2 minor changes

Just come back after long time away, browsing forums looking at changes. Want to suggest a couple of my own.

Drones in PVE, from what I understand rats shoot them because they were a problem with bots being able to use them automatically. This also had a very negative affect on non bots though since it greatly reduced dps from having to recall them constantly. As I understand it CCP changed drones so they don’t auto attack anymore removing the anti-bot concern. Therefore I propose having NPCs no longer target drones so that they can be used in PVE by more ships.

Second, adjusting some modules particularly under-utilized ones to be able to use multiple different slots particularly the high slots due to many ships having utility highs. To be clear I am proposing this in a limited manner, for example something like ship scanners being able to be fitted high or mid, whereas allowing EWAR both high and mid would likely be a bad idea. Could probably add some interesting new capabilities with limited effort on CCPs part that won’t overly affect game balance.

That was for pvp purposes, but that was quickly reverted due to other unintended actions

As for pve, use the right drones and they wont get aggroed as much.

Bots are not negatively affected by removed drone auto aggression. For them, it’s just another set of commands they need to work down on their list. It’s not even going to cost them a lot of time because they are bots.

Actual players, on the other hand, they will be severely impacted by such a feature. They have other things to pay attention to, they will miss cycles, they will lose efficiency.

Don’t you think it makes sence that the NPC activly attacks the thing that is doing damage to it?

With your suggestion as long as your ship has the Tank, then your drones will be able to Spank with no harm. You could just agro all the NPCs you can tank and pop out some drones and walk away.

I mean yeah, that’s basically how it is for other weapon systems too. There isn’t a whole lot to ratting.

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