Here's a costly mistake I just made today

I was able to make the money in game I needed to pay for my account after that I chose to put some money into the game the mistake I made buying skill injectors 140 bucks worth injected into Shield tanking skills
all my missile skills and two battleships here’s the terrible results I did not realize how terrible drones are at Staying Alive and the Dominix I thought that was a good choice of a battleship after losing one gecko and 14 Navy drones I thought it was a good idea to try out my next choice of Battleship I sold my old Battleship cuz I didn’t like it with my experience with a drone cost so I went out and bought a raven I thought cruise missiles were going to get the job done it turns out cruise missiles with 4 Tech 2 damage modifiers in the low slots will not give you enough damage to clear buzzkill all I thought I had to do is destroy assault Cruisers I was wrong about that and also my damage wasn’t good enough to kill them without drones so I bought more drones which died then lost the second set of drones then the battlecruisers showed up I thought my tank was good after 5 seconds after them showing up my shield was already at 50% I was forced to warp out and I gave up on the mission

I wish I put the skill injectors into exploration stuff I thought I would make more off of level 4 missions

now I’m totally broke I have nothing to show for it at all 12 billion isk/140$ down the toilet

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Move to nullsec, buy a VNI, run havens = 20M/20mins, get an alt to salvage = 10M/20mins, laughing.

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Exploration can be good ISK, ive not done l4missions for a while but i didn’t used to get all my drones killed, perhaps whilst you used all those skill injectors you didn’t do ones to optimise your ship for level 4’s, did you do any drones skills, durability for example, did you invest in sentries and sit out at 70km sniping the rats? Perhaps it is just your tactics at fault?

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^ This really but it’s not that simple generally.

What i will say OP is that you can’t just buy skill at EvE. You can buy skillpoints but if you lack the experience to know how to use said skillpoints you’re doomed to failure.

Dominix (properly fit and skilled for) will eat any level4 mission cold. This is an issue with your skills / fitting / strategy not the ship or the drones. You have to watch your drones and call them in / swap them over when they take fire. Missiles must be matched to the correct target based on size, since a very large missile does way reduced damage to a small / fast moving target. This and other things are likely the reason you failed.

Get back on the horse and ask for advice next time before you spend $140 on an “I Win” button that doesn’t exist here :smiley: You can succeed at EvE without ever buying SP.

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Excuse me for interjecting: you spent real money to be able to buy things, without doing proper research beforehand, why exactly?

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I’m retarded


Refreshing honesty. Thank you. :slight_smile:


right now I’m completely broke so now I’m trying to figure out a way to get out of this ■■■■ situation
my options are sell the damn ship and say ■■■■ it or try to do another mission risk more of my standings and the stupid ship or do missions with a group of people which I don’t think anybody would really want to do that there’s also a slight chance they’ll destroy my ship

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a dominix can do lvl4 missions with drones … no problem with that
jump int - deploy a MTU - use MJD to jump out 100km - deploy sentry drons - kill all - jump back to the MTU - get loot and do salvage - next room/next mission - easy … lazy … no problem

feel free to write me ingame about that … in about 7 hours i am online



Get out of highsec ASAP, that’s actually how you get AIDs.

My advice, is find a Nullsec entity that you can join and learn from, Pandemic Horde, Brave etc. Highsec is legit the worst space to live in due to mechanics. Also do research, never go off half baked in EVE, you’ll almost always land flat on your face if you do, there’s a lot to learn, and most of us have spent years learning. Also if you drop cash on this game, without putting in the learning, you’re gunna have a bad time.

If you would like to ask questions and get help, feel free to join my discord and ask questions, White Partyhat is happy to help new bros get their feet.

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Dominix has a unique drone range bonus. That is what makes this ship best starting missioner ship. Drones (SENTRY DRONES, NOT SOME GECKOs) will let you apply best damage type for the mission (check eve-survival site for info, what to shoot) from 100 - 150 optimal range. And range is your universal tank … You can use something like that:
[Dominix, current cheap]

Inertial Stabilizers II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Damage Control II
Shadow Serpentis Large Armor Repairer

Large Micro Jump Drive
AML Compact Omnidirectional Tracking Link, Optimal Range Script
Omnidirectional Tracking Link II, Optimal Range Script
Federation Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Link, Optimal Range Script
F-90 Compact Sensor Booster, Targeting Range Script

Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Radio L
Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Radio L
Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Radio L
Drone Link Augmentor II
Drone Link Augmentor II
Drone Link Augmentor II

Large Drone Control Range Augmentor II
Large Ionic Field Projector I
Large Drone Scope Chip II

Bouncer II x5
Warden II x5
Curator II x5

according to preferable damage type.

Later on you get into Rattlesnake for full room clear or Machariel for mission blitz

Free head start for newcomers! Just click the link and get extra 250 000 SP!

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Sorry you are having trouble so here is a little more for you to think about.

Rule number one when you come here for help with a problem.
Post your fit.
Impossibnle for us to help you if we do not know what you are flying and that means the ship AND your fit.
So I repeat post your fit.

Drones loss in missions means poor skills and poor tactics.
Yes drones can go 40k to 50k or even further but you should NEVER send them that far out.
A reasonable working range for your drones depends on SP you have into your drone support skills, but a good general idea is they need to be close enough that once they start taking damage they can be recalled to bay BEFORE they are dead. Here are some general tips for a working range for drones.
Heavy and the Gecko no further than 5k to 10k.
Mediums no further than 15k to 20k.
Lights no further than 20k to 25k.
If something is more than 25k out then you should be using sentry drones.

The Raven is one of the go to ships for early level 4 pilots, the fact that you cannot kill things with one leads me to believe really terrible fit, or really terrible skills.
So we get back to where this one started Post your fit.

Buzz Kill is one of the easiest level 4 missions IF you watch your triggers. I would like to post a link to EvE Survival but that site seems to be offline at the moment. A simple search online yields many sites and videos that explain how to complete this one which brings me to another point.
EvE Online is about information and a good search engine and good search skills as well as a willingness to ask questions BEFORE you get into trouble are requirements for this game.

Last thought.
Because you can run level 4 missions does not mean you should run them and based on your posts above you need to go back to level 3 missions and train more character skills.

The mission structure in EvE is designed to lead you from level 1 to level 5. At each level you face new challenges to your ships, fits and to your skills as a player. In the olden days (before skill injectors) this structure worked out well since most players developed the skills needed while their character trained SP. Post skill injectors we unfortunately get many players like you that inject their characters into higher level content long before they as a person are ready to be there. Another problem we often see with new players like you is your characters rarely have all the support skills trained to a level that is useful. The EvE University site on core skills will get you started down the proper path.


Earning your SP the old fashion way is how you prevent ■■■■ like this. There was no need for you to inject into a BS, you should have learned the game first.

Edit: ESPECIALLY if thats all the money you have. I mean if you are loaded IRL then who cares.


I wanted to deal with this one separately.
Nothing in EvE is wasted or down the toilet.
You learned a valuable lesson and those skills you paid for will always be there when you need them.
As my father used to say, sit back, take stock of the situation, rethink your goals and most importantly rethink your time line for achieving those goals.

It seems harsh but you need to learn this to help you in the future so here goes.
You made a long string of mistakes that ultimately brought you to the place you are in.

Jumping from Gallente to Caldari ships, you then doubled down on this by jumping from battleship to battleship. This required you to use SP simply to fly the Raven that would have been better spent on skills for the Domi and your drones.

Jumping from large turrets and drones to missiles. Again you used up a lot of SP simply to train minimum skills for missiles, skills that could have improved you Domi and drones significantly.

So be that as it may you are where you are and you need to plot a course out to the mess and back into a better place so here are my thoughts on that.

Decide if you want to fly Gallente or Caldari ships and then stick with that race of ships. Yes later on you can cross train into whatever you want, for now you need to work on just one race ships and the support skills needed for that race ships.

What ever race ships you decide to fly sell everything else to recoup some of your investment. With the ISK buy and fit a Gnosis.
All races can fly them with no special space ship command skills needed.
They can be armor or shield tanked.
They can fit lasers, projectile or missile weapons.
They are excellent ships for level 3 missions and they can be-refit when you want and work well for exploration.

So once you have made your decision on which race ships you want to fly for now then come back and ask here for a fit that will match your racial preference and allow you to run level 3;'s.

Yes that is right I said run level 3’s. For now you need something you can complete with relative ease so you can rebuild your ISK, allow your character to train more of the core and specialty skills needed for your chosen race of ships. Then you can go back to running level 4 missions and actually complete them.


No matter how many $$$ you spend on skill injectors, they will not replace the pilotting experience you get in trying to fly (and not explode in) ships with sub-par skills. The learning curve (cliff?) in EVE is hard, but usually perfectly balanced with the SP gain… in the months/years it takes to get enough SP to fly a BS well, you also gain the experience needed to pilot it well.

This is why it is usually a mistake for new players to buy skill injectors, I refer to it as pay-to-lose. It usually only results in bigger losses, but is not compensated by a higher income.

The dominix is a perfectly viable ratting ship (and pvp ship) for whatever you’re doing… if you know how to do it!


If it’s urgent, I’d go and get some Skill Extractors. Then I’d sit down and make a plan first, before spending the SP for the right skills. There will be a certain loss, yes – but it would be better then to quit the game because there is no fun anymore with all the atm useless skills and no money.

And yes – the regular skilling speed matches very good with the learning curve, so it’s not a good idea to buy SP as a new pilot, imho. That would make sense when one knows what he needs and wants to shorten the waiting time.

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Drones are awesome, you just need to skill up in drone skills and learn how to use them. Don’t try to buy more expensive drones before you get your techniques and drone skills to work for you. Shiny drones will just be destroyed and you might feel frustrated, as you are. Use basic tech 1 drones for now.

Dominix is a great mission ship. Using both regular or sentry drones (which of the two to use is more personal preference, in my opinion)

Cruise missiles are good, but not close against small targets.

Group with others. Missions are more fun with others anyway. Don’t worry about warping out, there is no shame in it.

If you learn, nothing is wasted.

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That’s true. I didn’t know how bad my skills were till I became an alpha.

I subbed and left the game a few years back. I was able to fly an orca, exhumers, and battlecruisers. But all my core skills were all half assed. My armor shields power they were all screwed up.

Comeback few years later and started flushing out everything and I really can see the difference.

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One would think you would know better with the number of years this character has been in the game. Either that or you are new to the game and bought the character off the bazaar.

Range NEVER affects a missiles total damage output.
Range NEVER affects a missiles ability to apply damage to the target.
Range NEVER affects a missiles ability to hit a target as long as that target is within the missiles maximum range.

With proper skills cruise missiles can and do apply damage extremely well to small targets, in fact most of us can easily one volley the frigates we find in missions. Skills play a role here as well because with the right skills trained you can use the T2 Precision cruise which are even more effective against small fast targets. With that out of the way if you are fitting a ship specifically for use against small fast target cruise are not the best option. However for general use in PvE activities they are an excellent choice giving a good balance of damge ability against small and large targets.


I think he meant not good against small / fast targets comparatively to different missiles you could be using at closer range and for smaller targets.