Why do you multibox?

I’m honestly really curious! Is it the money? Or do you just find it fun? Is there something in your chosen EVE profession that makes multiboxing a must? Did you start multiboxing from the start, or did you eventually realise you want more and more accounts to run at the same time?

I’m curious because I’ve played this game around 9 years soon, and I’ve always had only one account (I may have one more but I dont think i’ve touched it since the trial of that account ended). This guy is my main and I have alt for doing station trading and PI.

So I don’t really know the reasons why people do multiboxing so I want to know more! I doubt I start to multibox ever myself, I’m too dumb to play well with one account, I think everything would go terribly wrong if I booted up another lol.


When I played I first started multiboxing because it was easier in missions to have an alt that could salvage, etc. behind me. Then later when I started flying capitals you just can’t depend on other players to both have the time and necessarily knowledge to fly support ships for moving them around, etc. and having your own ganglink boosts, etc. to support if things went sideways when using your capital and so on.

Also living in wormholes having a scanning alt, hauling alt and highsec station characters, etc. was pretty much a necessity.


People multibox because of the seductive nature of economies of scale. Also to overcompensate.

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Because nothing says “Massively Multiplayer” like playing with yourself! :rofl:

Most of the people who multibox have figured out that you can make a lot of money doing some activity. And what’s better than making a lot of money with one character? Making lots of money with 50 characters!

I played for two years and four months with one account only. I was operating in NPC nullsec for a good part of that time. The main reason I got a second account was to have a scout to operate ahead of my main because jumping in blind was just making me an easy kill.

So I will only play Eve with two accounts because having one account makes you so much more vulnerable.


I started solo, started building an alt to fly smaller ship’s (tackle alt) then realized I hated cap’s and preferred smaller ships and went back to 1 char and am much happier for it :].

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For me, it’s activities that are complimentary:

Orca + Exhumer
Freighter + Webber
Roamer + Scout
Mission Runner + Salvager

I also like being able to have more than one training queue running at a time without MCTs, so that’s a plus.

That said, I don’t go nuts- 2 accounts with a selection of complimentary characters is plenty for me. I also pay for both accounts so I’m not stuck in the “PLEX Treadmill of Misery”. I would say that less than 30% of the time I’m playing I’m running characters on both accounts at once.


EVE was my first computer game. I got the sub, and a computer, to play EVE as a birthday present.

When I rolled my first character, I was so excited…I hit the Undock button in the starter station before doing any of the tutorials.

Well, as you can imagine things went downhill from there. I just could not figure out how to dock my character.

So, in my naivete, I whipped out my credit card and bought a second sub. Afterall, my first sub had been a gift, and I really, really wanted to play this game, so I thought…why not?

I created my second character, decided the two of them would be sisters, and never looked back.

It took about 30 minutes, but I got through enough of the tutorial to finally figure out how to rescue my original character, who was still in her pod outside the starter station, waiting patiently.

So much for the dangers of starter systems, and highsec.

I multi-box cause it never occurred to me to not.

And that, was my initial experience of EVE.


I call ■■■■■■■■, if you had played this game for 9 years you would not waste 10 seconds on this topic, you would know the answer.

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I multibox because just like in a public urinal you can’t always ask “Hey, can you hold my penis for a moment?” some people might do it on accasion but most won’t do it and try to ignore you and hope they are finished before you and can safely leave the urinal.

  • mining :

    • you can boost yourself.
    • you can keep mining while go hunt and kill that annoying rat-miner that just keeps flying off until you stop clicking him.
  • missioning :

    • another account is like a powerfull drone you can customize and isn’t passive agressive twoards you most of the time.
    • another account can stay back and salvage and loot while you go into the next arena.

and about ten billion other reasons.


Before I go down into the rest of the thread, I’ll leave this link to article I am reading that I think answers the question in your title: https://getpocket.com/explore/item/the-disease-of-more


Your title and OP specifically ask about mutliboxing but this part refers to multiple accounts. Personally I have no use for multiboxing so I don’t do it and on top of everything else I would be too lazy to do it. On the other hand I have seven accounts, because I “need” them for what I do (I can get into details if you are interested but as the subject so far is multiboxing I feel it is off topic) and my guess is most people multibox for the same reason, they have a “need” that can only be fulfilled if they multibox (such as a scout alt and/or cyno alt, to can fly their own mining or pvp fleet alone or with others and so on).


I started my alt when I hit -5 and couldn’t safely visit high sec anymore, I needed him to haul for me. I quickly realised the potential of having a scout/tackler and started using him for that aside from just hauling.

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I don’t multi box. If I can’t do it solo I call in friends. Other people multi box because a lack of frinlends.

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I don’t multibox, nor do I use multiple chars actively.

But I perfectly know this binds me to highsec/lowsec and sub-caps forever. Also joining a serious player corp is not possible without alts/multiboxing.

Operating in null and/or capitals is not possible without multiple accounts.

Do you see what you’ve done here? Your mind is in a cage.


Maybe he’s using the question in the OP as an entry point into a discussion about the topic. Because a question is more likely to get you to think about the topic in free, creative ways and in a less defensive mindstate than if he simply came out and said something like: Multiboxers are ruining EVE Online.


lol maybe, but no, not in this case :rofl:

Did you read his mind?

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I read up on this game a lot before i started so i knew the benefits of having two skill queues going at once and separate accounts. From my first trial i had two accounts. One to focus on pvp and the other for industry, trade, hauling, spying and scouting for my pvp char.

During wardecs i could scout a target and get a quick warp in (something impossible to do without an alt or a rare friend willing to do mind numbing boring stuff so you can get all the glory).
And outside of decs the pvp char can do the fun stuff whilst the other char does all the boring isk making and logistics (oh and stealing from corps without being connected to my pvp char).

Since the beginning my accounts have grown to upscaled multi-box mining and industry.

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