, there are ways for counting ku that can be more outstanding than wrecking other people’s fun.

A brief rundown of Doctor Who: there is a lot of running, then drawing a line in the spacetime continuum to warn the baddies before their plug gets pulled.

“Yawn” Knock yourself out.

Actually I just looked it up, Dr Who is a PG show, the average fanbase age is 17. Most of the show’s fans are under 20, too young to have a bank account or income to spend on EVE.

The future is FEMALE !!!

Not unless women can make babies on their own.
But my point was that the attire and the whole character thing doesn’t match EVE.

Uh. Wut. Now you’re just blatantly lying ROFL.

The Doctor literally genocided two whole races. They fit right in :smiley:

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I wonder if we will get to defend galafrey? And fight the daleks and Cybermen.

any reference to dr who will not be in game, daleks will be called biomechanoids.

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Eve in character folks will have no clue what these goofy trash bins with guns are, but they’re used to that. Uh, thieving Trigs!

Sure we will.
They are goofy trashbins with guns, which will be, largely ignored by the RP community.

I know I will be.

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