Anomic mission is broken

I just lost a T2 fit Hawk in an anomic mission. I gave up. CPP has juiced this guy to prevent multiple ships being involved. I have 2 alts with V skills flyiing Iskurs. I warped all three brawler fit ships into the pockert. Bogey was ~35k away. I engaged the microwarps and headed towards him. He jumped to 55k instantl Ok. microjump drive. I attempted to close with him and I couldn’t get within 10k. I jumped all 3 out caught him when he was swarmed with drones. 10 Hobgoblin II’s didnt even dent him. I refit for distance. Light missile II’s with Fury ammo and Hybrid Cladari tungsten charges gave me the range to hit him. I orbited him for about 5’minutes. No freaking damage. None. I was getting low on booster charges so I jumped the Injure and the Hawk are it. WTF CCP? I just got my accounts out of mothbaalls and you pull this? I think I want my money back. I fully expect this to be deleted.

All the Burner missions are Op and require very specific ships, skillset and/or implants and boosters. As an example, you can beat all anomic missions with a unified Nergal (module swaps), all anomic team missions with a Nergal (set fit) and the anomic base missions with a specific a specific cruiser or battlecruiser fit. Even still, you will occasionally lose a ship to random bad luck (wrecking shot, disconnect, etc.)

There’s a guide and numerous threads dedicated to burner missions, fits, etc.


That’s wrong. 3 V skilled Assault Frigates should have melted him. NO DAMAGE.

Burners have been this way for the better part of… quite a long time now (close to a decade). Which burner mission was it?

He never got my shields below half and my Ishkurs stayed at 90% armor. The guy is juiced for multiple pilots.

Yeah, which mission was it?

Agent. In high sec with the Dramiel.

This guide is older, but a good starting point.

I don’t mind them being difficult to kill. But impossible is just flat out wrong.

You need very specific ships and/or fits. You can’t beat the Dramiel with a Hawk. A Nergal or a Daredevil, yes - but not a Hawk,

To even damage him? Are these multimillion dollar fits like for the Abyss? I ran T5 Darks 5 years ago. Now I read you need about 10 billion with implants and boosters. I see a lot of T2 ships running around. I guess CCP needed another ISK sink. Making a ship immune to damage for 5 minutes is cheating.

A1: The short answer is sometimes, yes (depending on the burner and your ship fit).
A2: Yes, you occasionally need to go a bit “blingier” on some of the fits (again, depends on your skills and the burner).
A3: No, you don’t need $10-billion+. I run a unified Nergal fit (one ship, no module switching) for all team burners and it works without full V skills, any implants or boosters. The ship+fit is around $315 million (and it only works for the team burners and nothing else).
A4: Burners pay out a lot more ISK/LP because they’re a unique challenge.

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To conclude: Anomic missions not broken - working as intended/designed.


That’s you’re fanboy opinion. You obviously have reading comprehension challenges. If only w certain class of ship can damage them, that’s broken.

Can you run T5/T6 Abyss in any ship or fit you want? Nope. Burners are the same way. Working as intended. Long story short, you’re going to need a ~2 billion ISK Nergal fit.


No, it’s stated fact. Read any of the literature/documentation (including from CCP) and you’ll find that these type of missions were specifically designed this way, ie: challenging.

The person lacking reading comprehension here is you. I’m telling you what they require and you’re arguing that that isn’t right or so. Fine - take it up with the powers that be (I didn’t design it).

Burner missions are optional and there’s no penalty to decline or even fail them.


dude … youre some lerning resistance or something ?
he gave you the answer more then once … and you still complaining its impossible ? xD then tell me … why i´m able to clear all anomic missions with ships below 1b ? wanna call me a cheater ? wanna call me a liar ?

these missions are absolutley fine ! lern about their strenghs and weaknes and you will see the way to kill them by yourself !

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All anomic burner need very specific fit, or multiboxing 2~3 daredevil (web bonus) with a kirin, or a nergal.
For the dramiel its signature is very small (<10meter) that’s why you struggled I guess. I use this fit for dramiel, it takes 2 or 3 clip to get it I use pricy ammo when he’s in armor/structure. You can either use abyssal mutaplasmoid to make it fit or implants or bling it more or less (a meta “crosslink ballistic compact control system” works too but it’ll mean 1 more clip to kill it).

[Vengeance, Dramiel Burner not so cheap]

Coreli A-Type Small Armor Repairer
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Shadow Serpentis EM Armor Hardener

Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier

Rocket Launcher II
Rocket Launcher II
Rocket Launcher II
Rocket Launcher II
150mm Light AutoCannon II

Small Warhead Rigor Catalyst II
Small Explosive Armor Reinforcer II

Republic Fleet EMP S x1000
Caldari Navy Mjolnir Rocket x1000
Dread Guristas Mjolnir Rocket x1000
Mobile Depot x1
Standard Crash Booster x2
Zainou ‘Gypsy’ CPU Management EE-603 x1


Was this your first burner.?

So I just did it with the fit I shared, if it wasn’t clear you need to consume the crash booster.
You need to keep at range (100km w/e) so that the gun hits once every full moon since any dps help.
I did it without Dread Guristas Mjolnir Rocket but it was very slow , I lost count to how many clip I used but since you can tank it forever there’s no issue but time.
The rep can be downgraded I think but it’s cheap .

Also, the daredevil in hatelessgaming guides work faster but at a different cost