Was the CSM on board with Dr. Who?

@CSM sorry to ask, but were you guys involved in any way with the decision of bringing Dr. Who to New Eden?

Did you guys know and/or provide any feedback at all?


I’m sure @Brisc_Rubal will be the first to defend CCP.


I think what just blows my mind is that a simple crossover event is causing much of the player base to produce more salt than any miner ever ganked.

CCP has literally ganked you all. Huh. I guess best ganker in EVE history goes to CCP :smiley:


CCP ganking us or not, it would still be good to hear what our representatives in the CSM have to say.


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I don‘t get the fuss about Dr. Who … you all should be more upset about another all instanced gameplay addition.

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Care to link plz? And btw it seems that you enjoy posting on all the “billion crying threads” with your own salt too

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Bro there are like a billion and eleven crying threads. I can’t even remember which one he commented in. Just go check his post history ROFL.


look up top of the forum, beside your picture on the right is 3 dashes… click that and you can select CSM posts… and you can go through and find Mikes post.

We didn’t find out about it until yesterday, after I asked what the timer was for. Our advice was not asked for in regards to the event and we’ve not had any discussions, to my knowledge, about crossovers with our IPs.

I’m a Doctor Who fan and I am looking forward to the event.


I’m a huge fan of Dr Who but am having trouble seeing how the franchise could be used as an event in Eve.
What is it you’re looking forward to?
The moving away from the foundations of Eve to a more themepark arena?
Addition of even more instanced content in a game originally designed for multi player engagements?


Da Fuq has Dr Who got do to with Eve Online ?

Make wormhole GREAT.

Make LS Great.

Make Null a place that new players want to live in.

DR Who ?

Truely unbelievable guys… I sadly feel you are in the dark as much as we are…


I don’t know anything about what’s happening, other than they’re doing a Doctor Who crossover. I like both IPs so I’m excited to see what they come up with. I hope it doesn’t suck.


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It’s just another halfassed event that looks slightly different but the game play will be EXACTLY the same as every other event CCP has ever released

This one - Reskinned Rogue Drones as Daleks, available in instanced arenas.

Yep that’s got me excited. :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


You’re probably right. But hey, it’s something new.


Hells yea. I’m hoping for some good Dr Who themed skins. Don’t really care about the clothes.

Also it’ll be fun to make some ISKies, esp if its a one time event. The skins will be lucrative.

Uh, plenty of people were getting blapped at the Christmas event and I don’t see you crying over that. Aiko and crew cleared out plenty of homies in high sec and low was a blood bath.

Thats on the players bruv. I know plenty of corps happily living in LS right now. We just need more reasons and honestly to force peeps out of HS into LS and null.

HS should be for baby EVErs to get a little stronger and then branch out. I mean I got radical ideas on how to do that :smiley:

So literally don’t play it and just play as normal?

Instead, you gonna cry on a vidya game forum? Bro, that’s embarrassing.


Credit where it’s due…

The ONLY one to reply to the thread Bud.

I would ask, as would many coming here to this channel… “How come CSM were not informed” ?

Can we ask the CSM to ask “How much CCP have paid the BBC to obtain the rights to do this event” ???


I do too Bud, but I don’t know too many that mentioned “Dr Who” in chat over the last week…

Sadly, you make no reference to Wormholes either…

Current CSM has no Wormhole Rep - Sadly…

But that’s not the topic of convo… I’m no big fan of Brisc but at least he had the balls to reply in here, so credit for that.

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The artwork will be the only new thing here.
I personally don’t play Eve because it has different artwork on NPC’s that all do the same thing.
Something “new” would be anything we haven’t seen before.
Something to get players engaged and feeling a part of New Eden again is what we need, not totally unrelated crossover events.

I used to look forward to logging into Eve, to make isk get into fights and chat with people from all over the world, now I just do it because I’ve been doing it for so long it has become a habit. Chatting with others is pretty much all that is left now and even that has dropped off as so many I’ve met over the years no longer login.
The other night (boxing day evening) there were 30 people in a corp discord - 20 of those haven’t logged into Eve in over a year. You think this event might bring any of them back?

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