Ashterothi Grills Developers on Doctor Who Crossover


Disappointment. Was hoping for them to actually be barbequed on a grill.


Amazing that a vidya game can hurt you so :smiley:

Good video. Good explanations.

How are they going to stop all these instant Alpha newbies from just becoming fodder for experienced PVP players in the hacking sites?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That’s the best part :smiley:

I honestly should have trained into a hydra in time for this event.

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Interesting. The concept of new player friendly events is a hard thing. Easy, but fun is such a tightrope. In the recent past having a few grab all the stuff from the many in events has been irritating. I hope the newbies don’t have the rewards of their efforts snagged out from under them.

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I just texted my family that I get to shoot Daleks. Maybe THAT will get them to try some Eve.

And aren’t the Daleks tracking terrible?

OMG y’all have sucked me into this pixels on the screen discussion.

Why are cat ears bad but ships called Leopard, Cheetah, and Jaguar not a problem?


This helps answer a few questions and explains some things better. Answers questions about the Eve universe background too. Thanks @Ashterothi and people from CCP. Nice friendly Q&A session.

PS - @CCP_Swift smiles a lot :slight_smile:


Maybe it was about getting more fodder for PVP players, not stopping it being a thing…

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How so? The actual sites are Abyss-like instances. Just the initial relic sites which drop the filament parts seem to be in New Eden.

Not posting about specifically this event but generally players who will stay to become such fodder. That is probably intention, to get more players, as the event goes and also beyond. BBC paid CCP nothing, as it was explained.

Event may be easy to a specific point, then who gets hooked will become eve player, maybe.

I think its not the best idea tho. A lot better would be to improve game somewhat so people who already play it want friends to come and they specifically advocate for the game to them. This way the new players would also have someone who explains things to them, so new players are not lost so easily.

Well the hacking sites are instanced beyond the first, and I assume they will just find the ones in Highsec for the first step.

Got your point now, and I see this as a problem as well. CCP advertises EvE to the Who crowd with instanced PvE content. I couldn’t see a worse way to get players into EvE.

I can’t say it often enough … players who like theme park style games won’t be a match for EvE, except one wants transform EvE into something they like …

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Hard to not be happy talking to players :smiley:


Thanks for the clarification taking the time to do this interview. A lot of my friends aren’t even concerned about the crossover so much as they are the timing of it.

That was a good video y’all did.

BTW. As for crossover weirdness, those Sleeper folks that have built and are living in a total virtual reality is such a ripe field for imagination. For all we know Dr Who, Star Trek and WE are just instances of constructs those Sleeper folks have made.

Read the ancient SciFi book, Ubik. Fun stuff.

I am still holding out for those jackal ear drone tuner “implant” cosmetics from April Fools years ago.

This crossover and integration of Dr. Who is such a Marvel Comics thing to do. That doesn’t make it good IMO, it just turns me off as a fan to track all these timelines and exceptions and whatever. Lore got a big load of poop added to it with this. :joy:

I also do not understand all the salt from the players. I think this could be fun. I might even try watching this silly show to prepare. I mean, we are breaking in game lore? Look at half of the names of the player built stations or corporations… the hero of our realm, aaaaaaaaaalolsfirst is quitting because of all this Dr. Who crossover event