Why CCP are you now regulating loot?

Sorry for the TLDR people.

Since the game went free to play I have noticed a very substantial drop in Dead-space and implant loot. I hold a lot of the dead space loot in inventory. I had nothing but a suspicion that the loot was being controlled and limited until the rogue drone event. It is clear in the rogue drone event that it is impossible to get duplicate copies of blue prints and skins. I login my second toon and when running the site, I make sure to kill and loot the drone hive mind (or what ever its called) with the second toon in order to receive blueprints/skins. If I kill the drone hive mind with the second toon but loot with my main I never get anything but salvage.

I’m not mad, I am a little bit disappointed because now there is no risk to reward goal. I go out into dead-space or low-sec and run a site and I don’t get any loot I don’t already have. I ran 112 rogue sites in the last 2 weeks and 42 scout outposts and 11 Guristas Hallucinogen Supply sites. It seems the only way to get duplicates is PVP loot but even that may have been changed. Again I am not mad this has just been a long term investigation I have conducted still in many ways not absolute (except in the event of blueprint copies and skins). One thing I am not sure of is if you sell the dead-space or implant how long it takes for you to be able to loot another. In the case of the blueprint copies and skins I sold a skin and have not received another in 100+ tries.

In addition, I have conducted 15 or so interviews with other vet players and they are drawing the same conclusions.

Would be great if you could respond and explain why the change or let me know how my metric is wrong… This seems to contradict the sandbox model of game play and looking a little bit like controlling how wealthy a single toon can become running sites.

And that’s the second problem with holidays gifts being presented through loot tables; people grind for them.

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Yes, your metric is wrong. It’s just random, a sample of 100 is by far not enough to deduct any meaningful conclusions. Come back when you have run 10000 sites.

Example, I have run maybe 150 rogue sites and found not a single Youl accelerator. Others have found 2 on the first day.


I’m confused… You kill with an alt, loot with your main, and only get salvage. Are these on the same account and you have to log to switch or different accounts?

If the latter, that’s no different than my friend killing the ship and me looting. I’ve done that and definitely found skins and BPCs. My friend has also run sites while I was not on and traded me the BPCs. Looking at my inventory, I do have 3 copies of some BPCs.

Are you sure this isn’t just the RNG being random?

165 sites and 8 years of game time is by far enough to draw a reasonable conclusion. 10000 is a bit foolish.

Yes same account… both omega. I kill with the main toon and loot with the alt. I get junk/salvage/accelerator/booster but no skin or blueprint copies. However, if I kill with the alt and loot with the alt then I get skins I don’t have on the alt toon.

1 site every 2 and a half weeks?

In other words I get 1 copy per toon and never 2 or more copies/blueprint. In the rogue drone sites

seriously? you think I have only completed/ran 165 over 8 years. 165 in 2 weeks.

I don’t dispute your logic. Doesn’t seem like much of a gift if you have to work for it. But not sure they are calling the loot a gift.

Youl accelerators dont drop they are rewarded wth 200 points.

Im expressing disbelief in the numaber of completed sites you quoted, so no, not unless you are very slow

Your first mistake was believing that it is a true sandbox. It is a sandbox in that each pilot is allowed a maximum number of grains per hour given you have maximum skills in a given ‘field’… not a single grain more. Congratulations, you discovered that CCP doesn’t have balance or fun or value in their business model. Just come, take what is given and be grateful there are a million other games to spend your time and money on that recognize the value in keeping players around.

165 sites in 2 weeks not sure how that is slow. I have a job. so “no” to what?

Self serving comment from you. Don’t like it don’t play. I think its fun and balanced.
Not sure how your comment is helping figure out if I am correct or understanding why there is a limit now. I think the game is balanced. I have held in the past many many copies of skins and dead-space loot.


Never mind, you arent following what Im saying.

ummmm ok.

The limit is built in… whether you are ratting in null, incursioning in hisec or Rorq mining anoms or hacking or relying on loot drops… CCP knows what the maximum amount a player can earn ISK-wise and the cost to play to game will ALWAYS be above that based on data sets on the amount of time the majority of players spend in the game. Of course it’s regulated. Always will be. Las Vegas works the same way, it’s all heavily favoring the house. No matter how lucky a few appear to be.


Ok you say the limit is built in. I am assuming you mean what I have observed that duplicates are no longer dropping. Ok so like the myself and the other people I have interviewed you are also experiencing a major reduction in dead-space items and a complete absents of duplicate dead-space A, B C , Implants and skins. And you have noticed this since the addition of alpha clones? How many sites do you estimate you have ran and do you have any duplicates attained since July of 2017? Vegas is a wonderful city I lived their for 2 years in the 90’s.

“Are you sure this isn’t just the RNG being random”?

That is what I am trying to figure out. I don’t think it is. I hope we get a reply from CCP. I hope more people who 100% truthfully reply if they are not getting duplicates. And 100% truthfully that they are. For the last 7 years I have been space rich :rofl: but now that seems impossible to do running sites. last 6 months since alpha clones and I and drawing the conclusion that the econ of eve has been altered.