Abort playing

Fededback after 20 years i have restart eve, and invested around 500€ to buy new ships and skills, i have around 25 million skills in combat. But i play lvl4 missions with an 2 Billion (Milliard) Dominix. They hold all attacks too from lvl5 , but then come an single player 1-year in space , and the full eqiped dominix drone carrier is in around 10 seconds down , without changse to warp or defend IN 10 SECONDS . I have lost on this way 6 DOMINIX Navy issue this cost 500€ I brake up this game . i am to old with 60years or the game is unbalnced . I come back in 20 years , when i a live then …

Good game but not hand able. Destroyed by Infaltion and unbalancing player terror.

Are you talking about this below?

Because it was in lowsec thus an openly and clearly marked PvP area.

You could stick to hisec less dangers there but even there you have to pay attention for gankers and suspect baiters and probably more as you are nowhere 100% safe in EVE which is intentional.

If this is too much for you then good luck finding something that suits you and have fun with as then EVE is clearly unable to fulfill that for you. o/


No Men i have to fight or die, so i die befor i play in childs garden.
I have an big ship , and it give no mercy to say u are wrong goto childgraden hi sec.
I have to fight or die, i take the last one, but when ever newer player comes and has invested time and money, and then they have trained 25 million skills to die in 10 seconds from any school mate who play 1 year, then there will resign too. so u have no players they have fun and pay.
bye i have some knowledges about games , so far is sure .
God save the rebellion.

Ok whatever suits you. If being a ragequitter instead of learning from your mistakes is your choice then that’s your choice. Bye!


It is CCPs greedy fault that they profit heavily off of the ignorant like this.

But nobody in the Game cares that you spent Euro. They will fight you. Most of the game is having the knowledge in your head. And then piloting a ship well using that knowledge. Your Euros did not put that knowledge in your head.

This game is not for you if you’re going to repeat the same mistake 5 times over and over again.


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The Prophet laughs at your tears.

It is obvious. That capsuleer may only have been a clone for a year, but obviously has more skill than you.

Thank you for proving it is skill, not money spent that determines the outcome of the battle.


I hope that for some this is an educational post.

You haven’t really understood Eve if you think that the amount of years in the game or the amount of money spent on the game determines who wins in a fight.

One can have a new account, with a relatively low skill point total, in a relatively cheap ship, and turn out to be better / smarter / stronger, and thus the winner in a duel.

The only way to not lose your blinged out ship, is to keep spinning it in station.


… is to unbling it ?

Oh come on, this HAS to be some sort of elaborate (and costly but worth it) troll alt setup doing this for the lols. People like this can’t be rea… oh wait yeah they can and you see people like that very often. They will never learn, never take any advice, always blame others for their own (lack of) doings.

Back in the (g)olden days of personal wardecs these kinds of people is what got you decced because not only were they juicy targets that would just create an endless stream of content they would also invariably have a big mouth getting themselves, and thus their corp, in trouble. So very often after a wardec ended the CEO would ask how to prevent getting decced in the future and the answer invariably was “get rid of this clown, he’s not only terrible but he gets you attention”.


its a ■■■■■■■ lie ! first, you got killed by 2 chars ( maybe players but nobody knows ) then i found the first lossmail of the paladin pilot from march 2008 …
you claimed a DNI as a Drone Carrier thats false cause a carrier would be for example the Thanathos if we stick at gallente. The DNI is just a BS wich can launch 5 heavy or sentry drones.

doesnt care… you can spend 500.000€ to buy new ships ans skills but it does not give you personal skills and you still dont know mechanics if you do this ! at first you need to lern, whats happen if you wanna shorten this process → you die !

i dont see any stats atm but i´m sure you have a 11 second aligntime. yes its ture you cant defed a PvE ■■■■ vs a PvP ■■■■ ! but you had about 2 min before you got killed ! you just need to know how to … still low sec is not the right place for you

in general your not to old. maybe YOU in person are to old to lern something new …
game is unbalanced but not in your case


If your choice is to fight instead of run then don’t come here whining. You should stay away from low sec and pvp, you’re clearly not fit for that.

Thats right. Why is @ISD_Traindriver moving this topic to General section when he knows what is going to happen here? :thinking:

Is OP a credit card warrior?

I am just happy people are ganking the credit card warriors. I delt with 2 myself and their mindset is that the more $$$$$$$$ they spend the more fun they get???

I never once bought plex with my credit card.

I did however buy a year sub because I am exicted about EVE Vanguard ^^

Also PSA OP is probably a troll/hard believer in $$$=fun thread and cannot be reasoned with. Just learn from his mistakes.

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Find me ingame to explain some stuff please. And let you see eveworld another way

You spent 500m ISK on a Corpus X armor repairer that really only adds an extra 55 hit points a second over and above the Large Armor Repairer II…so even after an entire 60 seconds of being fired at it only recovers an additional 13% of your 25K hitpoint armor. And you clearly didn’t have even that 60 seconds…so that 500m ISK module is wasted.

This is the common occurrence of the ‘sunk cost fallacy’ in Eve. People buy an expensive ship…and then in order to ‘protect’ that expense they then fit even more expensive modules…some costing more than the ship itself…in the belief that all that additional cost will give them the edge. But often that edge is so small as to make little difference…as in the Dominix loss…and all the player is really doing is compounding their losses when they inevitably do lose the ship.

If it were me I’d ask…how often am I likely to have a situation where spending an extra 500m ISK on a single module that repairs all my armor hp 8 minutes faster than the standard Tech II actually makes any difference. I mean, the longest fight I ever had was about 90 seconds for the entire thing. Unless you are planning fights that go on for over 8 minutes…you are wasting your money on that module.


i guess you dont understnd this game
if you wave your € and play stupid you die stupid … to bad you didnt go the right ay and play with others … learn how to avoid this … maybe you dont have the lifetime to do so … go back and play chess …



This is not a pay2win game … oh…

oh… wait …

“Doctor it hurts when I do this”
“Then stop doing that”
The thread


Okay, for starters and assuming you’re not a troll, I’m not sure how you’ve spent 500€ on new ships and skills if you’ve lost 12 billion in total, unless you’ve been buying all your skills. Which could be part of the problem, seeing as you’ve not really learnt how to use those skills. You’ve jumped in at the deep end without the necessary experience.

Secondly, it’s not a drone carrier, it’s a battleship. You’ve been losing your ships to Marauders, which are a tier 2, much more dangerous version of a battleship. You’ve also been fighting in lowsec, and considering you’re complaining about the money you’ve spent and supposedly you’ve lost them in a short span of time, I suspect you haven’t got much, if any, PvP experience in LowSec.

Thirdly, it’s currently a 90% player loot drop event. A 1.5b, blinged out solo battleship in LowSec is a payday waiting to happen. Especially if said player isn’t aware of their surroundings enough to be ready to warp out.

Lastly, if you’re unable to run L5’s safely, then why are you banging your head against the wall trying and spending money hand-over-fist to do it?

You can make a battleship fit that uses just T2 modules, that with only level 4 skills will do over 1000dps and tank all L4 content easily for under 800m isk. A ship like that would pull you in decent amounts of isk. More than enough to fund learning other activities if you have high social skills, and do L4s in the lower end of HighSec.

Hell, you don’t even need to do it in lower end of HighSec. I was dicking around this morning in 0.8-1.0 systems while listening to the news and I earnt enough LP to grab myself a level 5 skill implant for one of my clones and an extra 125m on top of that.