Hmm so

It’s been almost 3 months I havent touched the game …

I usually come back every 3 months, then quit after a month.

Should I come back again this time ? That winter gaming urge is slowwly but surely sleazing its way up my ■■■■■■■ leg again …

Or, Should I wait for the lore-destroying, cringe DrWhore event to end ?
I truly wouldn’t be able to cope seeing the launcher in such a state … let alone the ingame popups …

InB4 all the "No"s.


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dr who not required and frankly not worth doing.
talk to our recruiter dorfsorc about joining IRC and just enjoying the game again

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That’s up to you. If you don’t feel like it or are not having fun playing then don’t. No one forces you to play EVE or any other game.
I haven’t run into Dr.Who content so far, just doing my thing… The news panel on the launcher don’t bother me, I hardly give them any attention.
I play a little bit everyday. Not dreaming of owning a structure or controlling a solar system. Just having fun while I learn the game. I’m interested to see how far I can go before I, too, get bored with it.
Take care.


You sure that’s your gaming urge , sounds more like it could be a snake to me , if it’s a snake you could be in trouble :snake:

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SURE. Grab some package on the store and come back!

Don’t think twice.

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You’ve gotta love the pink and purple theme. :purple_heart:

CCP has slowly been shifting their colors in this direction for a while now.

Maybe if we buy enough during this event they’ll bring back Walking In Stations. 🚶‍♂️

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I mean you literally don’t have to participate in the event.

You should get the scarf tho. Its dope.


Have to? Have to!? HAVE TO?!?

I can’t wait!!!

Meeting Sam Beckette in game is likely to be the highlight of my Eve career!!!

Way to misquote :smiley:

I mean it would be :smiley: You haven’t really done anything else of note :smiley:

LOL. It was a joke.

Sam is from Quantum Leap.

You really are a special snowflake. :snowflake:


Yes, I’m well aware. I used to watch the show :smiley:

Don’t be salty cause you tried and got shut down :smiley:

Ah very wise. I know Razorback def did tho and it makes it delicious.

You have never shut anyone down. A ‘player’ of your caliber isn’t capable of it.

Him and you :smiley:

I see you fam :smiley: Mass reporting my posts eh? Tee hee.

Its funny how you always come back bro. I know you don’t got friends. No worries man, you got me :smiley:

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