Dr. Who and the Abysmal Isk

Is it me, or is the isk in this new Dr. Who event abysmal. Been doing the event pretty much all day and have very little to show for it. A few new ship skins (for ships I don’t fly) some female gear (my character is male) and a blue phone booth statue. You grind all day to get the ingredients to make a filament, then go into the pocket and come out with less then if you had just sold the filament on the market.

Honestly not sure what the draw is here. What am I missing?


good. that means i don’t have to waste my time with it

The devs have already said the difficulty and loot from this event are tailored to 1 day old characters. The specifically said it’s not for veteran players.


Hello friend,

If you need ISK, there are many good PLEX packages of all sizes for you to buy here. Remember, the more you buy, the more you save!


@Rasmus_Sen I missed that it’s for 1 day old players. That explains a lot. I assumed it was for everybody. My mistake. Thanks for the heads up.

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I don’t remember Dr. Who being motivated by profits.


I would recommend selling the materials at the closest trade hub instead at least until the market is saturated and the prices drop.

That’s the Eve great reset, you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.

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Do you belive that? Do you belive the devs? Looks to me you need 2 bil to enter.
CCP: Show me your wallet now!

There are more on reddit.
Can i ask you not to brown nose CCP so hard?


It was clear the key aspect of this event was to limit a single component to building filaments behind a $ pay wall.

However such a paywall only works in game theory when advancement is compulsory or near compulsory or reward essential. It is bizzare CCP introduced it here, even a basic understanding of monetisation within a game theory would have ruled it out as an option.

All it has done is shown CCP is now happy to introduce micro transactions for progression in content.


Let’s face it CCP are such sloppy developers that it’s perfectly possible they really did just f up the loot tables accidentally.

the tears make this so wonderful

They accidentally removed a last in a chain item from a loot table and placed it in a $ store?

Is that what you are actually suggesting? I’d LMFAO of a CCP dev posted that on the forum instead of using an alt or pets account to do so.

I think they always intended to sell them yes but it’s a lot more likely the same shody workmanship that left everyone without ice for a long time is the reason one component of them is not spawning in game . Other wise why bother creating the bpc and spawning the rest of the components or is that just a part of there devious plan to cover there tracks ?

Who cares, the sooner this trash event is over, the better.


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