12 days of Christmas

Happy up coming Holidays one and all.
I would like to suggest for the up coming annual 12 days of Christmas give away by the good folks
of CCP and the few Grinch’s there in, that instead of some of the useless collectors cards from battels long past and critters that look like a slug that Co polite wacky duck decided to make in to a shack and drank and hasn’t been the same cense.
So Why not give a way Plex?
If players have 10+ years playing EVE they would get X number of plex
5 to 10 X amount and 1 to 5 years X amount.
Or instead of plex how about skill points or other items such as implants.
To all EVE players if you like my idea let it be known to CCP
Fly safe, Fly smart and watch out for the guy with the flying reindeer
Fred Von Straine

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Lumps of carbon would be far more fitting


Coal what’s the difference?
Sounds to me like some one doesn’t expect nothing for Christmas

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If I wanted something, I’d expect it to be in a high cost loot box. Even then, there are no guarantees.

True enough my idea was meant for Christmas day and not for all 12 days leading up to.
but on the other hand it would be nice if CCP did give away such on each day.
And to all who have read my posting please leave a comment good or bad

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I think characters who are 0-1 years old should get 5000 plex, 1-5 years old get 500 plex, 5-10 years old get 50 plex, and 10+ years get 5 plex. That way, it’s incentive for new players to stay

People wanting (nay, expecting) free ■■■■ from CCP.

Just give us some fireworks and some disrespect launchers and call it good.


hold on a sec.
I am not expecting any thing CCP does the 12 days every year.
was just putting fourth an Idea.
I really don’t care what they give away just no more junk please…

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and encourage older players to leave?

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Hence my post. They give away stuff which has no real value, but is not junk. It’s funny as ■■■■ shooting fireworks at people while you kill them.

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that would be funny…
However what good is a slug?
Part of a ship (unusable)
Cards from Battels long long past?
you get my drift.

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It also works that you shoot fireworks at people, they try to kill you then they die in the process and later get killed with your killright on them in their 2+ bil ship then their 2+ bil pod gets popped too… oh and they also waste 1 bil to bounty you and you grab a few hundred mils worth of loot from their wreck. :smiling_imp:

Well these actually were snowballs but same thing anyway and works just as well. :slight_smile:


Yes, I do. Suggesting they replace it with Plex or similarly valuable stuff however, and I find myself wanting to cycle a disrespect launcher at you.

They don’t need to give us valuable stuff. Amusing trinkets is all they should give us… stocking stuffers so to speak. If they give us anything at all.


feel free to fire away.
Thank you for your replys

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In that case give everyone 5 plex

You mean Fedos. They are not slugs. They are beautiful and eternal.


No. Go away.

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I don’t think that means what you think it does.

How would you determine a player has been playing for 10 yrs ? age of character, or age of account ? You can buy characters from the character bazaar and many old accounts will be inactive ?

Behold your future, eggers… *sigh