Drones aggro - rework or unify

Hey guys.
I need your help because CCP is ignoring my petitions and reports.
When i started the game, I fell in love with gallente ships so drones and fighters are my fav weapon as well.
I play in null-sec and ratting is my main source of income for 3 years.
Because of that, I was able to test drones to a very extended level.
I was testing every drone capable boat, i also have carrier and super.

Drones and fighters need a rework or unification.

The first problem with drone aggro is battleships.
I tested several ships and drone setups.
Every ship up to battlecruiser including
All you have to do is stay in a short range of rats so they will always aggro boat and drones can slowly kill everything.
My method is to orbit forsaken hub at 15km without ab, this way I never have to manually attack yellow rats.
Everything up to battlecruiser(including).
If you fly battleship, sometimes drones will be targeted first instead of a ship, which is weird bcs BS has a larger signature than drones …

So please fix this for battleship or make it also random for other ships…

Also if you guys don’t want drone boats to dominate.
Why don’t you change the way drone works similar to those of fighters?
turn off auto-attack and give them the menu as fighters do.
ANd bring back vni, please …

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Old NPC code is too scary for CCP to touch it.

But there is hope

I still did not see the beginning of an explanation of what is the issue. I don’t see how NPCs having different targeting priority is an issue.

I feel like you want CCP to provide their aggro mechanism for NPCs.
So far they did not, maybe because they don’t want and intend to change it as they want ?

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Battleship agro from drones are not same as smaller ships.
which means currently BS are loosing drones and have to pull back and relaunch drones.
While other ships can jus fully afk and always keep agro.
I want unification of this, bcs domi, armageddon and nestor are pain to use.

So either allow BS to always get aggro from rats just like bc or cruiser does, or rework drones to work like fighters so they never attack on their own.

Also similar thing with haven and sanctum.
If you rat with carrier, you always get targeted first, except for last wave in ring sanctum.
So it’s smell like bug to me.
Bcs it’s always problem with last wave.
And only on ring sanctums.

What makes you think it’s not unified yet ?

For me it’s like you want to have access to the internal algorithm.
Why would CCP do that ?

If you learn the pattern, it’ good for you. What the fck are you even complaining about ? Rats have their own algorithm, CCP does not want to reveal it, because it’s a way for them to provide challenges for players.

I already know the algorithm, because I tested it to a very extensive level.
Please refrain yourself from posting here if you have nothing constructive to add.
You don’t add anything to my topic and only create unnecessary confusion.
If you don’t understand my question just leave it this way.

But i will clarify it for you.
I’m not complaining, i’m reporting a bug since my ticked was ignored and not checked properly.
Also i already confirmed bug with other users.

Please follow your own advice.

I add explanations and another point of view.

It’s not a question, seems you don’t understand it yourself. You are expressing your feeling, that CCP should make the algorithm clear, and if possible change it to fit your taste.

You are not the one to confirm if it is a bug or not.
the devs read your ticket, maybe misunderstood it ? But how you explained it, they decided it was not a bug.
So repeating the same path on the forum will lead to even less comprehension of your issue.

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Can someone from CCP ban this person @Anderson_Geten from this topic please?

Thanks mate i will check it out on weekend.

its working as intended., dont rat in a battleship if you dont like it.

Dont even bother feeding him… it just placates his self worth issues. Just act like he isn’t there… like the little child who throws a temper tantrum… don’t even pay attention or acknowledge it or he will keep screaming like a snot nosed brat until he gets the last word in.

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You sure do a lot.

and sure enough…

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