12 days of Christmas

(March rabbit) #21

Being almost 9 years old lazy bear in this game i recently paid for next year of Omega for two my accounts. Haven’t noticed drop in amount of wealth i have.

No support for me.

  1. I like these items which remind about some interesting stuff game wise (boots.ini anyone?).
  2. I don’t think giving small amount of money in any form (being it nuplex or other sell able item) to everyone makes sense. It simply devalues this item thus making gift useless.
  3. Making ISK in EvE is too easy already.

(Fred VonStraine) #22

My idea was for CCP to say Thank you to all of us via the 12 days of Christmas for supporting EVE.
I just throw out the plex idea as a example.
perhaps CCP could unlock expired items that could be used during the event only…
I think that would be fair and accepted by all players as for snow ball’s fire works etc.
I do not consider them junk per say its the other stuff like cards, slugs (Fedos) and the like.
Any way I want to thank every one who took the time to reply to my posting
Fly safe, Fly smart and watch out for the flying reindeer.

(Fred VonStraine) #23

Plex was just an example…
Please read my last posting maybe that idea will be more to your likening?

(Fred VonStraine) #24

I am sure that CCP would have a way to determine that

(Nicolai Serkanner) #25

No. Go away.

(Root'er) #26

I want Fedos for christmas. Can never have enough those delightful creatures.
And maybe a shiny reindeer skin for Pacifier

(Uriel the Flame) #27

We need Golden Fedos, only available in the cash shop, $59.99 each. #nopoors :face_with_monocle:

(Fred VonStraine) #28


(Fred VonStraine) #29

My Co Pilot Whacky Duck Turned the one I had in to a Fedo shack and hasn’t been the same cense.
he has this wild look in his eyes and wants to shot every thing in sight.
Hell he even tried to shot me had to smack him up side his bill with a half empty vodka bottle I had laying around to throw out the air lock to stop Ivan from chasing me and when he came to he ate the darn bottle!

(DeMichael Crimson) #30

The OP has a point.

As for the 12 Yuletide Days, I hope CCP still does the fluff presents. Those items are actually cool and some are quite useful. However for the actual final present, I don’t think it should be PLEX. The final present should be something unique like a redeemable gift certificate for items in the Eve Store (free shipping included). Or maybe a gift coupon to obtain vanity items from the NES in-game.

The Eve Store gift certificates with free shipping would allow players to select items that they liked and would definitely be a Christmas present they would remember and cherish.

Coupons for vanity items from the in-game NES wouldn’t have much affect on the market and would give players the ability to select something they liked and could use in the game.

I fully understand why CCP keeps offering specials and freebies to Newbie / Alpha Clone accounts, they’re trying to increase subscription numbers which is good. However they’ve basically ignored Veteran Omega accounts and those are the ones that have kept Eve alive all these years.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on this topic. Fly smart and stay safe.

(Sollis Vynneve) #31

I remember back in 2011 getting plex as a xmas gift from ccp

(Nana Skalski) #32

We even got Aurum for shopping in store, back in the times.