WTF is up with drone aggro?

Why are drones catching so much heat, doesn’t matter if I’m running lvl 3 or 4 missions, regular combat sites, DED sites , I’m my stratios the second I deploy my drones they get full agro?

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Once upon a time in a far away galaxy…

Errm, I mean New Eden drones were ignored by NPCs. Some player started to run level 4 missions on auto-pilot while doing something else - commonly known as botting.

Turns out, botting is bad for EVE or what some will say some blurbh about economics (my advise is to zone out for that part) because we all know here in New Eden we fly isk not ships. If the isk is bad you cannot fly ships or something (I took my own advise very often even early on).

So to combat the automated mission runners, NPCs have been made aware of drones and now hate them more than everything else.

But it turns out, EVE is full of different weapon systems in all kinds on flavors, so asking the game to play the game for you is bad anyways.


So basically use drones for pvp then lol

What drones are you trying to use?
Use the light drones and you shouldn’t have much of an issue with them being targeted.

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You can use them for pve also but don’t put them on auto-pilot and use missiles or turrets as primary weapon system.
If you use sentry drones, be out of range and recall them when they get targeted.

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Because they’re doing the shooting.

i mean… i dont wanna sound like im the boss and i know how to micromanage my drones and fighters to never get aggro.
but at the same time i hafto wonder WTF (some) people are doing as they “always” get aggro on drone/fighters…

  1. Wait until all npc redbox you… then drop your drones.
  2. recall if drone aggro -> step 1 again.
  3. Still get aggro on drones?
  4. warp to sun -> leave ship -> enter ship -> step1
    4b, dock in station, enter a diffrent ship, undock,dock, enter that ship again.

Basically it’s difficult to balance drones as a PVE mechanic. They have tried to make them balanced, but it turns out they always fall into 1 of 2 bins - Easy to use for ‘semi afk’ playing, or ‘You can only use these as a disposable item because the AI is going to annihilate them’.

So, CCP is tired of playin with ya’ll botters and is directing them into the second bin.

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aside from bug and stuff drone size compared to the hull launching it matters as well.

for example if I launch flight of medium drones from my skiff against triglavian roaming sqaud while already under fire from them drones will get aggroe’d in no time. But light drones from same ship and I don’t think I have seen them ever drawing aggro.

curse you! I wanted to make the economics argument :stuck_out_tongue:

Eject from your ship and board again after some time. 30 seconds or so.

do u do this often?
and does it really work.
can CCP confirm this trick works? and why ?

Noone knows why this works, not even ccp.
before you could walk around in stations and alot of people fixed the bug by going into station…
i guess clonejumping would work aswell.

i have only done this once or twice, and its when its been real bad. 100% drone aggro on every site.

I bet that writing that took you at least 30 seconds. Try yourself.

They wont. This meme is going around community for years. But it worked for me enough times to believe that it works.

POS code! :parrot:

I can confirm.

When it happens, you realize it fast. you are yellow boxed faster than you can recall your drones. red > drone out > yellow > recall > red , rinse and repeat.

I thought they had fixed it.

it is cool to get others feedback on this… thanks everyone.

to know why is hard for someone who dont work for ccp and have knowledge about coding etc etc… but its connected to “phasing”.

theres a better more accurate word that i cant recall

like when you enter a station and leave ship(or clonejumping into same station) theres some seconds where the pod animates the same way as you just docked… whatever happens in that sequence… thats what i mean “phasing” is .

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Session change?

if that’s all you need then you could do it without ejecting, leaving the field or docking.

Just open and close the New Eden Store.

Get aggro yourself, deploy drones afterwards. Also some npc’s (webbing/ pointing elite frigs for example) really hate drones.