Dear CCP Santa

This year for Christmas I would like for you to bring me:

1 year of Omega time for $99.95 or Omega + MCT for $129.95

12 days of Yoiul Event consisting of:

Return of Operation Permafrost
Skilling Spree
A day or two of double LP
A day or two of double bounties
A day of 100% NPC loot drop
At least one Extended “Canicule” Cerebral Accelerator
Random Skins
Fireworks Crates

Is that too much to ask for?


Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

You live in Null-Sec. Getting presents and surprises every day.
And you still want more? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
That will put you on the naughty list!
1 piece of Carbon for you!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


CCP Santa! Does he fly around in a little red and green spaceship?

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I can only foresee these three causing huge problems because people will whine and cry and throw a hissy fit if they miss a day due to work, school, travel, etc.

Santa has already come…and he took Falcon with him.


I wish there would an actual Sansha Claws icy planet somewhere, his ship on the orbit, where he would constantly cheer for more bloodshed and drop loot boxes with actual candies and toys stolen from innocent carebears somewhere in the cluster.



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:snowflake: Catch the Santa Day ! :snowflake:

A day in which you explore around looking for “Red Ships” with a sparkling trail that if pin down and destroyed, leave behind some loot boxes with cool gifts.


Quadruple all that and i’m satisfied…

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Which was to last CCP member with balls big enough to face the goons and not automatically fell on his knees butt presented to the sky the moment the goons just clear their throats…

This is FAR from beeing “good” for the game…


What does this even mean?

OP’s post is born out of greed …

… and this line shows envy as a factor as well.

Look, the resident forum clown Duro is posting a lot lately. :slight_smile:

oh dude you are so easy in building an opinion about people it really hurts us …

Who is “us” supposed to be here?

You have no friends around here …
… or probably anywhere at all …
… but here at least we know that you’re alone.

All alone.

How does that make you feel, Balos? :slight_smile:

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Are you talking about me? Because I asked that question, because I dont understand what he means by “100% loot drop rate for NPCs”.

If youre taking down an officer, youre gonna get all the possible officer loot dropped? That seems a little too unbalanced to me, and unbalanced towards Nullsec.

Im sure he has alts.

That is more or less what I am talking about. PVP’rs got an entire week of 100% drops. Why can’t PVE’rs have their time too?

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Because PVP loot is restricted by the amount of ISK the player wants to spend on his ship.

PVE loot is restricted by nothing except for the grace of the Loot fairy and the prayer of RNJesus.