Drone regions ratting

Hi everyone,
How profitable is to rat in the drone regions compared to other faction regions?
I’ve been reading how the drone regions rats don’t drop any loot and it’s a bad area to rat in.
Has this been fixed in the meantime?
I will be ratting in a bs (so no carrier, no smartbombs).

I’m trying to figure out what area of nullsec I should pick to move into for rating/exploration.
Any advice is welcome,
Thank you

quite poor.
They hit hard, die slow and their special spawns suck.

Are you sure that will not mean you will grind and grind and grind for ISK? I mean - would not be much better to look for the place you would like to live in and than figure what NPC are there, what kind of society , if nebula is nice and how comfortable you can get to modules / ships / ammo you need?
For example I think, that best NPC to shoot from ISK point of view are angels because of those gist modules, required by Abyss runners. But I hate red minmatar nabula, my eyes bleeding from it. So I do not go there.
But you can shoot Angel NPC in Immensea, where nabula is OK. Other thing is if the society there will let you do that. There is a war, as I have heard. What point of living in best NPC region if there are tons of afk cloacky campers waiting for you poor Dominix out there…

these are some good points to consider, thank you.
Any advice on how to decide ?
I’m spending a lot of time doing research it feels overwhelming

Dotlan map can be your friend here (google it). You should check statistic of NPC kill anount and ship kill amount. Keep and eye on Impass, for example. Best would be to fly there in covert op interdiction nullified T3 cruiser, so you see for yourself, why they rat so few… Talk to them, when you get there, they are cooperative (I know that from my personal experience)

Ah drone space you say. People have been saying it’s bad for ages but is it now?

No it’s not anyone telling you so just passes the misinformation along.

There are a couple of drone sites i the nul sex region where i live. I have done 2 sits that have to be scanned down Radiance and Hierachy both took about an hour and a half to do in a gila. Both sites give about 20 to 30 mill isk in bounties and 50 to 80 mill isk in dropped drone parts is that not a good thing, though the other drone sites tend to suck a lot as the loot and bounties are that good,


Kinda a noob here hijacking this thread. (sorry not sorry) What drone sites in Nullsec are good and what ship is the best to take them out? Vexor or VNI? I would be doing this on my Gallente alt. Thanks.

lol an hour and a half they take 15 mins/site

Low skills
Character is my first and is 3 months old what ship and skill levels take 15 minutes


Thank you Dark Engraver that should only take me another 3 months or so to be able to fly getting those magic 14 up to lvl 5. So what can a low level character use to to be able to do these combat sites then, or is the gila the best bet

Its not that bad. Ratting is not good. But sometimes they drop components such as coronary unit which is expensive. But the combat sites may be nice. The data sites can have some PB of nice mining drones. In other words if you combine the pve with drone manufacturing it can be profitable.

Gila is probably your best bet as a newer player make sure you take advantage of the missile bonus and use some thermal missiles on top of drones.
As far as the actual day to day normal anomaly ratting there are just hordes and patrols to do.

Yup got the hordes and patrols down, they don’t give so much loot and Bounty as the Radiance and Hierarchy. Which other ratting sites are good for a low level player I am in Sansha space Nul Sec and It seems we get a lot of 5/10 and up sites not a lot of low level. Allready lost a gila doing a 7/10 site, I know hard to learn that one the hard way. Is it worth the effort of getting an vni or a vexor as a backup if i loose anothe gila. Any sugestion as to a cheaper ship will help a lot.

Navy Vexor would be the most bang for your buck. Heavy or Sentry flavor. Sentries do less DPS but don’t have travel time so are usually better. Unless you’re running Rock Havens and then Heavies are better because of the static spawn. As you’re doing drones, amarr sentries would be your best bet.

Thank you for that. Will go test and fly a vni next

Drone Horde with good skills is 25m ticks (if you only run non-rings) in a VNI
Drone Hordes with good skills is 50-70m ticks (if you only run non-rings) in a Carrier with T2 Fighters

The loot is usually nothing special, but every once in a blue moon you will find a nice sentient thing from a faction spawn. Haven’t seen any good loot from the carrierspawns there though. They mostly contain droneGoo for Capital BPC’s.

The nice thing though: FactionSpawns announce themselves in local chat (lots of binary code = factionSpawn)

Overall, it’s not bad at all, just that other regions have a higher chance of getting something nice from factionspawns. The loot doesn’t matter, cause looting Anoms sucks anyway. You only want to do that when you get a faction spawn. Leave the loot to new pubbies looking for some isk and have your salvage alt run a second VNI instead.

If you are running all the hordes => warp in at 20, Orbit a structure in the center at 30. Don’t slack when landing in a ring horde, it will kill you quickly if you do slack.

It’s true faction spawns as in sentient rats mostly drop drone parts however the type as amount varies so if you get say high number of drone coronary units you can get 100 mil easy also the scan able sigs named hierarchy radiance independence always have a sentient rat.Carrier rat loot varies I’d say the average is 50mil loot and the 60mil bounty,only DED site worth running is the 10/10 if you can’t do the DED you’ll always find someone willing to buy the site bookmark for 100mil or so.
There are some spawn change abnormalities between site types which I can’t give out since it’s quite lucrative but if you start trying different things you may find it too

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