Have seen real new players in EVE!

Whow, I meet today since long time new players in faction warfare… I mean according to their fitting they really must have been absolutely new. Looks like the CCP campaign during X-mas with Dr. Who was somewhat successful, isn’t?

I can’t speak for these “new” players who arrived but the Doctor WHO event is what made me sign up. The game itself is what is keeping me here and subbed too ----- even though 47/52 of the SoE Arc is really starting to @#?#! me off.

(ahem) Mooooving on, I am really interested in knowing how successful these campaigns are. How many Whovians came? How many actually stayed?


Welcome to EVE!
Just in case the Arcs get boring… EVE has so much more than „boring“ PVE content.

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Oh yes, I can only take “Gone Berserk”, “Worlds Collide” and “Alluring Eminations” so many times before I’m sick of it.

Here’s my future plans: once I get “Yonnie” established, she’ll fund an alt that will live a life full of low-sec adventures, learning how to fight against real players and not predictable AI logic. If I find I’m good at low-sec living and can hold my own, that funding stops. Maybe in a year I’ll be engaging in fleet battles just like in the EVE ads on YouTube (not the parody ones).


i have an alt close by that recently completed the soe arc if you need some help.

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Don’t be surprised if you hear from me: Kritsan Parthus’s battleship is a pain in the…

When I am on my lunchbreak, I’m going to tinker with the T1 Coercer Destroyer fit I got from the SoE channel a bit.[

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Btw just wait till soon after when you’ll have to killing Dagan’s Gnosis. :smiling_imp:


Well, he hits like a battleship. As in really hard.

I beat him after changing a few things in the original SoE T1 Coercor fit from the channel but it was almost a draw: I had zero shields, zero armor and 67% hull.

Ask in local or rookie channel.

Welcome! Glad more people are starting up! Don’t get caught up in bigger is better, Bigger has its place but where you really want to go is T2 Frigate and T2 Cruiser, they will allow you to broaden your gameplay options and generally are fun as hell.


What was here name? Parthus or something like that?

But Dagan’s only threat is that you will die of boredom waiting to get him to hull.

faction warfare is the home of the people of new eden

Yes, the one with the cap-draining battlecruiser. I faced off with Parthus in a SoE-fitted destroyer and that was a tough fight.

Just wait until I do that arc again in a cruiser:grin:

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