Christmas 2018

Ccp you have under 12 months until Christmas.

Please do not repeat the same mistake you did with Christmas 2017 joke of earning “presents”.

This thread is so you can see what all us Capsuleers want AND DESERVE for Christmas.

What gift should ccp give us to save Christmas this year?

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new ships
more power creep across the board
pirate bcs
better bcs
better afs
better hmls
stop making things i dont care about
stop political correctness
space whale companion pets

YES! I hope it can learn to cloak.

Actually - being serious now - Would it be possible to have a non-combat (interactive at all) vanity drone/pet follow your ship around?

I could go for this. It’s space clothes.

–Zookeeper Gadget

Loot boxes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, what I’d like from CCP you may not like. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could we get…

… Some sort of random box that could have anything in it with a higher chance of getting cooler stuff the more you spend on the box?


Maybe certain types of sites that you can only access if you buy a ticket for it for the month…

How about CONCORD keys available for PLEX for CONCORD crates available from sites or even randomly appearing in your redeemable items?

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I would like the best method for Christmas in eve to play out like they once did…

the 12 days of Christmas, each day we clicked on an object which gave a random gift… leading into the special Christmas gift… and I don’t want to hear …“we cant do this cause of system limitations or cause it takes work or cause time limits”

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They can’t do it because of Legacy Code /s :stuck_out_tongue:

You should have probably waited to post until AFTER they publish the participation statistics for this past Christmas. Because, on one hand they have your post declaring it all a mistake, and on the other hand they have thousands of people doing the events. I mean, I don’t have the actual numbers, but Jita is FULL of those attribute boosters that require a bit of effort to even get 1, as far as I can tell.

I didn’t participate (didn’t even log in), but personal experience isn’t representative of the player base.

you didnt log in but you know jita is full…

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I didn’t log in over Christmas, logged in this past Friday, bought 10 of them things off the market, and now I’m applying them. And for the record I didn’t wish anyone at CCP anything.

So, yes.

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participation doesnt mean fun or popular
thats like saying whenever there is an election
millions of people turn up to vote
so voting must be our favourite hobby because so many people do it
that means we should just ditch movies and video games because elections are so much more popular
and people wonder why this planet stinks so much


also 3 billion people have jobs globally working average 50 hours a week
yet only 500k players or so for eve
this means working is more popular than playing even so ccp should just shut down because work is much more popular than eve
see your logic

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This 100%

In the past it worked great every time which definitely inspired me to log into the game.

This past Christmas event, CCP played the role of Ebenezer Scrooge expertly by saying ‘Bah Humbug’ to everyone. As for the event itself, I checked it out and after about 1/3rd of the way through it I also jumped on the ‘Bah Humbug’ bandwagon.

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I understand that part of the change away from actual gifts is because since going F2P, this can be abused by making multiple accounts. I can think of no easy solutions (hell, I can’t even think of difficult solutions!) so here’s a couple of ideas as possible brainstorming starting points:

  • Make the unique gifts non-tradeable. I know, not a perfect option, as some people won’t appreciate their gift and would thus appreciate selling it and at least getting something for it.
  • Give the gifts only to Omega characters (this has been suggested by others, too) - again, imperfect, as it comes across as discriminatory, but I think probably the fairest approach (at least players whose game-time has directly or indirectly been a source of revenue would feel appreciated.) Perhaps a fairer approach would be to set a minimum proportion of the past year in Omega status as the prerequisite, let’s say for argument’s sake 6 - that means that the player has directly or indirectly paid CCP half a year’s sub, and this way someone who has been subbing for 10-11 months but happens to be in Alpha state at giveaway time isn’t outraged by being left out. Perhaps an even better option: do this, but rather than a minimum, make it pro rata.
  • The idea of gifting players not with items but with the opportunity to earn them is not as terrible as many have complained (in my opinion, at least) - HOWEVER, it then needs to be something less lackluster and dull, and also capped: if one can keep grinding and grinding for more and more, this reduces the perceived value of the goodies.

I’m sure there are other approaches to be tried, that I can’t even think of.

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CCP can easily check accounts that were established prior to the Holiday Season and only have presents available for one account per IP address.

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I’m afraid not. For starters, bot-runners and such already have multiple accounts. Other players who may have neglected accounts could also then log them in at that time to take advantage. Furthermore, the whole “single/fixed-IP” idea is a common oversight by people who live in the First World: in many places (including where I live, for that matter, as well as many mobile Internet providers even in the developed world), IPs are assigned on a per-session basis. Now, I leave my router plugged in and connected permanently, but any time there’s a power outage (those are frequent here), I get a new IP address. Trying to address issues based on the idea of fixed-IPs creates more problems than it solves.

I dont see a problem with the Alphas getting fireworks and snowballs and such and omegas getting injokes and ships.

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TBH, Any event will have a good participation rate regardless of when it happened.
This event could have happened on a random week in June and the rates would look similar.

–Calendar Girl Gadget