Are Events done, CCP?

We had no Guristas event this year. Now Capsuleer Day is coming up and still nothing. Did you fire the guy who made the last debacle and are you now without devs to create a good old event, or did you just assume we only care about the rewards and are happy not to play for them? Well, many of us still rather accomplish something ingame besides just logging in to claim stuff. Give us an Event.


+1, please.

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CCP is thinking too long about event feedback, that makes me worry. The solution is sooo simple, just repeat successful events of the past.

Instead we get another daily login “event”. And to make sure people feel even more “forced” to login, give them 1M skillpoints if they comply. Yeah.


+1 Will there be another events this year, except to increasing the cost of PLEX?)

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+1, CCPlease.

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If you search the market for “YC 121”, most of the anniversary stuff (and christmas stuff, which looks epic! want that talos skin!) is already in the game ready to go. Someone just needs to turn the key to fire it up. Looks like nothing too special or amazing. I am really hoping they do another daily skin sale like last years.

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Looks to me like another Abyssal event is set up to come onto TQ pretty soon, along with running x amount of mining and security missions and killing y ships with z module fitted. The usual recent rubbish basically…

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Which is useless because no one runs them. And if you run them you waste more ISK and time on ships that you lose than you can compensate with rewards.


You are talking about Abyssals? Don’t be mistaken, people are running T5s back to back in complete safety and make insane amount of ISK. In Jita region alone you have 50+ runners at every given time.

What are single digit thousands of chars running the even, though, compared to many 10k chars running normal events that are more fun and engaging?

I totally see that people run Abyssals but if they do it like that, something is wrong with them already just a mere year after their introduction.

Everything is wrong with instanced gameplay in a sandbox. I wish CCP would stop investing in that. But maybe we need to be thankful that they invest in anything related to EvE Online.

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This topic isn’t about Abyss, and I don’t think CCP is planning an event down there. Rather, if an event is planned around the Triglavians it will be in K-space.


This is no event, this is a new iteration on incursions.


Rest easy brothers, the CSM will fix it!

Out of the last 6 events, the most recent 2 were disasters, serving mostly to highlight that CCP no longer has a full stable of competent people working there and had to make do with bugged, barely-functional events that virtually nobody enjoyed.

2 of the remaining 4 appealed to (or were achievable by) quite limited portions of the player base and featured mechanics that many players disapproved of.

2 events out of the last 6 received general approval.

So, while they are indeed going overlong without an event, one hopes they are at least using the time to figure out just how exactly they completely lost touch with their player base, and are taking steps to rectify it.

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I have to agree the last few events didn’t feel worth the time and felt rather stingy. IMHO, events in MMO games should be generous and feel like they are celebrating the community. Not to make sites so scarce that they are overly contested, which likely just leads people to give up and go back to their routine, ultimately leading to less interaction and conflict between players.

In theory, an event for EVE’s type of background, I would think it should be very generous on loot/ore drops value. Valuable enough that it is worth just enough to gank for, and at the same time worth enough to lose ships for, giving everyone a taste of what they want, and maybe even a taste of the unexpected. All the while just being an occasional bump to EVE’s economy, which would still be a drop in the bucket compared to null sec income streams.


WTB WH specific event

Events seem to be hit or miss. The “Frostbite” (?) event was so bad that I stopped playing and skipped the most recent one. CCP should have enough feedback and iteration attempts over the years to know what constitutes an enjoyable event.

Lame login dailies are just as effective as events to boost metrics for a fraction of the cost, and since that’s all CCPearl Abyss cares about, I wouldn’t expect better.