Drone Space Questions

I’m not sure if this is technically the right location for this post, but here goes.

What are the major advantages/disadvantages of drone space in today’s game? I come from a decade ago, where drone space was just horrid. Bounties didn’t exist (are they equal now to other bounties?) loot, if I recall was terrible and salvage wasn’t the same. Can anyone break down the differences, if any, to drone space that exist today, and does it impact game play in any other ways?

IE, is salvaging pointless? do people just speed clear anomalies only without looting/salvage? Or is it all somewhat comperable nowadays?

drone poo was terrible? wait what…

they have bounties now, sentient drops, and salvage.

Gun mining, best mining!! I miss drone poo :frowning:

Thanks Koko…so it sounds like there’s hardly any dif at all? wow…my ignorance Actually…what do you mean drone poo? Gun mining was like you get the railgun drops off of a reck and sell it or process it for minerals. Do drones drop dif type of loot no guns and the like but something else you reprocess?

Drone Poo

guess you sell that directly, or do you break that stuff down to make ships? thanks!

clearly you were not around early enough to remember drone poo as cowrocket pointed out.

gun mining aka 100% loot refine from missions, alloys etc into minerals. more than you ever got from mining like a chump.

Yeah so sorry, just trying to translate what you’re trying to say. Drones don’t drop guns or normal things, they drop goo instead (plus salvage)…and the goo itself turns into ore? or is it used for other things. I wasn’t sure if he was talkinga bout gun farming cuz that’s what you do in other areas.

He is saying you are clearly too young of an EVE player to actually know what it used to be like vs. hearing from someone.

Back in the day drones did not have bounties, but they dropped the “poo” which broke down into minerals, from low end to high end. It was actually quite lucrative at a time.

Now they work like kinda general npc’s. They have bounties and drop mostly junk, and a few drone specific items.

I didn’t live in drone space 20 years ago lol, just heard it was bad :slight_smile:

Last question for me on the issue! Do you get “drone escalations” or some equivalent?

Yea but drones in all space acted the same way and dropped the same stuff.

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