Dual boxing logi ship question

Hey all, this place has been a gold mine of info for me and i’m so thankful for all the advice I get already, but here i come needing more advice :grinning:

So I’ve been running two ships for lvl4’s, my hyperion and my noctis toon for salvaging. It might not be the best setup, but I have fun with it. Every mission so far, I’ve only had to warp out once or twice, to regroup and then come back and finish it off. However tonight, I got a mission called ‘The Assault’. I’ve had to warp out like 8 or 9 times just to finish it.

I was wondering, how much would i benefit from a logi ship for level 4’s? Also, is it feasible to play a logi ship and a combat ship at the same time?

Not really, you will need minimum of 2 logi or the rats will shoot down your logi.

ok cool, thanks for the reply. I’ll definitely not do that then and just be patience and wait for my skills to train

Train Gallente Battleship lvl5 (or at least lvl4, thats still 30% + for the repairer) also you can play with the hardeners and rigs :wink:

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Rock on, it’s at lvl3 now. Every little bit can help. Thanks.

Can you paste your fit here ? And some backgound info would be good (rat faction etc.) :slight_smile:

Be sure to manage your triggers so you’re not dealing with multiple waves at the same time. Also make sure you keep moving - a stationary target is a lot easier to hit!


While a logi ship may not be rhe best idea what you can do is 2 battleships remote repping eaxh other you get rhe benefit of damage and reps. And you can bookmark if you want ro salvage later.

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Do it with others. Solo mission running might get kind of boring for you after a while. Teaming up with someone(s) else will be more fun.

Also, if you insist on multi-boxing, run a second combat ship and forget salvaging.

I run with other people on occasion. I have a friend who flies a Tengu and another that has a raven. We have a good time. But sometimes I fly solo when they aren’t on.

What would you suggest for a 2nd combat ship if I’m running a Hyperion or Sentry/Sniper Dominix?

I’d just run a second sentry dominix if you’re already running one. Make sure one has a gun (civilian one is fine). Slave/assist the drones from one to the one with the gun. Use your gun to control targeting of one set of sentries, use F (or whatever your “engage drones” shortcut is) to target the other set.

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When i was new i used to use a single logi alt to rep my battleship, if you’re well on it you can be fairly sure of not losing your logi.

You have a few options;

  • run an exequior alt
  • run an augoror “tinker” (remote cap transfer between ships)

Logi cruisers should be able to live through most L4 missions (as long as their aren’t being hard tackled) combining sig, speed, range and an active rep.

  • spider tank or tinker battleships. Either remote cap and remote reps (spider tank, best done with drone hulls) or tinker with remote cap and local tank.

The double battleship comps will clear things faster, but is much more skill and isk intensive.

Suggestion: try joining a Corp and running missions with other people.

Awesome, thanks for all the suggestios