Why is there no protection from Warp Field Generators

I demand to know why there is no counter ECM to the Warp field Generator. I don’t play this game to gank or to be ganked and ESPECIALLY when I am trying to complete a mission. I have no time for assholes who want to fuk me in the ass when I am minding my own business. This kind of unbalanced game play costs people HARD EARNED MONEY. This is ■■■■■■■■! I fit to balance against Warp scrams only to find myself hit with a fleet level module that has NO ■■■■■■■ DEFESNE. What gives CCP? When are you going to stop catering to the asshats and start providing defenses to even the playing field!!!???

I want to see something to even the odds or I will quit this ■■■■■■■ game for good! If I want to spend money on a game then I EXPECT some quality in the game!

I am not going to continue to pay you to let ■■■■■■■ blowup my ships and cost me money when I am not interested in a ■■■■■■■ battle!

Make a change OR I WALK FOR GOOD!

Demand lol.


Feels like these enormous amounts of troll-threads are bot-generated :joy:

PVE=PVP - find content and be the content

What about the player whose game play is hunting players like you instead of mission rats? What would happen to his game content if you got your wish? I’m not saying he is more important than you . The game actually needs both of you. Nullified Tengu or something similar maybe?

WAIT…what about this poor guy? Looks like you do both, Hypocritical post needs deletion.

I DEMAND A COFFEE FROM CCP OR I WILL LEAVE THE GAME!!!444!!444!!!4!444 :confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded::tired_face:



The game isn’t for everyone.

With your latest loss, the Tengu can be fit to counter interdiction bubbles. Perfect counter.

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Walk, it’s a sandbox if you want to be alone go play No Man’s Sky

My latest loss was not a Tengu. I am not concerned about the Tengu loss. That was an honest battle and I was fully aware there was a roam possibility in null.

The loss I am referring to is one where I was Mission fit and not fit for defense against a 2 v 1 scenario with T3 ships because I was on a mission.

Scum like CODE are of the same mindset, they attack weaker or distracted players because they cannot win an honest duel. That is my concern here. I know full well how to nullify a Tengu. That was not the point nor the scenario.

I accept that you are only trying to offer genuine advice and I thank you for that.

In an area where no restrictions on combat apply, you know better, tsk, tsk.

Low sec is not unrestricted Bruh.

Missions should only take place in High sec if they cannot be sectioned off from ganker sociopaths who can’t handle an honest combat scenario.

Right about that, but there are some consequences, lowering of sec status, gate guns shoot at the offender, that, in dull and WH, nothing.

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Gate guns are out of reach of mission rooms and ConCord is slow to get there in lowsec so IMO missions offered by agents in lowsec should not cost standing for refusal. The only reason I was there is the cost to standing is too substantial a loss for refusing the lowsec mission. Now I have to deal with loss of standing so I can avoid ■■■■■■■ in the rear while I am busy fighting 100 NPCs with heavy firepower. Not what I would call a good deal for my hard earned cash.

The game is geared to give cowardice the upper hand and that is not honorable in any way.

In a street fight there is no honor, you fight and go all in or get beat, you should already understand that turning a mission down once, won’t effect any stat, more then one in a certain time, yes, so if you get 2 unwanted missions, just never accept the 2nd one and remove it from your journal, find another mission agent to work with till the time cool down ends.

That is hard to do when turning down a mission makes the agent unavailable to you after the refusal. I have only one lvl 4 agent at the moment and the fact remains that I am not interested in fighting a 2 3 or 4 v 1 battle when I have to fit for a mission. You should know the difference between a mission fit and a pvp battle fit. The two cannot occupy the same ship. So I am saying that mission rooms should be partitioned from the rest of the area so that one can get through a mission without an azzhat taking advantage of the distracted player. I pay for this game too and I deserve accommodations for my hard earned cash. Battleships with mission fits are not cheap and when two small time gankers can use fleet level mods to engage in a cowardly 2 v 1 that is equivalent to theft in REAL WORLD MONETARY value.

I DO NOT ACCEPT being forced into a battle. This is a game and I am a paying customer. If I wanted a PVP battle I would have fit for one and gone looking for one and would have no issue if I lost said battle.

Why does no one understand the level of wrong involved with forcing someone into a battle when they are busy doing something else.

Ego is worth nothing and I am not interested in having a kill board that shows how much money I have stolen from people because I ganked them when they were not looking.

Again there is no honor in cowardice and I will not stand for it…

I don’t care if the weaker minds just go along as if this is how things should be, I am not a weaker mind nor a coward.

I say make my monetary investment worth my time or I will spend my money elsewhere.

Too many great games have been relegated to the dust bins because of cowards looking for a way to cheat others out of honest game play.

Sorry to break this to you cupcake, but you consent to PVP when you hit undock. PVP can and will happen anywhere. You just have to adapt to that fact.

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Wander Prian

Apparently you have no clue what this topic is really about and are only responding out of your blind ego. No one is complaining about pvp. Try reading and using your comprehension skills…


Yes, you are complaining about PVP happening. You are pouring amazing amounts of salt over a lost ship. You weren’t ready for PVP to happen.

a HIC with a infinite-point can be ECM’d off you or burn out of range.

Well, that was, expectant. This is EvE, and that my good sir is how the economy functions, things get blown up, and then you replace them. I would suggest a better outlet for your ship loss rage would be to look at yer kill mail, research z-kill a little. Then fly a counter hull\fit too hunt yer attackers down and blow his stuff up. Have a nice day!

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I appreciate your advice but I am not interested in hunting down other players for revenge. I do not know how to research zkill because I find no satisfaction in “Glory Whoring” for killboards, no offense. I kill in roams and in honorable fights.

My issue is the fact that cowards can gank honest players who are minding their own business and force them into a fight they did not ask for. Why should a coward have more ability to inflict financial loss on someone not looking for a duel or battle?

The game is geared to give cowards the upper hand and if this does not change then I will withhold my money and so will others. This game will die and then no one will have the chance to enjoy the platform.

Why should honest players suffer so cowards can inflict harm with impunity? If I wanted that I could just stay in the real world as it stands today with cowards gaining the upper hand through deception and dishonor.

If CCP will not take the time to even the odds then I will take the time to reduce their cashflow from my wallet…

You went to lowsec. You took that risk. The lost ship is on you, not on other players. You consent to PVP when you undock. You do it again when you jump to lowec.

In Eve, PVP happens everywhere. You cannot turn it off or opt out of it.