Dual boxing Lvl4 Security Missions?

I can finally run lvl 4 misisons, I have decent skills in missiles most missile support skills are at 4, and magic 14 at 5 and was thinking if dual boxing cruise RNI is something that will help clear the sites faster? Only Blitzing where its possible, not actively declining missions to get blitz missions.

So, first things first, any fit that you guys can share for RNI lvl 4, Also Cruise or Torps? I read torps don’t have applications only paper dps, hence haven’t tried torps.

Any help with a not so blingy RNI fit, approx. 1 bil including fit+ship, each is what I am looking for. Trying to keep my gank profile low.

Lastly how much can I expect to make? with just bounty and LP payout, since I feel salvaging won’t be worth the time.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks o7

Well, I’m not an expert on missile boats, but here are some thoughts:

  • Welcome to the boxing club \o/
  • You should probably move into blitzing at some point. But there’s no rush, and you’ll probably want to get comfortable with dual boxing first.
  • You might also consider dual boxing other content at some point (such as dual destroyers in the abyss).
  • Don’t put too much stock in people saying something sucks. They might be right, but it’s also a real possibility that they simply don’t know how to use it effectively. Case in point, there was someone complaining about blasters having crappy application not too long ago, but he was using tracking computers instead of webs (and lord knows how he was flying the ships in space). So, yeah, when someone says something is good, I tend to listen. And when someone says something is bad, I try to maintain a healthy skepticism.
  • Trying to keep your gank profile low is a wise practice.
  • I can’t tell you exactly how much you’ll make, but I do know that I consider it crap money (even when dual boxing). It won’t be until you start blitzing and running burners that you’ll start making what I consider to be respectable money.
  • Speaking of which, I made a 2 part video on dual boxing burners with a pair of nergals. But I made it before the Surgical Strike update, and never updated the fits. You still might want to check it out though. You might also want to check out Hateless’s Unified Nergal. It’s designed for solo players, but it will at least give you a better idea of what kind of tank you need to put on them.

No P2W

Thank you for kind reply, I tried dual boxing in abyss does not work for me since my internet can be bit janky at times and I don’t want to be in abyss when that happens.

Yeah I heard nergals are good, but a bit skill intensive maybe I can train for it while I understand the missions.

Will definitely look at your content! Thanks for solid reply :slight_smile:

Hello, USIA mission runner here. This is a passive, inexpensive RNI for blitzing missions.


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