You missed a vital thing with the Dr Who event

As header says I feel you missed a trick with this event.

Where is the Dr Who music as you bounce through the time tunnel? That would have made it great just to hearcthat as you enter the pockets.

I have to say I am enjoying the event. I feel its geared to newer players but there is stuff for all levels.

The colours used in the pockets are amazing.

Finding in some if the elements are quite a pain in the ass though. I’m in Null and only really getting curious filaments. I’ve had 1 next level up. But they all seem to be very rare indeed.

But a thumbs up from me on the event. Well done.



Dr Who space agent drifting in space coupled with a themed Jukebox and with collectible Vynil rewards would be next level. (Only if you can catch him…)

There’s a lot of things they could have done for the event, but CCP chose to not interfere with in-game lore and not push things too far, which is all in their honor, and they did it brilliantly.
The worst is that even this way, there’s so much hate towards the event / CCP and a lot of people claiming the event was immersion-breaking and lore-breaking even though it’s not.

Honestly, for now, the biggest issue I’ve seen on Eve is the really high number of bad human beings.
And the funniest is that those people don’t even understand why CCP is doing events like that when it’s so obvious they want to refresh playerbase, get rid of them and create a better community.

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