Multi boxing question

So I’ve been playing Eve off and on for more then a decade. More off then on but in recent years more on. It’s left me with a lot of holes in my knowledge base and I’ve been thinking of going to high sec and doing the starter missions and some of the agency stuff to learn. However I’d like to continue playing my main and making isk (mostly by mining or VNI ratting). So I was thinking of running my mining while doing the starter mission stuff dual boxing (mostly doing the noobie stuff afk in high sec as I mine in null and I sure as heck ain’t losing my stuff there) but I’m not sure what all I’m allowed to do multiboxing.

At the end of the day if I have to I’ll pay for two omegas for the month it takes for me to learn if I have to that will just put things off. I’d obviously rather not do that just to learn how to do some of the skills that most people have though.

cannot multibox two alphas, or an alpha and an omega… you can only multibox omegas.

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There is no reason why you need to multi box. Just use your alpha, then after you’re finished, open your main.

But yes, you can only multi box 2 omegas. Any other combination will get you banned under the eula.

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Darn it. Ok thanks guys.

How much do you make an hour with your vni? 100 mill? Just rat for 15 hours and buy plex. Then rat while doing starter missions. Then make your alt into an sp farm.

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