Doctor Who event is broken

Hello everyone.

I think many people noticed a problem with the event, namely the absence of the Strange Matter Component Y-79 in the loot in K space and during the passage of the Curious Warp Matrix Filament*
According to information from YouTube streams, there is a chance of a drop from higher-level filaments.

We get a vicious circle, we need a component to create a filament, which is obtained for the passage of this very filament. We don’t have a starting point.

Obtaining high-level filaments in paid packages is not considered.
This is a huge miscalculation of the developers, to advertise the event so diligently and not to perform the simplest performance testing.
And for 5 hours from the start of the event, the problem has not been fixed.

CCP please fix the event :neutral_face:


Wanna bet for 1 isk? Gotta milk those newcomers before event ends. What is better way than making p2p event?


Its about making money by CCP in the first place, fun is not the primary objective obviously.


Pretty sure I got some using a curious filament.

Options are:
a.) buy the pack to get there first.
b.) buy omega and unlock the filaments on the log-in reward track.
c.) acquire materials from market being sold by folks who did a.) and/or b.)

Its ok bruh they only had at least a year to work on this. lol


I can confirm you can get the Strange Matter Component Y-79 in Curious Filaments. Although it did take quite a few filaments before I found any.

Man, I was so frustarted the last hours about how super unlucky I am to not receive a single of those 79, 71, 73 components. I was watching erstschlag’s and later Rushlock’s stream. I even asked in stream about the missing components but nobody seemed to know about this bug then.

Day 1 of any event/change is usually a problem. Day 2 will tell us if it’s a repairable flat tire or the titanic.

Ain’t it great. I’m imagining the new players just LOVING this, right?


Some rare mats for t2 explo and t1 combat filaments have shown up on the market so they are out there somewhere. I haven’t had any drop even from t2 filaments. Figured it was region specific drop or it was bugged. Wouldn’t make sense for the mats to be rarer than the bpc. Pretty sure you cant even get high tier filaments from the store so I don’t think its a sales mechanic. Maybe there is some mystery to solve but nothing in the sites is destructible or salvageable as far as I can tell.

Hey folks! We have identified an issue that restricts the intended supply of Y-79 components in the Interstellar Convergence event. The fix is working internally and is scheduled to be deployed with tomorrow’s downtime. Sorry for the inconvenience. #tweetfleet #eveonline


Nice that they posted this info on Twitter rather than their own damned forums. Grrr CCP. Not everyone uses Twitter.


Twitter it the Pravda channel of choice.

got 19 “Y-79” my last run inside a curious site

its just bust in general to be honest. not paying 29 million to access basically a lvl 1 filament with crap loot…
utter waste of time …the last event at christmas was way better…
but it if brings in new players…i’d be amazed!

This event will bring no new players. Its a grind without anything useful as a reward. I played on day 1 for 8 hours when it was bugged, CCP told us nothing, until someone in game linked a tweet from them about y-79

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Well, except for the active Challenge display everything seems to work now.

What I think is a bit of a problem though is the huge time investment. To build the various filaments you need to gather quite a few different components and that’s time consuming. While it takes only 5 minutes to build the curious filaments, you need to gather even more materials for combat filaments. Then it takes you an additional 25 minutes to build a single combat filament. That’s assuming you’re lucky and get all the components you need to build said filament.

Sure, theoretically you could just buy these filaments on the market but at around 30 to 100 Mil a piece I don’t think that many people will do it. The price will probably go down in time but as mentioned above - it takes quite a bit of effort to farm all this stuff so the relatively high price is kinda justified.


Do we know what the potential “high end” reward might be?

I heard there’s some nice skins though I haven’t seen one so far.

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