No Christmas Event OR Video?

Come on CCP wheres your Christmas spirit? The agency is prity much a fail for getting me motivated to do noob activities why not bring in something hard? Something challenging not this boring content since god knows when and slap it on the Christmas event? Wheres the innovation the company was famous for back in the past and stop it with the EA style actions otherwise the community will die out.

I got enough ISK and assets to not be bothers about weather or not i get any free stuff its the fact that the whole “event” is pathetically lazy and forced into a failing “quest book” style thing.

My spelling is prity bad so sorry about mistakes ><


Must admit I was a bit dissapointed when I saw the rewards for the Yoiul ‘event’.

It’s all stuff I already got in the Arms Race event, and unless I want more and more of the same then I don’t really see the point. I’m not an ISK driven / obsessed pilot so I don’t want to just amass boosters and so on. Hell, hard to top the free Battlecruisers and Battleships they gave out in Arms Race anyway.

I too would just like something different / new / challenging to do.

Still, I probably should spend some time with family instead of grinding events in EVE throughout the Christmas period anyway, haha.

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Not to mention that this time some GD skins are available in the NES as well.

But the yearly Yioul Event is currently underway, so at least the event for Christmas is there.

They fired the community team.


Everything is an Eve is dying post


EVE lives! \o/

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This event also as arms race are focused to boost alphas carrier by ISK and free stuff.

If you have time and ISK call your friends give them free ships and make content for yourself.

Did everyone in EVE forget that this is sandbox? Less direct content form ccp is better for eve not otherwise as everyone think.

EVE is not dying. Community of it do this.

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I already received my “Bah, Humbug” from CCP earlier this year; just waiting for my “Bots? What bots?” to be delivered sometime this week.

Actually the best event I remember was when we had to log in to the site with Jule lads every day and there was something new every day to claim from there, even Fedos! It was also funny because CCP devs were the jule lads themselves on photos.


Have to say the new event is unlikely to make me leave my trade orders.

The Yule Lads were amazing. Best Christmas event.

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See this is the kind of thing I would love. It’s not about stuff that has an ISK value to me, or about the size of the reward, just about taking part in something unique, original and fun that makes Christmas a bit different / memorable.

Does anyone remember how the Chinese server started repeating the same event a while before they stopped updating completely.

Well, was it even good?

Anyway, if christmas is about giving stuff for free, and then CCP throws you a present and says “fetch”, like people could interpret this event, then people will surely complain. Desired by CCP effect is to boost player numbers in a christmas time, that is how it can be interpreted.

Also a word about those SKINs… Its like some designer got hands of his first photoshop and it had this magic feature “gradient” and he was so glad to have it automatically smooth the colors so he used it everywhere to show he can.


that was my point lol

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It’s time for vanilla Eve, let us fly supers in high-sec. P.S. skins are awesome would be nice for CCP to rent us the paint works and let us create. … Or is that another wis endeavour.

The OP’s requested special holiday video arrived in stealth fashion, embedded in a monthly “in development” overview. Its wonderfully whacky!

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