Anomic Missions STEALTH Buffed without any warning!

Disclaimer by CCP Phantom: As explained by CCP Lebowski, there was no stealth buff. If something has changed with anomic missions with the recent patch that wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes, this was not intended.

A few already noticed it, almost all anomic missions were stealth buffed “overnight” without any notification in patch notes by ccp.

We’re not talking about just 2 to 3 % here, more like around 20 to 40% of buffed shield (boost) / armor (rep) amount and around 15 - 25 % increased dmg output. So this definitly deserves a notification to the players! Especially if we talk about kind of end content pve missions, where u have to / want to use expensive ships / fittings cause they’re more difficult then the normal L4 missions anyways…

Be carefull, u will probably lose your ships, if u use T2 fittings. Even deadspace fitted ships may struggle to complete. Some missions are still doable, for example the team burners (probably cause of kite strat) and Serpentis base burner.

In my opinion it’s a sad joke that they not even put a 2-liner into the patch notes about that, I personnaly lost 2 expensive ships cause of that and I think there will be a much bigger amount of npc killmails the next days cause of that. I Already read about a lot of others players with - of course - a similar opinion on this

Maybe ccp wants to squeeze the cow a bit more by pushing players to play more accs to compensate or to be even able to to the mission. Also strange that there is a plex sale right now. Dunno for what reason u want to let your players (your paying customers) run into surprise deaths.

I on my own already quit my sub to the game, not cause of the mission “nerf” alone, more cause of that unprofessional treatment of ccp “against” their own community lately (there is a lot more swirling around these days) but I hope a few can save their ships from being destroyed.


Shame about the ninja changes … just write a ticket for the lost ships.

Running them in mostly T2 fits, lost multiple ships today just scratching my head why the results were so different than a couple weeks ago.

Dramiel and Daredevil seem to be significantly tougher. I think they repair more than before, but not entirely sure.

Was spending the last 5 hours on sisi trying to come up with new fits, but so far I haven’t found anything T2 fit that works against the mentioned ones.

Reprint from what I posted in Blitz and Burner Guide:

“All the Burner Agent frigs I deal with appear to have heavily buffed tanks including the Angel Cartel Transport Dramiels. I can’t break tanks of Angel Cartel Agent Dramiels or Sansha Agent Succubus’ and Serpentis Agent Daredevils take almost 3x as much ammo to break. I don’t run Blood Agents, Guristas Agents, Supercarriers or Ashimmu so I can’t speak for them, but Teams and Serpentis Talos appear normal. I verified most of this on the test server after almost losing a ship and consider myself lucky that - thanks to dumb luck in the missions I received - I am not half a billion isk in the hole after today. I always check patch notes for this kind of thing so IF this was intentional rather than just a bug then I will be very disappointed in CCP.”

I haven’t noticed any increase in Burner frigate damage output - my tanks still held just fine - but I sure as hell couldn’t break most of theirs. After my reloads they were back to full tank. This essentially cuts the Burner missions I run by about 1/3, so I guess Eve just got a little more boring.

My thoughts as well.
This burner rat buff doesnt make them more interesting game play or more fun or exciting.

It just means that i wont do the agent ones or the angel base, will have to fill the standing gap with some of the Blitz L4s and make a little less isk/hour until the LP/Isk ratio climbs up from lack of people doing burners only non stop.

Just takes away content. And said content is actually one of the HARDEST solo PVE content in the entire game.

There already were small numbers of us doing said content, now barely anyone will.

Such a waste.

Im just scared for the Winter highsec pve expansion patch and am afraid of how they will destroy burners even more.

This is a shame. I was wanting to try those missions out today after work. I was just browsing around looking for guides. Do they have to be done solo?

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Not at all. As a matter of fact, these changes are probably to “encourage” the missions be run in groups. Sometimes CCP likes to insist we play the game the way they want us to. And I suppose changing the rules without telling us is just their way of showing us who’s boss.

This pve l4 stuff is cleary not a group activity at all, all they want is to force ppl to pay for more accs (cause if u cannot do the missions with a solo acc anymore u have to pay for more if u still want to do them) to make more money on that before the cow dries out.

A group activity normaly involves more than just one person, here it’s more like one person with more than one account doing the mission, and thats not the defintion of “run in groups”, u know?

Maybe a very small minority really does burner missions together, but most ppl do them solo and of course ccp knows this.

Technicaly, u can. It was ok to do them alone before the changes happened, but now it’s kind of hard to do so. But some are still doable with just one account.

Unfortunately for us, you are no doubt correct. But unfortunately for CCP, I hate multi-boxing.

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I just came back from a 2 year break. My corp is dead and all my friends quit or are taking a break themselves. So doing these with someone is not gonna happen soon. I just need to get out and pvp more. No better way to make friends in EVE than a scram and web.

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@CCP_Lebowski could you please comment on the changes pointed by the OP?

Shame ccp!

Shame! Ccp, shame!

hm flew the Ashimmu one - nothing unusual … it dies within seconds to my passive gila

flew against the sansha clone smugglers … 4 dramiels / 1 transport … likewise easy game for the right fitting hinted in videos … use a vigilant - not even heated …

the anomic team of former navies - are easier (feels that way) because seems to be more receptable to ECM … I kite with 2 kestrels … and they are history in like 5 minutes (including traveling 2 jumps)

the others … I have no knowledge

U missed the topic a bit. And I mentioned that there are still missions untouched. 2 acc strat or even more is the easy mode and not part of the problem.

Wow, thanks for this. I have been wanting to run anomic missions for a while, and while I have close skills, the only ship I could really fly to full effect was the Garmur (which, as I see the guides, the only safe-ish missions for that ship are the burner team missions). So I bought myself a Daredevil 4 days ago and trained the remaining skills (basically just armor rigging to lvl 4 and the frigate skills to lvl 4) and have been running missions in hopes of being offered the right anomic mission for the Daredevil. I went through an unusually large number of missions without getting the anomic mission offer and was wondering wtf… now I’m glad. Though it still kind of sucks: I wasted 3 days of skill training and a lot of isk fitting that ship…

I can confirm that Anomic agents have a strong buff.

Cant kill serpentis burner with that:
[Daredevil, Daredevil]
Centus B-Type Armor Thermal Hardener
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Centii A-Type Small Armor Repairer
Centus B-Type Armor Kinetic Hardener

Federation Navy Stasis Webifier
Small Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I
Federation Navy Stasis Webifier

150mm Railgun II
[Empty High slot]
150mm Railgun II

Small Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Small Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Small Nanobot Accelerator I

And its wrecks me with almost 700(450 before stealth buff) dmg to overheatet B type hardeners.

Seem all of Anomic agent been buffed very hard, so its make few of them, especially serpentis, unkillible.

CCP still did not reply on any of this, dunno if they are in resident sleeper mode or not monitoring their own forums but u can still hope it was an unwanted change (maybe some1 f’ed up, not the first time, especially in the last month many bugs with every new patch) so they undo it, maybe.

But yeah garmur is still 100% legit, so u can run all 4 team burners. Base burners also haven’t changed yet, expect Angel burner, that got - for sure - also buffed.

Hope they can fix this in… like less then a 5 moths:sunglasses:

Yeah; seems like a very odd buff, so hopefully just a bug or some anomaly.

That’s good to know about the team burners. About 3 weeks ago, I checked out the guide extensively and realised I am all trained up for the Garmur, so I bought one and waited for a team burner. Then, almost the same day I got offered one and ran it; it was the Jaguar one and I ran it successfully. It was a lot of fun. Since then, I haven’t got the offer; just keep getting offered the agent burners. That’s what led to me investing in the Daredevil lol