Stealth nerfs is lame CCP

It’s your game, do whatever you want, but when you do it from the shadow it kind sucks since I as a paying customer feel like crap.

If you think the drops from L4’s or because you feel like drops from PvP are too high and L4 got side effected, all cool.

Just put it in the patch notes or hotfix notes.

You gotta think so little of me a filthy carebear to not notice for days now how the loot diminished. At the beginning I was like “RNG”, but now my control mission also dropped less.

This kind of action diminishes my trust on you guys. If gonna do it, do it, but please let us know.

Since I can’t prove, I have no SS, just call me a troll and close the thread. I just wanted you to know I know! :wink:


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It probably is bad luck honestly. I doubt CCP think’s lvl 4’s give too much. CCP like players to get loots drops because loot drops can be ganked. CCP doesn’t like paying players ISK.


Doesn’t BlackOps work good with Electronuc Warfare though, for discussion , to not be too precise and hurt perceptions.?

Ah you mean nerfing with changes in a stealth manner, not nerf the BlackOps Stealth ability…

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Its too bad you did not start with a question about this, maybe get confirmation from other players, and THEN make the accusations.

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This is just OPs rumour mongering, right?

Theyve not said anything have they


If you need ISK, buy PLEX.

CCP has been doing stealth nerfs to loot drops for a very long time, definitely not something they’re going to announce.

Whenever CCP implements new content, it’s always done with good loot drops right at the start to hook players into doing it, then over a large period of time CCP slowly starts nerfing the loot drops. That way most players won’t notice it and will continue to engage in that content. For those players who do notice and speak out about it, they will get ‘Bad luck / RNG’ as the reason.


I was expecting the nerfs, since L4’s would be a nice source of minerals to build the new cheaper ships.

But why stealth??? WHYYYYY???

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Because the past overt nerfs were not well received. Like when drone loot was taken away. But they have bounty now! Umm, The bounty is not lined up to mission drone loot ccp. Nowhere near it.

And because this game doesn’t have the luxury of wow. Some actually wanted the overt and stated loot nerfs seen in latest expac. To them it makes gear feel like a greater accomplishment. If that gear was just given…you deem it worthless.

Not really…10 items at 75 gold is 750 gold. Nicer loot drop rates always had meaning. It’s money I didn’t have before lol.

I have found that the decreasing prices from salvage is more noticable, although that is purely player caused. Remember back in the days when HS trit bar salvage earned 100+k a pop, now sub 4k. Loot drop has, for me, been a slow but relatively steady drop over the years, but I’m sure CCP knows exactly what they’re doing.

Ah well, I’m glad I reported them because otherwise we wouldn’t have any problems.

I dont know how to handle people who accuse other without any proof. I always have to think about them als flat earthers and such kind of guys. Im a rational mind i do need facts.

Its a consequence of intentionally not publishing updates and changes. Now each ghoul in the corner is a stealth move made by CCP in the dark corners.

They made this bed.

They’re a fraud and should be treated as such.
They do fraud, live for fraud and commit fraud and are paid to do fraud.
As long as they are not aware and don’t understand what people say, and make others not understand their fraud and attacks against them, they can keep seeking money to get justified to make fraud which is not fraud because an interpreter saved their life from doing it.

They actually get support to do that, and think it’s okay for them to get voters from jury to indict others with it, like if they are not going to be held liable after the fact.

What trit bar salvage.

To the topic.

I never said I did not have proof, I did say I don’t have acceptable proof.

I know the numbers, and the number of occurrences and just by coincidence I was making my in game notepad with those missions. One mission was my control mission, for months it dropped same nice interval of m³. 2-3 days from now it just got hit like the others.

Edit: For months guys…

Let’s call it RNG and move on, I’m wrong, I’m trolling, sorry CCP. :wink:


One just needs to simply prove his or her statement…

–Obvious Gadget

Thats like being a boss and saying to your employees on pay day, “I never said i did not have the money, I did say i dont have any ACTUAL money.” I dont think your employees would accept that statement, dont you think?

It’s the OP