Single ship to run all( ifnot most) burner missions?

Doing a lot of l4 security mission recently and burner missions are pop up a lot. sofar I just decline it since I don’t have that much is and skills to fly the ships.

was wondering if there is a ship that can take on most of the burner missions?
Also, anyone tried dual box with 1 DPS and 1 logi alt?

I don’t think this is possible at all.

Even if you range down to the agent and team burners, a single fit (I guess this is actually what you want) is still not possible because there’s a mission requiring you to chase something flies at 3600m/s, another requiring you to tank and put out dps under consist neut, and yet another requiring you to take down something with perfect speed tank (and a strong active tank).

Your best bet is probably the Trig Assault Frigate, but you definitely need different fits for different missions.
Or just get the garmur fit (or any other fit for the team burners), and then you can use this single fit for the 4 team burners (or at least 3, because of the strong shield and long range of that Jaguar)!

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I made a video about dual boxing nergals, but it was pre-surgical strike, so the fits are out of date. Still, if you’re looking at dual boxing, Nergals will probably be your best bet. Moreover, they work (with different fittings) for all burners except the Ashimmu one. They do suck for the carrier burner, but that mission also sucks and is seldom run.

Also, 1 DPS + 1 logi is fine for starting out dual boxing, but you’re going to get a lot better isk efficiency if you go with 2 DPS boats. It might seem a little overwhelming at first, but it gets really easy with practice and learning your hotkeys. I know there are a billion hotkeys, but you really only need to learn about a dozen, and some of them are super easy.

  1. Function Keys - Active top row mods (note that you can rearrange mods so that they sit in the top row of the hud -i.e. put webs in F1 and F2, and guns in F3; then you can slam dual webs and fire in rapid succession).
  2. Shift + F keys - Toggle Heat
  3. W - Orbit
  4. E - Keep at range
  5. A - Align
  6. D - Dock/Jump/Warp
  7. Ctrl + LC - Lock Targeet
  8. Ctrl + Shift + LC - Unlock Target
  9. Ctrl + Space - Stop Ship
  10. R - Launch Drones
  11. F - Engage Drones
  12. Ctrl + R - Reload
  13. Ctrl + T - Recall Drones (makes it easy to recall drones and reload at the end of a site/pocket)

*Note that I change a few from their defaults (I think it’s 10 and 13).

Moreover, I think that getting good at multiboxing helped me to become a better pilot. For example, learning hotkeys and getting good at keeping track of multiple things at once helped me to not only get better at multiboxing, but also at single boxing.

And I agree with everything Alasdan said.


Team burners in Garmur are so easy, that this ships is definitely worth skiling / getting into. One polarized rocket fit for all team burners, you only change ammunition type.

Can do all the frigate missions in a nergal

any chance for the nergal for Serpentis Teams?

those fits are for the agents/teams. for the bases you generally want a cruiser option. Vagabond works well for blood and serp base, then vigilant for angel.

you possibly could do serp base with a frigate, but you’d have to manual pilot and pay attention not sure how many hits you could take with frigate buffer.

Tested the Nergal against the Serpentis Base.

Here’s the fit:
[Nergal, Nergal fit]

Coreli A-Type Small Armor Repairer
Shadow Serpentis Kinetic Armor Hardener
Entropic Radiation Sink II
Entropic Radiation Sink II

Coreli A-Type 5MN Microwarpdrive
Small Cap Battery II
Cap Recharger II

Light Entropic Disintegrator II, Occult S
[Empty High slot]

Small Auxiliary Thrusters II
Small Auxiliary Thrusters II

Warrior II x5

Run time from activating the accelerating gate to looting the third wreck is between 7:00-8:00, without taking heat damage on the gun.
Obviously it’s not as fast as a vagabond or even a deimos, but the piloting part is extremely easy. Like I can burn straight to the Talos from 70km away and just autoorbit at 1500 while chopping through its tank, sometimes without taking a single shot in the whole run. And it’s cap stable with everything running.
Plus this thing can probably save 1 minute on route. And the total cost is below 400mil, so I’d say it’s total recommendable.
Not sure whether heating guns and go to an upwell structure for repairment will save time (repairing take more than 30s even in Lanngisi, with a structure at undocking direction and only 2k km away). Not sure whether replacing one rig with a warp speed rig will save time.

It will take even longer with the tank rigs. Not sure whether 1 damage mod + 1 overdrive is better than 2 damage mods.

Can somebody try a Draugur please? If that thing can tank good enough with 2 low slots, it will probably be the best thing for this mission. It can fly at 3429m/s and deal 717 dps at most without overheating. It can even moon walk 100km at least twice in the mission (not sure whether this will get you CONCORDed though).

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