No-cloak storm going on for its second month now

When will CCP choose to permit us to enjoy this content again?

Theres so many missed gank opportunities simply because i cant cloak anymore. Im just curious how long CCP intents to keep this no-cloak storm centered on the staging systems of the biggest war in the game

I have a hard time believing that this entirely random system just randomly decided to randomly stay here for over a month. Seems more like someone’s putting their finger on the scale.

Is this conditioning or something? preparation for when CCP caves in to the candycrush generation, and nerfs cloaks after over a decade?


Just wait until CCP introduces the decloak module/deployables/upgrades/whatever it will be. Then you’ll have this everywhere and not just in a limited area of space.


CCP has Echoes now. They should turn that into their CandyCrush generation moneymaker.

Stop ruining Eve.


What do you tell your victims/customers when they start whining?

“git gud lol”

Well, go do that.

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The whole game is fixed, like a bad boxing match. CCP is manipulating everything in their favor for more $$$. I can’t believe a gaming company has stooped so low.
Gaming isn’t entertainment anymore, it’s all about that f-ing money. I’m SO disgusted with online games.
They’re destroying this industry one nerf at a time. Greed will kill this game.


Not sure we’re playing the same game, I’ve been doing PVE just fine making loads of cash. I’ve been doing FW on alpha alts to get a feel for it all and this new char will become my solo pvp character.

I make isk just fine and I can pvp just fine.

Logs probably show nothing.

Not sure why you tagged me for your post.
Your ability to do all that doesn’t negate my comment.
I, too, have able to PvE and PvP just fine but it doesn’t mean that EVE doesn’t have some serious problems when CCP can’t keep their fat greesy fingers off the game.
I suppose you didn’t understand my post and that’s ok.

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Please insert 1 PLEX to cloak.


CCP seem to be really shaking the game up, not sure if this is for the good or bad. Time will tell I suppose, I rely on cloaking from time to time, don’t cloaky camp though so one hopes my gameplay will not be to infringed upon.

Mabey if you didn’t blanket every single system in a region (many regions) they wouldn’t be forced to change cloaking. Any time a player base goes to far with a play style (in this case cloaking every single system causing people to not be able to use anything bigger then a t1 cruiser) its obviously going to get nerfed.

I took a many year break over cloaky camping, and i’m sure i’m not the only one. Companies are in buisness to make money and after enough people unsubbed with the reason for leaving being cloaky camping it was going to be changed.

you did this to yourself.


IOW, you were weak and you failed and instead of learning how to be better at EVE you ragequit.

I agree that CCP has financial incentives to pander to low-skill players like you, even at the expense of what made EVE great. But EVE doing what their F2P shovelware developer owner wants and chasing short-term gains above all else doesn’t make it good for the game.


CCP has been actively targeting lazy AFK grind/bot play styles, quite aggressively so, while at the same time adding more risk and effort to things.

So obviously all the lazy afk grind bots and non-efforts start speaking up about how the world is in flames and everything is going to hell. Yet for the “normal” active player, one doesn’t run 24 accounts doing grindy/afk/bot-like play styles, especially the newer players who aren’t set in stone anyway it works out just fine, but only if they choose more active play styles.

As an active player doing active play styles I don’t see the problem and am actually GLAD CCP takes on the establishment of lazies and (semi) bot boring play styles. I can of course see how other players might see that differently but as always people nag more than they compliment so “all” you’ll see is negativity whenever there is change.

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Of course you don’t see the problem with giving farmers a 100% accurate and immediate notification that a threat is present and reducing the risk of loss in nullsec PvE to effectively zero. But your inability to understand consequences doesn’t make cloaking nerfs a good idea.

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Your lazy game play is being changed, you can try to insult me all you want, im 100% sure my killboard is better then yours.

I don’t do AFK cloaking. I’m just able to recognize that nerfing it is a profoundly stupid idea.

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When did this thread turn into a discussion about removing local?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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When it was a discussion about removing cloaking. The two are inherently linked and you can’t discuss changes to cloaking without discussing the need to make appropriate nerfs to local.

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Why can’t you just hunt people? You say this like people never die in null sec in pve ships without being killed by a blackops drop.

You are a lazy hunter , people in pve ships don’t 100% deserve to die just for existing. They have to not be paying attention for all of 30 seconds to be tackled by a cepter. Smart pilots paying attention dont deserve to die.

get gud at hunting, dont place 100 bot style afk accounts and say that “its the only way to stop pve players”.

Null pve was nerfed so hard with BRM that it doesnt matter if people are able to rat, they dont make nearly as much as abyss or incursion players. let them rat, hunt them actively.

Because the time required for a ship to enter warp after seeing your name appear in local is less than the time required to load the system, identify your target, warp to the site, get within tackle range, and apply warp disruption. Only the dumbest and least competent players ever lose PvE ships in nullsec.

people in pve ships don’t 100% deserve to die just for existing.

You’re right. Which is why the current state is fine, PvE ships face some level of risk of loss but are able to overcome that risk and win.

They have to not be paying attention for all of 30 seconds to be tackled by a cepter.

Not paying attention for 30 seconds is an eternity of incompetence and stupidity.

Smart pilots paying attention dont deserve to die.

Nonsense. Use of basic intel tools should not provide a 100% guarantee of safety.