PvE Level 4 Security Missions for Frigate

What is a good ship and fit for the solo Level 4 missions that require a frigate? I have tried the L1 frigate with all L2 fitting with no success. I just want to make sure an L2 Frigate appropriate fitted will suffice. Just grinding to get my ISK up for some more fun.

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“anomic” missions require specific fits and skill.

That’s why, you can (should) decline them until you are fine doing them.


You can look up on youtube, hateless anomics. He put out amazing guides for the burners

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I do them all (Teams and Pirates) in a Nergal. Needs refit for each mission of course and is pretty expensive, but also convenient as you only need one ship instead of a specialzed ship for each one.


I run one Nergal fit for all team burners and a second Nergal fit for 4/5 of the regular burners.

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I’ve tried a few of these missions. They’re absolutely nut kickers unless you bring the “correct” fit.

Crazy isn’t it? They really teach you to analyze your opponents abilities and weaknesses and then create a fitting to counter them in order to win the mission. What an absurd concept…


There is a way to run several in an Enyo with some small changes for each mission and a few minor implants to improve speed as its important for the Enyo. fits around 120mil; implants maybe 40.

Nergal seems to be a popular choice for a one size fits all but it is expensive; something like a billion isk fit and that doesnt include implants.

Otherwise its a one ship for one purpose kind of deal Im afraid :frowning: