My hope for christmas

We’ve had the plex sale, the ship skin sale, the DLC sale. I want some outfits for christmas so I can dress up my space ladies. But, does anyone have an idea what we’ll really get? I wasn’t playing last year so I have no idea. I’d also like to know when we get a refresh on the NES store, because the ghostbird skins just aren’t my favorite.

Probably, just some fireworks. Maybe if they feel inclined to bother, we might get a ship,skins and some silly stuff.

Some extra remap-bonuses perhaps? :slight_smile:

@CCP_Falcon, why there is no option about buying/rewarding bonus-remaps anyway?

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You already received your free skillpoint gift.

Don’t spend it all in one place.

Bonus remap would be awesome though :grinning:


I want a Battlefedo mount.

Behold your future EvE.


CCP and PA plan to issue in game mistletoe so everyone can kiss their old style of EVE gameplay goodbye.

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After the last few years of abuse of the gift mechanic by many of the players, I’d be surprised if we are offered anything that you don’t need to pay for.

This ain’t your daddy’s EVE, people. This is the new F2P MT space disaster where you get nothing for free. Ever.

Hey cool. My thread got turned into a whiney bitch thread.


you posted in the forums. what did you expect?

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Well, if that makes you feel better…cool…

If it were up to me you and everyone else would get nothing.

We’ll get the first few of those new facial augs this december, plus the event this time around is gonna be SUPER cool & look awesome - keep an eye out, we’ll be visiting the surface of gas giants

CCP does not always recognize Christmas or whatever you wish to call December as a reason to give gifts, there have been years I remember where you got nothing.

I want a space pet that follows you around like a drone on orbit, and even follows you into warp.


A holographic projected AI FEDO with dragon wings that replaces your ship’s on-board Aura as well (including ship AI voice) with sarcastic remarks that resemble HK-47 from KOTOR? :dealwithitparrot:

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Some festive ship skins. Probably a gnosis or something too.

You will have oportunity to visit Sansha Claws planet. Watch out, its dangerous.

Like this? Me to! *hope

Lets take it further:

Lines it will say (and things it will do) at random:
“I am afraid I can’t do that Dave” (Actually stops you from jumping, targetting, firing, etc for 5 seconds).
“Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” (Spawns a cup of tea in your cargohold).
“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” (Recalls your drones mid-fight).
“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.” (Sends a tearmail to the nearest CODE. agent).
“Mr. Flibble is very cross.” (Activates self-destruct system).

EVE needs something hip, something down with the kids, like Jar Jar Binks. I believe this is the answer, get on it, Pearl Abyss.