Nullsec Rats Attacking Heavy Drones

Today for some reason now all the nullsec rats are attacking my heavy drones when they never used to. I didnt change my fit except for changing the AE-K Drone Damage Amplifiers to T2 Drone Damage Amplifiers between them not attacking drones and them attacking drones, but I don’t think thats the cause. I want help on figuring out why this happened and if theres any way to fix it without moving to a ship that doesnt use drones to rat.

Just to make sure you could swap the old DDAs back to see if it changes anything.

Lot’s of people have been complaining that drones are by far the best weapon system for pve hence why gila / vexor navy / rattle snake so on are the best to farm in, so I think its CCP’s way of making other ship’s more viable.

I kinda like it, it brings balance to drone ships and luckily you can just change your fit a bit to counter by adding more speed and tracking to your drones.

The more speed you add to your drone’s the less damage that gets applied to them by rat’s and by adding tracking you would be counter acting the speed and I’m sure the tracking would up the damage application as well so you will probably end up with the same applied dps as you have now with a few fitting change’s. (EHP rig slots too if you feel like you can chuck one in)


True, guess it wouldn’t hurt to do that on the singularity server. I’ll try it :slight_smile:
Edit: Theres no anoms on singularity, guess Ive gotta do it on tranquility ugh

This has been a thing for several years. One day for no good reason rats simply hate your drones. Doesn’t seem to matter what you do your drones die.

Go do something else for the day, wait for DT that seems to reset it.

Oh ok. So its more like an unfixable bug?

There has always been a certain probability that rats will attack your drones and that is one of the levers CCP can adjust to maintain balance. Traditionally you offset this by drawing aggro to your ship. I’ve found a target painter to be very effective. Not only does it draw aggro away from the drones, it makes it easier for them to hit smaller targets.

But are there any high slots that can be used to draw away aggro?

drone navigation skill up?
drone durabilty skill up?
drone navigation computer or two fitted?

People have said eject from your ship then reboard

Guaranteed to work is orbit closer

Your own guns.

I’ve had that issue with VNI ratting, but when I rat in a Vindicator using 5 x Wasp II they never lose HP, not even to cruisers. Either I’m lucky or my drones are fast enough and track fast enough to mitigate the damage and kill the rats quickly.

Check out my guide here:
The Vindicator ratting guide

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