Secrets of the Abyss not working for many players

Secrets of the abyss is not showing in the agency for alot of players. Nothing fixes the problem except for server downtime. Why do you release an event that’s as broken as this one ? Why not DISABLE it until fixed ? We’re all basically stuck farming filaments without getting accelerators like alot of many other players are getting.
Worst part is that you stay silent and don’t inform us what’s going on. Are you trying fix it ? Who knows since you take days answering support tickets.

I came back at the end of the previous event. Loved the two days i got to play around with it. Harassed friends to come join me in EVE. Superhyped for this event. Now i’ll take my leave after my meteor packs run out.

It’s not officially a CCP event unless it’s launched in a broken state and infuriates the hell out of the playerbase.


A bit hard, but you aren’t wrong.

They are at the point where they have proved to management and the playerbase what happens when you do not put enough resources and effort into a “feature”.

This may be their cunning plan!

But incompetence and total lack of care is also a valid possibility, hard to tell the difference from here.

Do CCP staff read/reply to this forum ?

Can a mod/gm/whatever give an update on the situation ?!

Maybe not this thread but CCP Dragon does reply on the main thread, Unfortunately while they accept that there were bugs, They seem quite defensive on event design issues, rather than accepting they really made some “interesting” (by which I mean absolutely not interesting at all) choices.
Of course, they probably want to discuss that in house rather than in the open.

the real issue I suspect is they are operating on “shoestring” resources as those who allocate resources have failed to realise that these events are engaged in by a very large number of players, who are slathering at the chance of something new, and who react badly when they get the impression it was just a tick box to get some marketing opportunities, rather than well resourced, well planned, and implemented work.

The team clearly has the ability to do well, but they seem to suffer from having to work with so little support.

Of course I may be completely wrong, and some times one assumes the worst rather than the best.

Secrets of the Abyss still not showing in the agency…


8 days left of the event, and it still bugged out. Great content, much wow

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