Drones are killing my will to play this game

hello fellow eggers.
sorry for long post.

i came back to eve as many of us do after a few year hiatus. i am an alpha but i was an omega clone before. i never really got past destroyers in the short time i played before. i did exploration in wormholes, mined gas and minerals, and did a little tiny bit of pve, the change a while back that made alphas capable of flying battleships sort of gave me a goal to strive towards this time, because i’ve always been a sucker for the potato looking dominix.

so with renewed enthusiasm i decided i wanted to be a mission runner with the goal of eventually getting a shiny new dominix. most of my skills where in gunnery and missiles at that point and i simply wanted to try something new so i trained heavily into drones. i used my few million isk i made from wormholes to buy a shiny new myrmidon and a gnossis since both had bonuses to drones.

for a while level 2 missions weren’t so bad as i had more than enough tank and cap to stay within 20km of anything i was fighting, but especially as i started doing level 3 missions and even some level 2 ones frankly, i noticed that my drones get targeted all the freaking time!

inb4 omg lazy complainer. here is what works for me sort of: 1. always recall to drone bay the moment they take any damage which brakes npc aggro when the drones dock in me. 2. first send out a flight of 5 light drones to kill all enemy frigates and cruisers, and then use mediums and heavies for anything larger that’s left over. 3. i always ran an armour repair module and/or drone to heal armor damage on my drones so they last the whole mission.

also; i admit my drone skills aren’t all level 5’s and i’m not using gecko’s, but rather tech 1 drones, but most of my available alpha drone skills are level 4 and i don’t see how an extra 5 percent max speed or 10 percent hp would change that my drones get mostly killed in 1 2 or 3 shots.

i did a lot of research into drones and i have tried everything!
here is what didn’t work for me:

i ran target painter and an ecm to “draw aggro” to my ship instead of my drones, but i am 100% certain that if the aggro mechanic exists in this game it is only on individual ships not groups of ships, so painting and jamming a battleship will not cause the frigates (or any other ship for that matter) in the wave to stop shooting at my drones. i even ran my gnossis with like 3 jams and a jam bonus in the low slot in the hope of jamming all the ships at once, but i only have 6 max target locks and there are frequently more than a dozen ships in a wave, and times where there are probably more than 20 ships in one group are not uncommon especially in level 3 missions so even if jamming does draw aggro 100% to me, i would only be able to jam 6 ships max even if i gave up all of my mids on the ship for strawberry jam. combine this with the painfully slow cycle time of the jammers and my 10 second lock time on frigates and i just cant jam everything and keep it jammed all at once. also burst jammers don’t have the range to be realistically useful for this purpose.

“just shoot them lol” i tried running my myrmidon with lasers, because they where better than medium auto cannons (that are terrible btw) in the hope of shooting the enemies and thus drawing aggro. i think this maybe possibly sort of works, but the problem then again becomes that i have 6 target locks before modules, max 8 with modules, and a 5-10 second lock time especially on smaller ships. add on top of that that i have to first see that my drone took shield damage, look at the drone with my eyeballs to tell who the heck is shooting it, click whomever is shooting at it in space (not from my list) to lock them and then finally shoot at it. obviously the problems with this strategy are many but most of all even if i could manage my own ships flying, tank, ab, and capacitor, while being mindful of trigger conditions and npc’s while recalling my drones the moment they take damage and sending them back out after they dock, it still doesn’t work because my lock time and limited target locks. and i’m pretty sure that at least once a ship did not change aggro to me after i hit it with my laser gun, so maybe possibly this strategy doesn’t even work to begin with.

i also tried something that i read on a forum somewhere that said that it could possibly get me banned for being an exploit possibly maybe or maybe its possibly a “fix” to a drone aggro bug, and it may have been something to do with moons, but before i get banned i just want to say that it had zero effect for me.

The other problem is that drones are broken and completely not afk friendly.

of the many problems i ran into probably the stupidest one is that the focus fire command doesn’t always work. i did notice that my drones focused targets more while the setting was on, but even when it was on, of my 5 drones especially after they kill a target, sometimes 1, or even 2 drones would fly off to attack a completely different target in the complete opposite direction of the other drones!!! why??? this not only greatly hurt my dps against targets that repaired damage it was a waste of 1/5th or even 2/5th’s of my dps if one drone goes to attack some cruiser that out heals its individual dps. that drone of somewhere doing its own thing is the equivalent of me flat out losing huge chunks of dps!

add on top of that that drones don’t seem to prioritize their own weight class very well. i mean by this that if i deploy a flight of 5 light drones, on aggressive behaviour i would like them to first target frigates, then cruisers and so on and target battleships only if they are the only valid target remaining. what i witness happening all the bloody time is that my flight of lights are trying to tickle a cruiser or battlecruiser to death while i get mauled by swarms of frigates, while i have medium and heavy drones in my bay waiting for the light drones to kill the frigates to make it safe to bring out the heavies!

the above two points mean that if i want to run the mission efficiently, or even survive the mission at all with some level 3’s i always have to target lock and order to attack all but one or two ships out of like 50 or more in a mission! i’m not going to lie, part of me liked the idea of drones maybe being a somewhat more automated weapon system than missiles or turrets, but they really really really reaeaeelelely aren’t automated at all! i wouldn’t mind so much but as i play i cant help feeling that i would rather be using artillery, lasers, railguns, or missiles instead, then i wouldn’t have to do literally the same thing as “conventional” weapon systems (lock and press a button to attack) except with the extra stress of micro managing the drones to keep them alive and healthy and well fed and getting prepared for college and making sure they don’t date some asshole who will just leave them and break their heart and making sure they don’t accidentally kill a mission trigger and cause a huge wave to spawn on my ass and kill me instantly and so on.

but the biggest problem in my opinion is that i keep losing the flipping drones in one or two shots! when i moved to level 3 missions, i actually had to keep my distance from the enemy because if they where all 8km away from me then they would instantly melt me faster than my reppers could cycle, but then i ran into the problem that the drones would melt like cardboard in acid only a few seconds after getting targeted, and even with drone nav modules and a rig they still slow boated wayy the heck too slow to avoid getting destroyed, or if they did make it back their structure was usually badly damaged. my gameplay cycle with drones looked something like this: i would keep 30-40 km distance to avoid getting insta melted by the npc’s and i would target and command drones to each enemy one ship at a time to avoid the focus fire bug or whatever, and i would spend 90% of my time either waiting for a drone to return to bay, or to go from my bay to the target that i am attacking. i was almost always missing one or more drones from the action because of this travel time, which just felt bad to me. its not like my trusty missile launcher or arty ever jammed 1/5th or 2/5ths of the weapon all the time! and i certainly never lost 4 or 5 missile launchers from my ship just from running one single mission!!!

anyways to rap things up what finally made me just throw my hands up and come write this cry post today was that i was running 2 heavies and 3 mediums on my myrmidon in a level 2, and a fresh wave must have spawned or something, but all 5 of my drones started taking shield damage within 1-2 seconds of each other. this was the first time i used the “recall all drones” command in the middle of a mission (usually i would do one or maybe 2 at a time). by the time i gave the command and the drones traveled the 50km to dock with me all 5 had significant armour damage. i just warped out and gave up on the mission because i was only running one single remote armour repairer and it would take me like 40 seconds to rep all the damage on the drones. i ended up coming back and after destroying all the frigs with my light drones i deployed the same flight with only a handful of cruisers left and my berserker heavy got taken through shield and to less than half armour as far as i could tell from just a single shot literally 2 or 3 seconds after i deployed the drones!!! i’m pretty sure that with the way that server ticks work in this game it got targeted and attacked maybe 1 or 2 ticks after i deployed it. if it wasn’t literally 300 meters from my ship at the time when i recalled it i’m pretty sure i would have lost it as i’ve lost probably dozens of drones before.

this is just stupid. add on top of this that since i started playing the game again i discovered that there is an ammo type called “auto targeting missiles” that are literally afk missile weapons!!! but i as an alpha can’t use those so it doesn’t count right??? weeeeelllllll on my attempt to jam every ship in the star system to protect my drones i discovered that one of the modules that increases max target locks is called an auto targeting computer!!! you can write a macro that keeps pressing f1 every cycle of your guns and turn this thing on and functionally afk a site as long as you maybe orbit a structure at 100-150km and don’t forget to turn on your resistance modules and ab when you warp in. then i also remembered that smart bombing battle ships at least where a thing for pve when i still played last!!! the “we don’t want you to afk pve” excuse is just pure baloney as far as i can tell :frowning:

i feel really really upset as the further i get into mission running the more i hate the idea of getting a dominix for it. as far as i can tell the domi wont make my heavy drones any tankier than the myrmidon makes them. and the domi is bigger and fatter and less agile and mobile, so staying 40km from the rats without a micro jump and or sentries (alpha can’t use either btw) seems like suicide.

oh yes and to add a cherry on top of this horrible sandwich apparently sleepers hate drones more than they hate happiness and sunshine and smiling children, so my hopes of returning to wormhole space in a domi seem rather dashed. not to mention i would probably bring 40 heavies with me if i ever move to a wormhole cause they pop like flipping balloons if someone looks at them funny (and no sentries for alphas btw, so none of this ranged none sense xd).

I watched a video where some guy ran a lvl 4 as a “tutorial” and lost 2 geckos because he wasn’t paying attention for like 10 seconds while he explained something for the video. this guy lost almost 200 mil for a few second lapse in concentration. honestly i hate it. i hate how even if i put myself in a bad situation, my ship has shields, then armour, then hull with alerts all the way through, and i can pretty much warp out if things get a little heated, whereas i have to start at a tiny portion of my screen making sure that i instantly recall the drone if someone looks at it funny and even then no matter how quickly i recall the drone dies half way to my ship a mere handful of seconds later because rng made multiple enemies agro to it at once. screw drones, screw gallente, screw the dominix.

in a game where bot miners make billions of isk in null the real afk menace is apparently that i wanted roleplay as badass mercenary spaceborne potato aircraft carrier.

am i the only one who now hates drones and by extension this game with a fiery passion?


drones are ammos. use T1 ones until you are comfortable with them :slight_smile:
I never lost a gecko yet.
link your myrmidon fit. I assume you made some basic mistakes.

remember that the DPS of drones is delayed DPS. Nothing beats shooting rats with railgun, especially smaller ones when they burn to you.


Why are you running heavies and mediums in a level 2 mission? Heavies in particular, won’t be able to track small and medium rats. Run light drones - they are faster, cheaper, harder to hit and apply damage better to the small and medium ships you’ll encounter in low level missions. Many missions you’ll pick up more drones in the loot than you’ll lose - if you don’t a Hobgoblin I is a little over 2K ISK. In level 3’s I wouldn’t launch heavies unless there are battleships for them to shoot at.


First off, T1 drones are dirt cheap because they are flimsy. They are meant to be used the same way other combat ships use ammunition… as a disposable resource.

Secondly, that 10% greater defenses DOES matter via skills because it applies before ship bonuses and applies across shields, armor, and hull. And shields auto-recover over time based on the total size of the shield among other things. Its part of why Gilas with faction navy medium drones have them last for ages because of insane shield regen.

Medium sized Minmatar capless weapons on the Myrmidon are fine and do help against larger ships to chip them down faster. Use artillery cannons though, the auto-cannons have been a joke for ages.

Myrmidons can get absurdly tanky and are capable of tanking level 4 missions let alone level 3s with good skills.

Also, PvE missions have certain ships in a wave as triggers. Go looking for guides to know which ships to shoot last to avoid triggering waves early if you cannot effectively blitz.

Beyond that realize that NPC aggro is based on ship size versus your ship and your drones. Light drones for frigates and destroyers. Medium drones for cruisers and battlecruisers. And heavy drones only against battleships until you skills are near perfect and they are good at melting BC’s too. Using too big a drone size against small ships in the area means they WILL prioritize your drones.

Example Myrmidon Fit

[Myrmidon, Shield Regen Fit]

Shield Power Relay II
Shield Power Relay II
Shield Power Relay II
Power Diagnostic System II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

50MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive
EM Ward Field II
Thermal Dissipation Field II
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II

650mm Artillery Cannon II
650mm Artillery Cannon II
650mm Artillery Cannon II
650mm Artillery Cannon II
650mm Artillery Cannon II

Medium Core Defense Field Purger I
Medium Core Defense Field Purger I
Medium Core Defense Field Purger I

Federation Navy Ogre x4
Hammerhead II x5
Hobgoblin II x5
Hobgoblin II x5

EMP M x3000
Proton M x3000
Explosive Deflection Field II x1
Kinetic Deflection Field II x1

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i don’t think that my myrmidon is the problem.

some generic remote armor repairer
medium railgun
drone control range

drone navigation computer
100mn afterburner
target painter
cap recharger
cap battery

drone damage amp
drone damage amp
damage control
armor repairer
mission specific armour hardener
mission specific armour hardener

salvage tackle (seemed like a good idea at the time)
some generic cap rig
drone gotta go fast rig (doesn’t seem to contribute at all to my drone survivability in missions)

i could probably drop the salvagers and the target painter for something more useful, the salvage rig was a mistake no doubt, i’ll probably destroy and replace it with something more useful. other than that i’ve had no problems running level 3 missions in it so far. it’s not cap stable, but i can run the ab indefinitely so i use that to stay in my sweet spot for drones which i try to keep aprox 40-50 km away from enemies, any further and my drones die exponentially more :frowning: the armour hardeners keep my tank more than healthy at that distance, and i occasionally pulse the armor repairer every once in a while to rebuild the minor chip damage i get at a distance.

if you have any suggestions i’m all ears but it isn’t my ship that keeps getting blown up, it’s my bloody drones!!!

that is a fair point. i run heavies on missions because sometimes structures drop loot and they can take a while to dps down with just lights or mediums. also ive not had any problems with heavy drone tracking, even without bonus modules i sometimes get heavy drones to shoot enemy cruisers and i get “hits” “penetrates” and “smashes” results. because of this i’ve been running 2 heavies and 3 mediums to squeeze out more bandwidth rather than just 5 mediums. although i guess 5 mediums would be faster so that might make them more survivable.

also though i’ve lost more hammerheads than i can count and its not necessarily the price that bothers me, it’s that it just feels bad to lose drones because i don’t even know why. it feels like if you lost a pokemon battle and the other trainer gets to beat your failure of a pokemon to death with a rusty pipe. it just feels so against everything i’ve learned from every other game :frowning:

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That’s why I like sentry drones, drop em and sit on top of them, they have a bunch of HP so if you have a decent buffer to work with, but as soon as you notice you can scoop and redeploy them.

also might be worth looking at navy drones, they get a pretty big HP bonus.

if you are still having trouble gila/rattlesnake for the nice drone HP bonuses. A gecko on a rattlesnake has pretty insane hp. And i know the gila is getting a nerf but it should still have very tanky drones.


i mean a tech 1 hammerhead has 100 shield and 180 armour compared to tech 2 which has 120 shield and 216 armour. maybe its just the way it looks in game but the drones are seemingly always killed in a matter of 4 or 5 shots max, the added tank of tech 2 would probably only give it a couple of extra hits at most, but i would have to train into it and try it for myself so i will get back to you on that one.

also doesn’t the gila get like a 400% bonus to drone hitpoints? my myrmidon only gives 50% base, maybe a little more with rigs. at 400% bonus im pretty sure the gila’s drones could passive shield tank freaking anything. it’s basically a ship and not a drone at that point. also also, if i wanted to fly caldari ships i would fly caldari ships but i don’t like the way they look. i don’t want to fly caldari missile boats with op drones bolted on, i wanted to fly a genuine drone boat :frowning:

also for a while i used artillery on my myrmidon because i was using arty on minmatar ships before i decided to drone boat, so i already had the skills for it, but the tracking was really bad and the fire rate on the 720 made me pretty much have only one shot at the frigates before either my drones killed it, or it got under my guns.

i don’t know how its possible that a myrmidon can do level 4s, but i’m guessing it requires omega for the modules and skills. still i’ll be sure to have a look.

i already know about pve mission triggers, i always research the mission on eve uni before i run it so i’m never going in blind. also i don’t blitz. i kill everything and loot/salvage it. i once got over 10 mil isk from loot and salvage from a single lvl 3 mission because something dropped a missile launcher that cost 6 mil in jita. not to mention i seem to always get more money salvaging the wrecks of ships than i get payed by the agent to do the mission. it’s probably not the fastest way to make isk but then again if i was in this for the money i would be a scammer in jita local, i want to blow stuff up and loot the wrecks like a space pirate!

yeah as others have pointed out im going to stop using heavies against anything other than battleships.

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If anything for non-abyssal content they are likely to just compensate with a drone HP rig for PvE farming setups. Both the Gila and its medium drones are going to still be pretty tanked.

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Part of it is you are using an afterburner, and oversized one at that. A MWD will give better speed faster and you can just point AWAY from the enemies in a direction and they’ll start to follow you in a straight line with zero traversal at which point artillery guns can outright blap frigates and destroyers out of existence.

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alpha clone state can’t use any sentry drones. i would love to try it as my current strategy is essentially burn far away from enemies and then constantly have drones go towards them. i’m pretty much kiting with drones instead of missiles. i would love to just set up 100 km away and sentry drone ftw. it would probably solve my drone survivability problem all in one go, but alas :frowning:

i am hesitant to buy expensive drones, because i’ve seen my mediums get from full hp to nothing in like 4 seconds. i would feel really bad if im suddenly losing hundreds of thousands or millions of isk per mission on replacing drones instead of the tens of thousands right now. i will have a look though.

i don’t like the guristas ships :frowning: i don’t want to fly them. they seem way too good even for pirate ships, and i don’t like the way they look so it’s out of the question anyways.

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as i’ve said before i just plain don’t like the caldari ships so im not going for a gila! there has to be more than one way to run drones and not have them explode into whipped cream all the time!!!

100mn is oversized??? i don’t understand how prop mods work in this game :frowning:

anyways i get about 700m/s top speed with the afterburner on which has been more than enough to out run every frigate in every mission including lvl 3’s that i’ve done so far. and when i get about 30-40km out from enemies they can’t hit me for squat, at 50km out i don’t get hit at all like ever. my plan is just pretty much run burn 50km out on warp in and use my 60km drone control range to kill the ships that come to me. i don’t even move, i just sit there 50km away with my resists up, if the ships ever get within 20-30km away from me i always have enough cap built up to repeat the ab tactic all over again.

just out of curiosity what size mwd is best for a myrmidon? and doesn’t the increase in sig radius make you less tanky by making you easier to hit???


It will allow larger guns to track you better. So enemy battleships will do a bit more damage to you but cruisers and frigates are likely already doing their full damage to you. It’s not an issue though because the Myrm is a battlecruiser so it’s pretty large and already takes a lot of hits. Also you generally don’t leave the microwarpdrive on, you just kind of pulse it when you need it.

Welcome to the game btw. It sounds like you just need to adjust your playstyle a bit, maybe drones aren’t for you? Another suggestion would be to try faction drones. They’re a bit more expensive but also faster and tankier so worth the investment once you feel reasonably comfortable with the cheap ones. I prefer faction drones for any situation where they’re going to get shot at a lot, like in the abyss or unfamiliar missions.

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50mn MWD is the standard you’d use on most Battlecruisers. The signature radius increase doesn’t matter unless you are trying to run it all the time. Plus with you saying you are sitting still when not moving? You have zero traversal to make the signature bloom matter anyways. Its for re-opening distance as needed. Realistically you want to hover around 25-30km away from most enemies in level 3 and below missions. Level 4s are where you actually see battleships that like to orbit at around 52km and apply to you from there.

And from the sound of it your play style is the entire reason you are losing drones all the time. You are too far away from your drones for recalls on aggro to save them. You have to realize that recalling drones makes them move in a straight line with no traversal towards your ship. Making them immensely easier for NPCs to hit as opposed to when the drones are orbiting a target.

Plus that fit I linked earlier is an “always on” shield regen fit. You only need to look for an exit once your shield tank heads below 25%. And then a quick dock and re-launch from a nearby station and you are good to go again. Shield tanks bloom your signature anyways so adding a MWD on top is just whatever. It doesn’t really matter when you are outright recovering faster than you are taking damage anyways. Shield regen Myrmidon builds can get between 300-500 EHP per second tank recovery depending on how far you take it.

Also by sitting that far away you are directly sabotaging your effectiveness with added damage from your own gun rack.


i’ll use a 50mn mwd. i guess i was just applying frigate rules to a ship that is considerably larger than a frigate. i guess this means as well that mwd’s are a common sight on battleships also? since they are already so massive at least for pvp it wouldn’t really make a difference if they got even bigger right?
yeah i don’t have the cap to run the ab all the time either i just use it to make distance then i turn it off and sit there until i need it to make distance again.

i tried the to get into the game on and off since like 2009, but i only really got into it when they first introduced alpha clones. i pretty much got into a probe and jumped into the first wh i found. after a couple months, and lets say being forcefully evicted from more than one wh i kinda lost interest since exploration at the time was a dead end because of limited alpha skills. it still kind of is, that’s why now i’m trying to get the hang of missions and combat so i can fly a big scary battleship and be a feared space pirate instead of some tengu’s and proteus’s lunch every time they managed to scan my newb ass down. so yes i am a long time new player lol.

i will try to use the faction drones, they are like the caldari navy hornet, federation hammerhead etc. yes?

maybe you could try :

this fit
[Myrmidon, dual rep rail]
Reactor Control Unit II
Medium Armor Repairer II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Medium Armor Repairer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

Large Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
10MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Stasis Webifier II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II

250mm Prototype Gauss Gun
250mm Prototype Gauss Gun
250mm Prototype Gauss Gun
250mm Prototype Gauss Gun
250mm Prototype Gauss Gun

Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I

Ogre I x4
Hobgoblin I x6
Hammerhead I x7

Lead Charge M x2000
Antimatter Charge M x2200

lead for target above 30km, antimatter otherwise. medium drones+web on small frigates first only when they are close, then heavy on anything other (with antimatter).

if you can, replace the compact 10mn by an enduring one.


i didn’t used to sit still, but eventually at that distance i was getting hit for 1-3 damage if at all, so i just stood still to make it easier for my drones to come back.

well fun me. i think you are right about why i lose drones all the time. i do recall watching with tears in my eyes as the drones come straight towards me and get melted within seconds… so it was my fault all along.

i thought drones where like fighter planes that the mothership would send out like hundreds of kilometers away. does this mean that dominix is flown 30km away from enemies in lvl 4 missions?
obviously i can’t use sentries so would a 30km engagement range with high transversal be the only playstyle for me for myrmidon and dominix in order to reduce drone travel distance and reduce “travel in a straight line-ey-ness”?

i’m kinda scared to use passive shield since if someone drops on me in low sec i think my burst repairs would give me better odds of survival. also again i’ve yet to run into any mission that i couldn’t tank with my current setup, i suppose my playstyle is the problem not my fit.

also my railgun has 55 km fall off and 45 km optimal without even the longest range ammo, so i think i was projecting my rack decently enough.


then what sort of weapon system fits my playstyle better than drones?? i was using artillery rupture before and missile talwar even before then. also for example if i wanted to get into an artillery tempest how would i possibly hit frigates? can battleship sized weapons like missiles and turrets even hit a frigate under any circumstances? i’ve obviously never even flown anything bigger than a cruiser but i want the endgame to be that racial battleship, and i don’t want any surprises when i get there!

also wouldn’t large missiles be good against frigs since you don’t have to direct hit like with a gun, you could just blow the missile up close enough to the frig for the splash damage to get it?

i just don’t really feel comfortable flying especially close to enemy ships since i keep bumping into stuff and more than once i’ve ran into this weird thing where my ship will bump apparently nothing and then when it course corrects its speed is capped to 40 or 50 m/s for like 20 seconds. i have no idea why it happens or how to reproduce it happening but it doesn’t seem to be webs or any ewar for that matter and turning the ab on and off doesn’t fix it. it’s already happened to me 3 times in the past week in my myrmidon and it makes me not want to do a blaster brawler fit. i want to stay as far away, and by extension as safe as possible from enemy fire.

how fast can you go with a 10mn ab???

also i am coming to the slow and painful realization that 30km engagement range is wayyy too close for comfort for me. i don’t think i’ve ever fit a web before because its so close range too.

thank you for the suggested fit, but it’s not me. this entire ship is not me. @Kynami_Vaille i think explained pretty well why my drones died all the time. if 30km is the optimal for drone use, then i don’t think drones are for me sadly.

i was actually using the exact same rail as in your fit to attack 50km away so yeah i’m not on this fits wavelength at all lol. i’m going to do some thinking and maybe come back asking for help on a different ship than the myrmidon. thank you for the comments and the fit though!

A bazillion VNI ratters and ratterbots might disagree with that…
If anything drones can be too afk-friendly.

aha…there’s one problem right there… Train up drone durability.
Use T1 drones for now

train drone navigation

drone interfacing

drone avionics


The regular L4 Domi fit is a rail sniper with a jump drive and sentries. Which is a moot point since alpha clones cannot use sentries, and as of the latest patch cycle can’t pull level 4 missions anyways anymore.

Which pretty much leaves brawler builds where you can actually pull your heavy drones in time. Honestly for high end play on alpha accounts you are best looking at Raven, Armageddon, Rattlesnake, Maelstrom, Machariel, Nightmare, and Praxis for battleship class options. And the Praxis is a slow moving slug that will have to be finessed. And the place to use them would be higher end anomalies. So unless you are under the umbrella of some allies… you honestly are better off setting up with something cheaper and smaller that moves a lot faster.