Anomic agent

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How much DPS does it take to complete the mission Anomic Agent? I have tried several fits in an assault frigate and been unsuccessful. I am kiting at 40km but can’t break the tank. I’m using a Jaguar with artillery cannons. Does anyone have a suitable fit. I can’t fly many other races except Minmatar. Is it even possible to do it in a Jaguar?

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Check forum or google for “burner missions”. Those are tough cookies, you need gimped and blinked fits for it solo. Alternative, recruit a fried or in local for help.

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Thanks, just took a look, reckons about 180-250 dps. I’m way off, I only have 106 dps.

(Brock Khans) #4

I think most Burner fits are high DPS with an active rep. The name of the game is overheat guns/tank to beat the Burner before your cap runs out from the active fit.

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I don’t even have a tank, kiting at 40km with an afterburner. I used a Jaguar when I think I should of gone wolf. I’ll experiment with some fits and see if I can get my dps up

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Those Level 4 Burner missions are basically high end ‘Vet’ missions. Ships are usually fit with Deadspace modules for max stats.

For more info here’s a couple of links to Burner Guide threads:

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